sourcing chemicals 1234 (took screen shot), three posts back, chem lab 1999 catalog

I don’t want the reader to veer.  There are no iron links to MOGG.  Welcome to my two new graduates, one named zion, and wigu from Finland.

‘Tiz here saying ‘my august’ and its glue rated (*/* congeal 1993), ‘çause I’m 41 (…there is no THAT bec of nobody watching one.  Suit up.  Flooded.  Awk.  Aum full of TNT precursors), pumping ship.

…çause I’m 41 (but I’m gay now, part again.  Are you serious?  Say you are AND I’m gay now), if available), then release the hounds.  You always want the time we serve separated by that much time “out”, to pack today with sort of, “flash”.


3 moons

1006, 956 could not just be times


Burroughs’ cut-up technique has footage on the text manipulators.

If you notice when I tak to God, later (Stenger of skepticism, Atoms and the Void, or any academics, have to explain how they can call themselves chemists with surveillance cameras filming them.  How journalists like Hop-along Cassidy feel with pithed creatures leaving auto-generated glowing reviews behind.  You got no audience, and, we right there as you made your breakthroughs).

Are you saying I am going to be filmed driving around to get my meth-making materials, and, you will stop it?  Dude.  Did K let J drive?  Did K turn when J said to turn?

…unless God gives you the same message in … either ways that take the symbolic and make it real … such that even a few little figs code (the constellation Alaska) hyperlink up in the abstraction of all the words in the world won’t let you see this world.

steganography is something else.  Computers replaced the steno pools (we are adding the calc Excel over complete), I’m deep blue, thx.

Journey to the Center of the Earth, 1959.  Jump to phosphorus pools.

knots op

-not- button that I’m telling you to poison yourself to get “visions”, just to total up the randomness that is the source for the follow-on “primal drive”.  You can’t have any primal drive.  Gott tamn, you tweaks skip, sketch, and catch images.  You don’t remember if you washed your faced, not, what you’re made of inside, looking up your soul.  Yeah, the ink’s not dry.

[break 1058 until gettin’ to that one place we really want to go]

product ice untouched by human hands

just stare

coffee creamer racemate

only contacted teflon and glass

made in a spotless pharmaceutical laboratory

no longer deals anything but straight glass

bantam division pls

Weed will be referred to as your “flowers”, not a sleazy glassine bag sporting leaves.



sense going down

Spoken like a true degenerate.  Want to come along? A Tisket tche Skazzer whatevery “spoke”, “spoken like” would be exclusive to SPEAKERS (probably not sources); same sentence transformed.  G-fers

If it was science, and, explaining something best, it’s abduction.  You’re not getting any of that.

True random part scimade watera gedenzas on pevver binding, bec normally ppl infer a high noise-to-signal quality.  That is, I read in a glossary complete what I originally had, and, the code word for dead soldier is, “soldier”.  Soldiers aren’t risking anything  w yt aftertaste.   Everything sucks.  Nothing else matters.  The government got you to change, that changes me, and I’m depressed now.

…part of the randomness that is the source for the follow-on “primal drive”

“Like a Wheel”, McCa.  Hey.  Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Syria exceeded the pseudo they needed for legitimate purposes by fifty tons each last year.  This rising 200 tons meth joins Burmese and Mexican treaties which have been signed in blood ten years or more.  I want to volunteer UAE and Dubai to say that I hope your populations don’t harbor this kind of underground.  In fact, it really begs an explanation for how kilogram meth sales can go for five grand, you dishwasher.  Turn it over.  Dubai still—up in the Burj… that’s where Costner of the FBI would change their minds about an ally.  We all know what you can’t do if nobody lets you sleep in the backyard.  You can’t sleep at all.  It was your last hope.  That clock runs out one strategy ahead of a credit card.


myte git a little ahead of ourselves

he was out of a pod

filled the screen

arrow went that way accordingly

got your zoo.  This moan traffic kilobars when it puffs.

Emotional problems are depleting your momma’s immune system.

I’ll take your last message to myself as from the next guy I see (I was reading war slang like BLIND PIG, a mortar, but a trench-clearing mortar, DAISY CUTTERS to clear barbed wire (and, if you don’t, the infantry gets hung up and ventilated), and we’re rough at ESS CEE) vs. Stanford, but, our assistant coach Mr.  Sandusky, gives us real sound  dynasty. sa speakeasy, test syn.

And, there was a battle.  Billinghurst had given me the call (Thornton was his middle name); he bought it 25 days after Lord Kitchener, in the Loos area.  I know they failed to ecxploit a breach, but, this is a guy with my name who died in the battle I’d been reading about, exactly 88 years to the day when my son is born.  Certain Billinghursts’ first name goes better with it than mine.

