My Sorrow I Never Met You

I’m sorry, I have to get past the title.  I know what it says: OPTIONAL

It should be that having never met you and had you return to your current safety is one excusable time domain, then there is now, then let’s make a third one for farts to go in.

I passed into paranormal meaning psycho?  Yeah, I smell burning hair with liquid wrench, some esters with pipe dope.  The only esters I know I smell at the dentist.  Oh, I’m writing.  I can finish this post with two references:

Jack FM 100.7, playing now, while “now”, 11:41, actually is at 10:17.  At that time it plays two songs, and, while I can’t source it perfectly by posting at exactly that time, which would prove it happened, a) there’s no need to beat time and effect.  I’m posing a question too difficult to compute even afterwards in hours, repetitions of keyword wherever you turn, and, b) The unlikeliness of an event related to its observation subsumes the likelihood that daughter events of its re-observation second-hand are further turned out of reality and recomputed unlikely a second time getting them to the public frame.  The greatest obstacles arise in reality to thwart the spread of the most dangerous ideas.

I shouldn’t put anything here in an effort to prove that I’m not.In.Sane.

The keyword is DANCE.

A couple of definitions, a) IF is okay unless it’s a definition, b) Break free of the definitions of verb tences and sent tences, wire fences, jealousy, and other things inherent in definitions of a paradigm of mercy from the ravages of time.  Iron bars do not a prison make; man does not live by bread alone.

A story goes with it, so, it can be just for the story.  I have a niggling doubt.

Okay, well.  Paranormal won’t change the world.  It’s already based on it.  You don’t think Newton and Leibniz lived in the same time and invented the same thing but were psychically independent thinkers?

For years, James Kunstler has been blogging on Mondays, but, he kicks me off, and, when I have ESP, it works to compartmentalize your ESP based on not having any other way you communicate with that person.  Recall ESP is not about sharing over the telephone or any other way.  If you could do that, it would be radical ESP, hypnosis I guess.

JHK blogs for ten years, I read the blog for eight years, I comment for three years, then, for the past several weeks, once I read his post, I can isolate words I have used in the past few days.  For insatnce, “deliquescent fish heads”, appears in the post, where I have used the word, “deliquescent” the night before.  To me, the word is keyword shortcut to a concept.  I have produced a single work of art in the past thirty years, and, that is its title.

Right now I am thinking about a defect in Western thought: Living objects still come alive out of a background of nonliving objects, which is why you can’t be on my ass as fast as white on rice.

By the law, things that are already there are fast.

The story begins a few days ago.  I have a paranormal’s life swinging momentum such that I recognize anomalies.  While I’m waiting I look at grids deciding which optical illusions glow with a preternatural light, and, I give some thought to the information associations of the outlined objects.

In the auditory, I can listen to my own voice over top of other voices using an aperture caused by atrophy of my search technique.  I don’t think up answers, I see whether what I am hearing may be paired with some question that won’t take just any answer, and, I see if that sounds strange.  As a result I become naiive.  People can blank me.

I thought I was eating, I reached out my hand, I pulled it back, I heard, “The food’s not around”, I said, “No, that’s, ‘Not foolin’around’; we know it’s by Santana,” and, looking out, I noticed my car was still in line.  I wouldn’t have the food again in ten minutes.  In five, I would.

The same thing happened again, but, not that day.  As it happened I was indulging some racist or homicidal thing that could possibly explain why orphans happen, and, I was predisposed, and wondered why a love song was playing when it came out, “Once we do this piece of killing”, and I thought maybe this was a love song with a heirarchy to the devil, like all the Dickies songs or the Beatles singing in German.

It rhymed, and, the benefit to my version of reality is that the song itself attempted the rhyme of willing with giving.  I can rhyme killing and willing and the song still flows.

What is flow?  Well, acres of flesh flow out of bathing suits but if you lift bathers up, they suspend, their fat flows a little ways and stops.  You can claim that this fat means they’re fat.  The size they are is a function of perspective.

One girl was made out of one thing and that’s how much all of her was, that.  I had just read not to cross the street to ask a person why they are burned.  She wasn’t burned.  She had great scars like a tiger might leave.  You people don’t don’t do what shouldn’t take place just to try it?  I mean, that’s sterile.  That is, it isn’t “sterile” as a thing.  The sentence expressing it underwent too much revision.  I could say, “Pangloss, what’s your original ass cheek supposed to look like?”

The instant example, if we can get past the pornographic imagination, is in these lyrics, “Dance With Me”

Fantasy could never be so giving I feel free, I hope that you are willing Pick your feet up, and kick your feet up Dance with me

“never be” and “so giving” came out, “Piece of killing”; “have a piece of killing” has the same number of syllables and the e-notes are in the right place.  I’m writing this because, technically, I want it more plausible that I thought about this song before this morning.

