Nazi Golf



Nazis were seventy years ago, but Vietnam was less, forty, in terms of the end of the draft in 1972.  “College students in the ‘Sixties”, are notable today; they’re said to be less removed in time from World War Two than today’s students are from Vietnam.  The exact amount less that is restored would be for the college students of the ‘Seventies, one of which is me.  It is today’s 48 year olds who are experiencing in life what I experienced at the turn of the century, also known as Y2K.

One of these people died, Yauch.  I forget his first name.  He was in the Beastie Boys, and, I was looking at a Beasties logo when I also read that.  I had checked out a DVD, “Get Him to the Greek”, and,a guy named Jonah wears it half the movie.  I have a date due slip with Yauch’s date of death (DOD, c.f. DOB, date of birth, of 5-4-2012), on it.

The person who reported the death is @embeedub, retreated by Glenn Greenwald (I choose to go by GG in the fast-tracking by low spark numbers on high-heeled boys), who you come to by way of Julian Assange, and then rediscover via BarrettBrownLOL (BB) when it is ten foot and glassy offshore in Bahrain, nobody out.

Mary Beth Williams is a 2010 Stage Four Melanoma patient and medical Marijuana advocate, along with writing and parenting a same-sex child, the bucket with differences be like talking to the cell and have the sound bounce off the walls in here.  It’s the other sex, the other end of the coast, these entities.  The parallel is there.  We can run the whole thing on a limited time basis.


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