I read it; it says KIT.  Well, just like we are not part machine, we are not part sewing machine; you do the Cockney rhyming slang, and, understand soldiers call a lot of things what they are, from words from home, so, they can die with a silly, familiar sound on their lips, see?  HUSSIF #2, pick up

No.  My two-character figs:

Y         V

F         B

They have antlers.  That’s like so dependent on how you land on one that I can’t ex-answer what kind of bud is the best in a worst-case scenario.  It’s not quite as good for coughing on a broken rib as perhaps some other painkillers you don’t smoke.  Here, I am offering a whole set of ’em the slower you read, the more they animate, so that the characters perform a little play.  You knew letters shade their own personalities, didn’t you?

only it worked in email

He died in the battle (but a few months later.  Ah, you won’t want a metaphoric scat.  Sustained.) on June 30, 1916, La Habra Heeber, always perform a full inversion to my whole post way late in the summer day, P.O.S. WordP{ress.

…a private in the Royal Sussex Regiment.  How can you bombard people?  I said geraniums, bigot.

Loos Memorial

all day we lie doggo in the dugout partly because of the machine gun trained on the door and partly because no good was to be got by going outside






GB being Great Britain, good muster.  Way to jump the bags, in the air time.  Good hang time.  Got shot.  I wrapped myself around a pole.  Toy model lamp post, little fake smoke.  Names Stuart, -able.

Check it out.  Even the average-looking person gets naked.  Need any help getting up there?  I mean, this plan dropped in my lap.  It doesn’t go with what I said before.  Thought balloon, eyes open.  Sort of prepared.  Can I trust these students with a geom teacher like you?  Yeah, we have gays.  I just wonder whether on a given weekday for an hour you can be counted on to smoke their brain cells with a decaptitating examination.  They can all turn gay in your class, invisibly.  Would you like that?  Well, come in for a landing at an airport.  Sneak on in the sky.  Curl your lip like Elvis.  You grew a moustache?  What’s the matter with you?  Nobody could grow a moustache here.  We go for the white boy’s dirty blonde dyed black look.  It’s packed with fortifiers; has no expiration date.  So, to look around for an easy target is easier at night.

Page two on a West Side.  10 AUG 12

Friday, twenty minutes to Eight.


…..|ROW 17|MU_NG_NE_D






distinguishing characteristics-SEB

Yelling, “Firepower!” in a crowded thee-ater.

Yelling, “Bullshit!”


Who overcame?  How about you, Glasses?  (dog-faced boy (Ryan))

Y              ..  .. .. ..              V

F             .. ..   …   .           B

Canberra  . . . . . . . . .   until those candidates appear, I’m tobaccan fog

Stephen to Eric: Listen.

This is a beer-barrow deprawn.  Shakespeare had a few little better ideas what the words he invented were to be used for than you do.

Look, a roll of razor wire is like a gooseberry bush not since they’re bad but the other’s worse, it’s just for  first when you don’t know me, Stephen Eric the SEB of the Gooseberry planned word-name self-reference poll.  I maybe will grow into those words.  It can’t be argued.

Stridently yelling those first few challenges to clear the field ahead of battle (I saw my subjects dwindle to nothing on this).  Nobody can get outside the event horizon unless they convince the nobility of the second round.

At night it’s ‘fearing not’, you drop off to sleep and the rest of your high you listen to yourself preach.  As long as you have an example with a strict rule, it has the cardinality of your existence to worry about.  We can also have a non-psychopathic world view once a country fails to believe another country is smarter than it is.  The column that was named above was never named a row the whole time below.  However, physically, time doesn’t follow the laws of metal deformation, where the math would have let it explode.

Names the basis for telling the extra information in a symbol agreed upon must relate to an absolute measure of accuracy.  People have demonstrated deficits when they are found impaired.  The world wasn’t designed by a bunch of loaded people for loaded people, just the second part.  God said it has less design the more it depends on a few numbers.  Since it doesn’t depend on all of them, two numbers can’t use any numbers between them.  Nothing is close to another one.  Every one has neighbors just as much higher as lower than the nominal value, which I take as a recognizable character succeeding the validity of my lower-abstracted and physically-synched voice whether that’s a word, or that’s me in virtual space, my profile supervention, my actual name this time.

So, we posit another chirality, D4 as a  temporary C3.  I have to be tin, not built to last.