A piece of killing itself puts killing in a different compartment than loving, so that we may do both.  The morality from that is the kind suffering attack.  Traversing the globe, we shall pass through entire areas governed by the same inclement weather as to slowly erase every vestige of civilization.  See also, Mason-Dixon Line.  Everything in the South seems to sink into the red mud, to baste in the humidity, etc.

I see thirty handwritten pages around me, none of ’em are going in.  Hopefully I’ve reiterated.

The use of -er endings is one sore subject.  Were that we could tap things we just drew, like Tennessee Ernie Ford.  There’s a mill, therefore millers exist, but, there’s no cander making candy.  I ripped them out and put -ia in.  I also read backwards, like, I know EMANCIPATION reads good backwards.  It ends by asking the rhetorical, “What is your name”, not, “Do you have audacity enow to go wi’ yon blackness?”  It’s also judgemental, as much legal jurisprudence stems from who taps that gavel down.  And, I want to read about AI, the one heading over psi, artificial intelligence in the Alan Turing universe.  Forwards, the substitution maintains a rock steady cadence of downward regards.  IA says “are you (mad)?”  Madness is endlessly entertaining.  “Canned?  Are you crazy?  Why, a man in a can’ll suffocate.”  But you would have just written “CANDIA crazy?”

I end a lot of sentences with the word crazy, talking about myself.  The things I do don’t want to be written, the people I knew want to be remembered.  You always ROT while I have the floor, then you could have WROTE, and every word I write consists of the middles of the words and two boundaries.  Hello, Taurus.  I’ve changed friends so many times I don’t know why those names are still on the year.  Hey, Tin.

Going to induct the extreme speed constraint such that the ability to produce greater numbers of thoughts per unit time causes an emergence of higher complexity.

There’s nothing else to write about Kunstler.  I only need the very first word, “Dancing”, and, that a comment drawing out the same song as me from this title.  Well, if anything, it’s how the same words say two things in parallel.  If they have a hidden meaning, they also have a third interpretation where they detach from being a product of an author and refer to otherworldly origins, fantasy accounts of how they came to be, self-referent statement.

I didn’t break up or separate my initials.  My initials doing what they do is translated as an obstacle to following my argument.  Just understand that.  It should be, “came to represent a self-referent”, or, “came to be a self-referent”.  That’s not vanilla, if you weren’t thinking of a flavor.  It’s the hard part of clairvoyance, it being assigned.  I can’t prove it to you.  Logically, you have to see the flying saucer.

I can look at a blank wall and seeing it resolve into a mirror, lean close and see to part my hair.


12:07 jack fm playlist – Miss YouRolling Stones Dance The Night AwaySantana Feat. Pat Monahan You Should Be DancingBee Gees


jack fm playlist – myself and JACK. Overwjelmed by a paranormal occurrence, time stretches out before me, frozen here on the ladder of my life

11:18 am

jack fm playlist



steve billinghurst

11:18 AM (2 hours ago)

to me

Miss YouRolling StonesDance The Night AwaySantana Feat. Pat Monahan You Should Be DancingBee Gees Get It OnPower Station

“My Reply”, fell off.  I am thinking of blogging from right here.  This is the best I could do to explain the conversation in ESP between myself and JACK.  Overwjelmed by a paranormal occurrence, time stretches out before me, frozen here on the ladder of my life. -elton john.  The other aniumus is that it was at 10:17 when it was over, leathern last night’s eclipse of the sun.

Defines paranormnal as the jig is up, and, once I find out what all transpired within a space of time, I’ll have fifteen pages explaining one second of time.  Might I point out the word above, ‘whelmed’.  I’m in a burst of coincidences.

The second of time is one click of a mouse, and, in that second, I was headed for JACK FM, Jack in turn set up a screen because imps names a special consciousness we need to account for whose imagination interacts with mine.  I can’t get clean ESP.  Oh, I moan, I can always get that, but it comes with makes me chip in time to crack advertiser’s codes to get information online.  Corporations are trightening up.

SEB: what up

WUTUP: what’s up?

SEB: moral intent here to acquire you as a target.

JACK: might interject our redirection mode is in effect.

SEB: you expected us.

JACK: notice our fine buildings.  It’s personal.  We are showing chatter over North Africa.  I think I will do a lamplighter’s, “My Reply”.  It’s not “No Reply”, not replaying Breakfast With the Beatles.

SEB: I am palm piracy tacking your ïnstance of the Seventeenth, morning, J.M. uppercutting your smug deejay into the dirt.  This’ll be “Dance With Me.”

JACK: “My Reply” “Get it On”

SEB: Dances me.

JACK: “You Should be Dancing”

SEB : I’m not.  I’ll avalanche errors and this won’t make print.

