The April Nineteen

I’m at a place called,  ‘After’, one of my…posts.  What happens today is you realize the words, “whether it exists”, are a painstaking tease.  How can anything nonsensical fail?  It’s infallable; never fails.

Give me reality instead, proper.  The damn thing works; when it fails, it still works.  You can’t say what happens without going all the way.  There’s up lace, generally up.  An object, you know, is cast in a light at the end of a process showing the weak resistance to that being totally one small part of a hole.  We can’t say it’s going to show up since we said it exists and can’t be seen or felt, etc.

Yeah, there’s a lot of things like that, and nothing has a firm root in reality.  Hop up on what it’s using: where as a place in time.  “Where it does exist” is what a loser says as if wherever is of wherever everywhere.  No reality is other than almost everywhere times a large number…

Just hasn’t been disproved yet, be distinct from extant now, the agreement: relativity.

Looking for structures

You can’t build a larger-than-the-world lab, so, the same size is the almost everywhere a world, with, with a large number of configurations…the entropy is a regular number made out nof the large number directly, an increasing entropy.

Maybe we’ll have probability go negative after an event, so it’s got a non-unity value.  Events happen and thereafter are still probablistically the superposition of having happened vs. happening “again”, but somewheres else.  Think I can make the ‘as is’ value of a name the strength of three shows up as not four, where four does not show up as not three.

I know there’s a guy who does this crap, been dead a hundred years.  Damn, his name is like mine, not Eddington…

In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus created nonsense syllables, combinations of letters Primacy effects are displayed when the person recalls items presented at the This is generally true for long sequences of word or letters such as the alphabet Serial recall refers to our ability to recall items or events in the order in which
Hmm, this whole things referring to itself.  Wanna talk sequence attacks, serial killing…
The answer is to

I don’t want that.

It’s wraparound, “toroidal”, sheesh.  They had a day for every place, andf a few days left over.  So, every day, something happened in your head, and, something happened in the world, the new end matches up with two spikes, one thing.  If an everday spike can be in  two places, two places can be in one object, also coincidently.  If its name has to do with teeth, then its names’ names tonsils still exist in this peanut-sauce worldline.

Most dark energy is just that.  We’re sayin we’re somebody it’s gotta happen to, sometime; don’t know just when, don’t know just where, could be near or far, but, we are lying.  That’s along the scale of knowledge.

Anyhoo, I put down in that 2011 post many claims of psychic organs, and, to prove it I have the same disease which killed Stephen Cannell.  That’s evidentiary and consists of things not by choice, infallable.  But, in the course of a story by him, bad guys are caught, and, a guy got caught.  He’s from Toledo, he’s prostrate in front of the court in SLC.  His life is changed at twenty-six, over toward mine, but, he was headed that way.  He brags too much!

He said f-u-c-k.

You can’t watch “Rockford Files”, but, I was down for that sneering way you can say a villain’s name, ie “Bur-RELL”, the author’s name “Can-NELL” in the same way related, traceable to self-parody and, cleverly supportive of the innocence of the USA generally (and mine.  It’s not for me to lose, nor soft-jab those entities eternally).  Well, this guy’s name is John “Bor-ELL”, and that’s made-to-order, Area 51, in the future.  I feel like The Babe sayin’ Imma hit a ball THERE.

No, but, the Alhambra murderer, …

No, Breivik, okay?  I have several mass murderers I can’t get out of my head.  A friend of mine’s birthday was yesterday.  I  have been scant feet away from three famous mass murderers, but, those were famous, not, just about to be.  I wonder if I met the real thing if, like Chili Palmer, I could stand out of the line of fire and smoke a cigarette.  You don’t even get shot dead center.  A piece of your skull goes flyin’away and your wife pitifully tries to put it back.

Uh, hi JFK (ghost).

That’s all I have to say.  Oh, except clearance sales now going on if nobody wants to die.  Prison is tolerable proud.  Fifteen years, you’ll still be a relatively young man when you get out.