The 2:30 hate.



settle peside the stream, four-legged creatures.  Puff Adder, smile down from the tree, basing on an Eden Flypaper tapestry, tree of life, the whole nine yards.  Did we type T-R-E-E?  I’m sensing a two from you.

Oh, yeah.  We are like, Ï sure used tree…well, how the hell is symmetry meeting—layers.

BB, data-mining large databases is almost a flick of making a super mind wet clitoris, because of the realtime resolution of an address where– well,  Conan lives.

What if he fought Mike Tyson?  Mike Tyson bit somebody.  Out there they eat the guy, so, it would depend frightfully whether Tyson won.

You’re a little bit alimentary.  Let’s just talk it over in code.  Encode THURS.  I have last.







E…………………………………………………. _.

the long one, a trailer or a vacation



match ERIA to BB tw

scratch paper of a dozen dozen days left this year.  Am I knowing what a calculator is about to say?  Yes, I’m subject to say something from one of these registers.  Words spat out with it.  “Last Words”, by George Carlin.  If I had another one, it’d rattle.



thai in



Jim Fisher true crime blog MILLER meth murders Kansas July 13

A more open society would declare that the reason we don’t want to be under surveillance is that we might want to commit a crime; we want to know of our chances before we just go do it.  I’m going to eventually tell you what I think  once I eliminate who you’re not; that’s a good thing we need your ears pricked up and you looking all around.  So, isn’t what I said free speech?  The speech and the thoughts, they’re not crimes after all, yet, I can tell nobody will approve; I might be trying to spread kiddy porn under the guise of free speech.  It’s a pretty good thing since finding you and leaving your ears on means they can only get knocked down.

I realized my ears don’t just stick out there tantamount to Martin Lawrence’s, who doesn’t tell us beauty comes from them sticking out at the same angle.  Doesn’t matter what angle.  Don’t get one just clobbered or chewed like you the object here.  They stick out like that since some of these bullies thought I looked funnier with a pass.  Unnnnngh!

That’s a lock. 45c   “Bulgaria”

Harry doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene.  She always makes the scene.  She’ll never break a date.  I know how BB, 30, likes to take over the Twenty-First Century, but, I’ll give you a science hint.  If we are still in the century you are talking about, save the fucking perspective.  Nobody gives you any guarantees.


So, FIRST right here doesn’t mean anything.  You’re welcome.  Hello.  There’s a spider way up here in the corner.  -John.

By the ceiling.-Yoko

w every successful clairvoyance attempt comes the assertion that psychoactive presentiment is real

No, that’s not a good one to try; it hides the word EVIL (“ever-Y successFUL”), but, that bites.  Oh, of course, the too stupid to speak first don’t get arrested, even, not even seeing the way everything is slanted once you’re taken away, but, my facial construction screams wickedness.  This one isn’t my species, and, there seem to be too many of me.  A good one is internally redundant with respect to a fatal flaw of the world, such as heat flowing to a hotter space.  Check D4 for isochoric entropy.  Can it get more disordered and not expand.  Does a hotel add space if it never gets full?  adding space…memory of original size it’s going to be in touch with itself later, not at the same time.  Then it may be a symmetry argument without any space time, arguments from  continuity, then we can impose our uniqueness.  I have an end at ubiquity.  I’d like the string theoretic meaning for ITSELF wrt the universe.  But,

what those ANAGRAMS do is by keeping every letter of a message you can have a tete-a-tete with any entity in your own language.  Just like anything, we don’t care the mechanism for rendering our thinking into speech; I can order your language to carry my thoughts; it doesn’t matter who owns a general rule.  Force is a communicator, and, understatements make beautiful art elegant.

a collosus bestride a pile of corpses can’t be depicted on a coin; we don’t spread people’s legs.  They’re three-quatter views of Athena aside eh lion.

instead a the language changin’at root, how about learning to spell, so I do, honey?

[place in the notes where the word I said here comes out over there.  At the time, the heat caused the modem to go offline, so the first few days this week I couldn’t spell.  I decided to look…]

one with Gabby, if God worked in a sandwich shop, with the actual word HYSTERICAL  in the lyrics.  HYST-2

oh i get hysterical hysteria oh can you feel it do you believe it

It is a place.  Spaces aren’t where flaws are.  I have the ability to keep writing even if I’m not at the end of the post, so, those two lines go above, somewhere.  I see a quote’s not finished.  It’s Def Leppard, I got because of the guitarist evolution during the time I was on speed.  Slide guitar reminds some speed freaks, but, they called it Hawaiian guitar, and, it’s come full circle.  HI has the smokable form of meth.  Big problem.  Called Erskine in on the case, Dog told the SAC he was up to it, doing just fine.  Bringin’ ’em in.  Leland’s got a shot, now.  He’s got his own money in this; that’s gotta be protected.



that’s that ‘successful Clare’ one.  I see words coming out of it I could have related to what time the hate is due today, mass psychological I guess hypnotism, but, a very Reggae pattern to the mind control.  Once you get the rhythm, you get the gist of thinking thataway.

goes on to say he

…(I) don’t like special occasions.  What are those figures looking so good?  Except for west a hundred miles, we have good weather.  I want things as random as shit a fuck.

