A Ewer

“You guys started an IAmA on reddit?” Sabu asks in disbelief. “I will go to your homes and kill you. If you really started an IAmA bro, you really don’t understand what we are about here. I thought all this stuff was common knowledge … no more public apperances [sic] without us organizing it.”

He adds: “If you are not familiar with these hostile environments, don’t partake in it.”

The logs also reveal that the group began a campaign of disinformation around LulzSec. Their goal was to convince – and confuse – internet users into believing a conspiracy theory: that LulzSec is in fact a crack team of CIA agents working to expose the insecurities of the web, headed by Adrian Lamo, the hacker who reported the alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning to the authorities.

“You guys are claiming that LulzSec is a CIA op … that Anonymous is working to uncover LulzSec … that Adrian Lamo is at the head of it all … and people actually BELIEVE this shit?” writes joepie91, another member. “You just tell some bullshit story and people fill in the rest for you.”

“I know, it’s brilliant,” replies Topiary. The attempts did pay off, with some bloggers passing comments such as: “I hypothesize that this is a government ‘red team’ or ‘red cell’ operation, aimed at building support for government intervention into internet security from both the public and private sectors.”

Cooks, cooks…No, doesn’t ring a bell. You rummy cookies aren’t getting on my computer. Oh, hello. I was just Walt Disney talking to one of my cartoons.

Usually a fly’ll fly all frantic after you take a swipe at him. I got infide yt fly’s head, and

Yeah, ah, yeah. You poop, aha, I say everything you say for a minute. He got injection on mine; pure luck, from submission you see the floor, and, how it is more important than any Eurup or dirts: dynasoil, parasoil, petty fois gras. Take another four spoons. Have in belief the benefit of the doubt. You hate a human who hates Hebrew.

I was granted a room for a night when I was on the internet; I had 16,000 views, and, it was one of my posts. It was called, “Pseudoephedrine Acetate”.

Again here it appears on Reddit. In my opinion, the format (IAmA —–> AMA, part again, (I am a _____ (blank), ask me anything)), is a teaser, because, there’s a subculture of like-minded individuals who, what they don’t know fills volumes, but, mainly, their attitude is an example of groupthink, with huge, glaring holes. Ask the person anything right now? Uh-huh, what about later? No? Well, then, I can only hope one of the frequently answered (asked) questions is my question.

I don’t work that way, I’m not thirty. I’ve been thirty for thirty years. I don’t need anyone to pick our best post. I had an ‘ask me anything’ on 4chan off a toxicologist and this shit would not keyboard (busted and why not over Mr. Fry of Fry’s Electronics’ head?). Now that I have a bioaccumulation problem, due to a conviction right to the gizzard of a breastfeeding meth addict, (umm let’s not go “trunk murderer”), with a dead baby (Eureka, CA, yesterday). Where my toxicologist is now is anybody’s guess. One of the initial questions to him involved whether he was the niggest.

Hello, Anonymous.

I got the thing off Barrett Brown’s Twitter feed yesterday, I’m not psychic on this, but I hit it on the very first day. In other words, whilst learning how to internet off BB, I was staked (linked) to a site via cross-expopsure, which sites often do. They steal traffic. It is not important to be accused by the feds, who do look pretty incompetent since 7/11. That is, I am saying the state authorities are every bit as insane and kill you just as dead.

Here it is:

Great IAMA, thank you!



How did you start in that line of work?

I was into electronic music when I was a teenager. A lot of early sites like hyperreal would link you to things about drugs. Got my hand on a copy of PiHKAL and it just seemed like this wonderful world of keys to plug into your brain chemistry with relatively little harm to anyone.

Why did you decide to make drugs?

I decided to make drugs, at least the specific drugs I chose to make, because I was curious about chemistry, based on what I had read they were largely harmless when treated with respect and I wanted to discover new ways to out-fox the DEA and to come up with new reaction schemes (More efficient, harder to track, etc.)

How did you run away?

They came after me but only had paper evidence. I had already shut everything down and stored all the gear and they didn’t know where I was living, but they hit the place where the lab used to be and I found out about it. Got a lawyer to talk with them before they found me. This dragged on for over half a year while they feds did laboratory analysis, prepared reports etc. My lawyer was scaring the crap out of me. “They think organized crime is involved.” “You could get 20 years.” So, I acted like I was cooperating, then days before a meet with the DEA drove to Canada and slipped over the border. Cash plane tickets from there on out.

How did they catch up to you?

My passport had a different name on it but they eventually figured out the other name and searched based on that name. Tracked me down to Korea. Had the Koreans tail me for several weeks to make sure I wasn’t up to no good there, then swooped in and picked me up for extradition.

How did you slip into Canada? I’m guessing you didn’t go through customs?

Drove across at Niagra falls.

Did you manufacture LSD?

I found the loophole for making LSD around the time I was getting ready to quit. I had a source for ergocristine in eastern Europe but was scared about doing international precursor importation. Even 1kg and they can charge you with intent to manufacture 5,000,000 doses of LSD. I’m not sure what the federal “multiplier” is for LSD right now but it would have been a MAJOR risk.