2 Responses to “The April Nineteen”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    “Close”, as in “Don’t open that”, is a hash, not an inform-mer. I don’t want to take your money; it’s too easy. Of course I’m an informer. Steer out of any deals now, and, I will only feed these locals to the eyeless newts in a cave. Otherwise, I’m cutting you out. Ever seen somebody shit blood?

    Naw, I can’t do movie drug refs.

    I was really sitting here getting a boner when it came to me to type something crazy. I come all over the place after seeing tornadoes rip up houses.

    Knowny more?

    Yes, inmate Poindexter.

    He’s done male anatomy for dilly gobblers, that’s a fact. I had more objects located in the seam of a woman like her sandbar, remotes in a couch, the shvantz, not the prostate, honey.

    So, yeah. Google up three cities: Montrose, Alhambra, and Brisbane, California, on one map.

    Just as Stephen Cannell appears because I had the insight, so does Ronnie Montrose. You can’t see Ouija overlays as long as you are submitted by my generation. We have rough, raw, red areas whose nobbliness you can’t possibly imagine. Our films and n-word rock rule the very electricity of the air. We were pressed in vinyl.

    Montrose is related to Alhambra, and, well, I think it is Phil Specter’s house’s town, in which Phil is the model for our narcissistic Charles Manson don’t give a damn, I’m within my rights, kind of fetters. It’s a vapor. A personality, rock solid and blind, now long in the tooth slouches, and, when he slouches he bags the soda machine it sprays out human body odor so brutal it turns you inside out.

    As a young man I was afraid of becoming stranded in downtown Los Angeles. Id have perished in the smog before I walked to Orange County.

    Ah, so. I have weaved thiongs together, but, they are just two things. This blog’s mission with thirty-nine cents. Oh, the sixth sense. Now you can tell. You are going to get it all. All the poetic justice, the just deserts, via psi. But no, you can’t bounce a bead and watch the shadow.

    See, Montrose had a band that sounded tough because of the cross with a tough town. Bands perform killer shows. He was the “Alhambra killer” mentioned. Did you think I palmed it?

    Several wars are always required to advance science far enough from me. Parasite hilarity runs around how desperate you look blind. We are always blind. We cause blindness?

    It was amazing, because, many psychic happenings are background and difficult to transplant. Here, I went out of context. I don’t say things, but these would suffice:

    1. Borell is a character come to life from a Cannell screenplay. Cannell would love him.

    2. Come over to this feeling of dread at the mention of the name of a terrible placemat.

    He died last month I did not know about, finished with my woman çause she couldn’t help me with my mind. People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    “Game Informer”, was right next to, “Zoonooz”. I was looking for a way INFORMER didn’t mean INFORMANT. I also wanted to warn a brother he was under scrutiny. Not you young people. The arguments about drug dealing and anonymization can only develop as you are charged, indicted and tried.

    If there’s no possible way for you to pass as my brother, you don’t qualify. Don’t forget to breathe.

    So, the names of all newspapers are identical to the names of snitches. Don’t snitches have bad names? Well, Register, or Times, I mean, if they give them an award, they don’t call them up and go, “You black-hearted traitor, congratulations there”.

    The names of candy bars are rich beyond compare, the name a millionaire gave his wife’s puss.

    I’ve hatched a plot to scald my enemies. I have a bad name bec I am evil. I put your whole crew here with lines through their names. Nobody better have a posse to a struck-out name, trust me.

    The DEA busted an online drug marketplace bec the original solicitation took place in a public forum. You can’t call stuff back on the internet, obviously.

    Idiots. Instead, go onto MIRC, start a room by invitation only, filter users in from open rooms. If somebody joins they are immediately banned by a bot unless their nick is approved. This can work as long as nobody squeals. It does not fail by attack from outside investigators.

    We still need the doke, a secure place to receive mail. Although “remailer” has an internet meaning, there’s also a real-life meaning involving postal addresses.

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