I said I.  Why is it still in parentheses?  This ad hoc is just abduction again.   I only have literal letters, two words, no meanings.  I thought everybody keeps their wicks dry.  I’m poor, see?   The only money I have left I use to hire God.  He gives out the information key to the trammel “You’re not hurt, son.  You’re killed (literally)”.

half is way too

Positive ID.  Slocum was through the china with stylus

pen-I have one.



OE is usu ‘óld english’, bec I am old and I do speaka de English, but, nothing is anything since nothing is finished since shortly before the universe.  Hey tin, does it say, “T.N.T.”  Aside; the TNT is trinitrotoluene in the sense that a vocabulary like this is skeletal.  I’d probability-watch around 207 definitions for three-letters.  The creature that made up the words had that many bones.

If it said “T.N.T. I owe X” that’d be simpler nonsense than it does.  A priori it has a meaning, as one permutated message, the quadropole statements metrizing its value to me.  These are free, so, as I do them I increase in rarity in the real world.  An internet connection allows them to up the price of all inks by fifteen-fold.  Everybody’s gonna want a pen.

the off-internet world’s vying for attention.  Take these matters to them thar ponies

ponies that gave us nitro

they gave us no alternative and we got all done

the men waited for their ponies to come down off the train before mounting them to ride after the bad guys

comin’in fast ov-er me


Steve does talk the unknown talk, walks these to the squawk, “R.E.M.” sensitive

__T__S__W__E   __C

5:09, hot. Sweat.  TERPO’s in that.  Interpretation, interpolation, intra oceanic soul transformation, my new racket I’m jealous of.  Give us the ball.  It has hair as wiry as an airedale, smells like the vinyl and the vacuum-pack.  Extrapolation, hmm.  It’s out.  God damn referee.  Beginning at the equivalence of two ratios, don’t put the message in proportion with anything.  It has one in it.  You can’t sit there; the kinetics trouble you through inverse logs.  We’re definitely going to hit a speed of disappearance to spit out the time, 77 characters–roughly twice as fast as Twitter.

selling a whore.  ADmin 15¢. waitin’on you now

distinguishing characteristics of a theater shooter yelling fire in a mudslinging nonliteral shrapnel designed in deep shame to destroy huge

this is off-topic, but, what did Bowie do and what was his age, and, did he have to be that old?  Like, little kids don’t drink coffee, so, how old was Bowie for everything he …has my respect.  I haven’t done some of the things yet.  Guess I’m still getting queerer.  Most folks are a little queer.  Did I specify an age?  I’d meant to do that.  You have to be five to write, so, in Mary Ellen time, I guess 5.001-GER, 5.002 FR, by direct conversion, the genius will have your language in one of the blocks between Fortran and Perl, about November.

Believe in; of age

Believing there’s such a thing as being of age, to lead to a rich table selection of readily excused crimes against humanity, exclusive of Her Majesty’s ships of the line, ofc.  THe Inquisition looked up her cooze.  And, they shaved it.  How can the demon’s bite be confirmed outside of the confessional/ OB/GYN?  Can’t.  Priests have preistly-uh, anything they do is (some duty) automatically v. “priestly”.  Or, come to think of it, priesty.  You are yeasty.  They are human, then.  Recorded in a place.  We are the medium used by God, so, wherever we are, the priests are recorded.  Where the souls are listed in a fantastical book, a  kind of air guitar, like a prayer with a script it signified, the worshippers holding tight to every logical twist and turn, like a slot car.

I can only let you in to believe.

I BLV I could need to pee (If I wasn’t sweating), so, since by tomorrow you will have, it has to be Cruella light lessons in Jupiter time.  Enlightenment, rather than getting the accuracy points, takes time, about four years unless the ideas are re-elected.  Get the idea I can put your other eye out, but, you thank Me (ie, if I was God).

Step up to ownership.

Step over to ownership.

This car is owned by LL-SIGMA and leased to driver.

