A Wry Ape

I’m tellin ya this isn’t so much like that.  My restless spirit is chained to a typewriter.  I’m unused to professionalism, though, that is not credible; whatever bullshit really is I owe to proposition nobody is used to this, nobodies—people, I mean.  Personalities, schizophrenics, see, my unused-to “ness” telling other ones things multiplies all the pronouns by one speaker, the person we call Roddy, and, by his other names.  I have to get to a cousin Ernie, but, my name’s not Ernie, and I don’t even know two cousins total, much less of each other, and being neither of I.

Recommend head: “”Änother Pleasant Valley Sunday”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,””””””””””\_________?___________/””””””””””””

whaddaya doin’?  Quit it.  Erasing quotes……and erasing the quoted words, too.  Are we werasing the words?  Step off into leave-the-quote-marks-land.  “…charcoal burnin’ everywhere…here in status-symbol land.”  THE LINED WORD

YesEating things loses my appetite for them; I am going for contemplating eating things losing my appetite for them, or, wondering if an appetite can even do that, horrifica, horrific, eating things, hiftorical, hyfst Eric.  Got down to a superficial piece of me.  Fuck a whore if I fuck possibility I’ll see you Doc than rather get a fuck for a buck than fucked for a buck.

I don’t gib a fucabott articles of Confederate speech, The articles of kan sperry say tweet mandatory attendance with maximum joy, sans every word but nouns.  “Prononouns”, pro-no-nouns.  Sec.  “Pronouns”.  Profiles of no-nouns.  Header, argue of late

John Lennon recorded, “A Ticket to Ride”, at whatever age, when he was like the title, but, he seems to say that, instead of that.  I’m like a Pavlov’s dog, and, I’m ussed-to, you know, light volumes of sound.  If I could listen to a volcano vent, I’d have a theory about echo-say, messenger environmentalism.  The rotty fire’s in Old English, metal-head stuff about places to get material to make hit songs.  This one is the incredible old, lost ways of wringing things out and twisting them, so they are mapped in a Humanities Building, thzx.  The human hands had a life of their own at the time, expressing all emotions.


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