JACK: “Dance the Night Away”  Looga me, Mom, om blayin mwatta wawnt (look at me mother, I am playing what we want)

HULK: I will ter God’s arm off and beat you guys to death with it.

SEB: I can’t screen grab.  I’m no longer in Anonymous.

JACK: “Miss You”

SEB: I ghijklnmlkjihgfedcb gee bees 2345678909876543 _____________ ——————– TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT missed you poppycock.

Brigade, halt.  Into the breach in the fruit orchard.

I missed you, Jack.

This isn’t about Jack.  I needed it to be more.  Not more names, more legal fealty is called for, according to natural law.  Experimentally, what is at hand seems atypical, but, correcting for a second individual to be experiencing likewise abberations on the West Coast, which is normally a mental chat with your self, and here, events have been Tivo’s, where not everyone can be on tape-delay.  My rough outside information doesn’t scatter.  I can elevate it.  I have every two-letter posasibility defined well.  I’m talking about reality running along under all with any paranormal violations casting darker and darker light, if you lean toward the Lord  everyhour on the hour like I do.

You can have paranormal without delusions, but, you can’t develop any without strong imagery, and, it doesn’t paranormal itself.  Everybody has a non-paranormal interpretation, too, besides their real one they deny.

Let’s bring it all out.  We have clear indications that, in reality, the future of a few seconds hence is a ribosome which can be virally overlain without duplication, or, with duplication and without displacement.  Accidental displacement in time is the same as with DNA; that is, nonviable, where she was potentially dying.  For these few seconds, in your mind as on a second recording medium, you sympathize, then one puts its information in your mind, or, you take it as cvoincidence and go apart separated and intact.  Whatever you were going to think, think it.  The glass is half-full.  No mind fuck, no bullet in tyhe brain.  Send you down now.  Not sure what you’re fgighting.


steve billinghurst

10:07 AM (3 hours ago)

to me

time to make a new plan up again well it was true when I said it I’d Rather forget it when the past don’t matter now you think I owe you but I gotta go you see the past don’t matter now and it feels like life is taking over it feels like its meant to be and it feels like life is taking over, it feels like its meant to be


“creeping me out” means they think you are psycho.  They’re not using the word, “cycle”.

I went to think-o, “Ï get it”.  A song was playing on a car radio as it went by.  I captured it.  It said, “forget it”.  Life can be one simple thing, a pomegranate, but, whenever you stop saying exactly the same words, your being goes back, it doesn’t leave you to go where your words went.

Before I whoop through ribo, let’s start easier, at homeostasis:

Homeostasis (from Greek: ὅμοιος, hómoios, “similar”[1], and στάσις, stásis, “standing still”[2]) is the property of a system that regulates its internal environment and tends to maintain a stable, constant condition of properties such as temperature or pH. It can be either an open or closed system.

I wanted a general meaning for the process carried out by ribosomes, seeing were it to have a computer attack version, since viruses appear again at computer, and, viruses have your ribosomes in their economy.


The Ribosome is a large complex molecule which is responsible for catalyzing the formation of proteins from individual amino acids using messenger RNA as a template.[1] This process is known as translation. Ribosomes are found in all living cells.


I already said the word translate out of context.


As the contraction picks up traction chances of navigating through evaporate.

Author Profile PageIxnei                    | May 21, 2012  4:57 AM                    | Reply

DANCE WITH ME!!!  Takin’ me back (Orleans)…  I s’pose I should read yer poast – so I will!

(apparently *SOMEONE* owns that)

Author Profile Pagepopcine                    | May 21, 2012  6:35 AM                    | Reply

Yes, something could happen this week, because



Dancing Shoes

                                            By James Howard Kunstler on May 20, 2012  8:18 PM
     So many shoes are dropping out there that reality is starting to look and sound like the tap-line in a Busby Berkeley production number. The meme-scape, too, is humming with viral transmissions of dire doings. Is JP Morgan unwinding like a 1911 knitted woolen Yale varsity sweater? Did it booby-trap the credit default swap universe in the process, and is that getting ready to blow? The whole world is hanging by its fingernails, refusing to be dragged into the future.
     That future is all about contraction. We could navigate our way into it but we don’t want to. We want to stay right where we are with all our stuff.
In this case, at 7:35 I noted the time:
“Noticing how different objects look when you make the owner…gains interest with each …ticketed…aspect the geometries and topologies left which still hold the slipping…when ownership is recognized…nig, riolize, HFENA…object scrutiny according to its owner…effigy…scrutinizing objects according to who put the claim on them early made the grapevine arbor stand out in solemn relief.  I thought of the contrast as depth in space.  Yeah, the sun is setting. 7:35 5-20-12.”
I meant Ernie Kovacs.

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