Jones is leased out to U.S.A. over the life when either one would not be surprised.

You are just owned. ¢

There’s nobody but the “crazy” to “own” this Mohawk pronoun auvacauva caupa cauffee, “youp”.

For two reasons: Clare Boothe Luce (goddam tennith rath.  I don’t need resonance with nonsense.  What resonates with me undergoes explosive decomposition in my mouth.  Ha ha which was funny (killjoy.  Make up an FDZ word), frontward.)  Come on.

Is it time?  Are we  there?    Does your family ever ask you if you enjoy the food you are eating?  So, then what do you say?  “You want some?”

Ninety-one degrees at Six Fifteen in this room.

Luce and JW Booth arguing on behalf of JW “Cocaine”  Lennon.  And Booth.  Bocarkey.  The delusion I am hosting propositions time in a dialog with the ancients where you dubiously claim they sent you your heroes from antiquity.  The given thing is that so much of one’s own time are second nature that this world may be lent out to other times, with personalities in bas relief.  Because, there were always Messiahs of various kinds spoken about.

P: Messiah will come.

S: John Lennon came.  Know any more?

P: Well, this Bible isn’t about faggot hippies.  Don’t you get it fgt?

S: bgt

All of you together must leverage the Earth, just like that one guy’s plan leastwise worked for him.





Ah, what it says.

all of you mogether must leverage the arth via Archimedes Joe

GIVE  ME A PLACE TO STAND AND I WILL MOVE THE EARTH. A remark of Archimedes quoted by Pappus of Alexandria.

That’s his lever, so, note that his lever does not work.  He’s known for a buoyancy Principle, and, for getting pulled over by the cops.

The last words attributed to Archimedes are “Do not disturb my circles”, a reference to the circles in the mathematical drawing that he was supposedly studying when disturbed by the Roman soldier.

Notice a lot of Greek words don’t convey the softness of your mother swaddling you in down, general.










Sure and it was a bonny lad you were.

It doesn’t usu ruin sense when you disturb it (my word SENSE last week is really RISK).  It’s getting squarer.






mascur; for those of poorer interpretive powers, blocked out down is the avatar of Herve Villechaize.

Every voter in the ocean hadn’t planned to die.  Moreover, the writers have to read ’em and weep.






I know what TV means; that’s all those two letters were ever going to mean.  A thousand years ago, you might have looked at these two letters and realized that was somehow important, and, there wasn’t a definition.  But, clearly, down on the paper, after thousands of encounters, it would emerge.  This is a medium of entertainment in the Christmases yet to come.

This is a medium of entertainment in any Christmases left; it’s 2012.  Most of them have been manufactured.  Any more questions , leaving out the futility comments, oh.  Medium for purple is eggplant.

Arch spoke of the meanness of death so as to maintain a centroidal morphemic canon explicitly.

HUSSIF #@7,8,9


no one in US who came of age around turn of the century has experienced any reason to think fondly upon their goverment

Phenomenological BB

I abs like the dot gov ref.

You’re unhurr- -oic.  Rushin’ around.

“Looney Tunes”, I BLV, was how the de-honor system delivered the fake golden droid, Harry Arlmond Ding, of Pradesh University Wrestling.





Writing letters down without reading them as words, and, this amount of space will also, as well as the other thing being true, too, leaves space like two-point-five seconds longer to cross, affording ample time to separate things that are so bizarre  it doesn’t matter how big something is which we do not comprehend; it’s just better than two.

Hey, everybody, gather round for S’mores ‘n coke whores!

I cribbed with eight sheets, fifteen pages like this, but it all joins a sea of paper.  I set a record here.  I wonder if there’s a mistake.  I don’t like the opposite thing of being true, but, that’s another tale for another Cardiff-by-the-Sea.



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2 Responses to “Mogg”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Chemally, take a little bit a look here:

    I got that from a look at my search terms. There are no good options for prefix NOR If the amphetamine comes to us as Dexedrine, let me make it good meth at- at a high enantiomeric purity.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Ding dang. It’s not good for me to go around in circles. Of course that method’s ufeleff bec meth’s secondary and this methylates to exhaustion (ofc), tertiary amine products. So, why is it doing in Erowid? Bec, the answer is how “äctivists” keep threatening to blow our mind. They’re willing to dump on us, they just don’t have the tools. Strike was making up in volume what he lacked in actual practical methods. He was learning.

    Since the reductive amination of formaldehyde with secondary amines is invariably faster than with the primary amines, it has not been possible to N-monomethylate primary amines under these conditions.
    unquote. Yeah. Guess I’ll keep looking.

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