What did you do in Asia?

Well, I hoped around a bit when I first got there. Buying tickets for cash, etc. trying to make sure I could be tracked. Then I got a job in South Korea tutoring executives and hired a tutor/went to a university there to learn the language. After that I got a job doing scientific translation and editing. I worked that job up until the feds tracked me down.

Looking back at it, how do you feel about what started you in on that gig in the first place?

I was very young when I first became interested in chemistry and psychedelics, 15 or 16. I really just ended up channeling a lot of curiosity about chemistry and science in general in the wrong direction. I just wish I had chosen something a little less threatening to my personal liberty than chemistry specifically related to psychedelics.

Did you just live a “normal” life with an apartment and a job, except under a fake name, or was it different?

I lived a normal life. Had a nice little apartment and a good job.

what did you do when you had to show your ID?

My passport had a different name on it so when I got my IDs there it was all based off that. My University diploma had my real name on it though so that took some grease money at the immigration office but was explained away as a name change.

Were you manufacturing the drugs in the US, and then once the pressure got too intense, bailed to Asia to try and stay free? How did you initially get out of the country, assuming that the authorities would flag your passport?

Drove into Canada. Had someone else in the driver’s seat during the crossing and they only checked the ID of the driver at the point in time. After that everything was smooth sailing. I don’t know if you could get away with that now. Seems like almost every airport has those print scanners, etc. you see nowadays.

Miss korean food? Ultimately, what was your sentence like?

I would kill for some good 불낙지 (Super spicy octopus). So pissed that I’m banned from Korea for life now. Really wanted to move back there. 3 years in/3 years S.R.

So where are you now?

I’m in the U.S. visiting family at the moment. I just got back from a year in Asia.

Any partners?

It was basically just me running the laboratory by myself, a couple people assisting with receiving shipments but no one assisting in the actual synthesis. Distribution was to 3 relatively well connected distributors who I knew I could trust to ensure that things got out in a safe manner (for ourselves and the end users), people I knew wouldn’t tamper with the product in any way or sell it irresponsibly.

How long were you cooking before you ran?

From first synthesis to closing the lab it was right around 4 years of operation.

Did you ever use any of your drugs?

I used everything I made. I was always the first to try anything new that I came up with. None of this stuff is habit forming so it wasn’t really a danger/risk. Although tripping balls and then realizing you are still in the lab with enough evidence to get you 20 years easily is NOT that great of an experience.

Were they [the drugs] good quality?

I had all the proper equipment. Vacuum system, refrigerated trap, fractioning columns, etc. Plue I did recrystallization (after washing of crystallized product), so pretty much everything was on a par with what you’d get from a pharmaceutical company.

end of copypasta from reddit

Here’s the tweet from Barrett:



@anonymouSabu @yamatough it’s the best time to sell all your symantec stocks cause pretty soon it’s going to be worth nothin. #LulzSec

6 Feb

Retweeted by BarrettBrownLOL

end tweets

This tweet mentions one of the Anon groups, Lulzsec. I clicked on that, and Lulzsec had the ÏAmA/AMA phone grab; I googled that. A link in this chain is broken, I will make an offer of proof that once the user knows the acronym AMA, he will be on common ground with these young, let’s face it convicts, running the internet, and go right to it. Steve, that wasn’t a rancid and skewed, and, to top it off as sloppy a chain of reasoning as ever disgraced—

Dude, I smoke pot; my coke fiend friend is on meth and my meth friend is on coke. There’s emergency after emergency, little kids caught in the crossfire, and, no, I’m not embittered by that. It’s not my g-g-g-generation; I’m just g-g-g-grampa.

Ha ha ha, “little kids crawled in the crossfire”. My countrymen are not having bombs dropped on them; they drop bombs on civilians in the countries they sack for oil. This is just that they can’t possibly do this right, even your children have to be saved from you.


cogitase, as in a metaphorical enzymatic transformation of thought

Day by day night after night,
blinded by the neon lights
Hurry here hustlin’ there,
no one’s got the time to spare
Money’s tight nothin’ free,
won’t somebody come and rescue me
I am stranded, caught in the crossfire
Stranded, caught in the crossfire

Tooth for tooth eye for an eye,
sell your soul just to buy buy buy
Beggin’ a dollar stealin’ a dime,
come on can’t you see that I
I am stranded, caught in the crossfire
I am stranded, caught in the crossfire

I need some kind of kindness,
some kind of sympathy oh no
We’re stranded, caught in the crossfire

Save the strong lose the weak,
never turning the other cheek
Trust nobody don’t be no fool,
whatever happened to the golden rule
We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
Stranded, caught in the crossfire
Help me

Fuck Slash
Fuck Hollywood
disparate, desperate,
How can I use that when I get no satisfactory spelling of SEPARATE from anyone? Perhaps we should do acid or lose weight, releasing the toxins from adipose…
believe us, ridiculous.

I am a photographer. Ask me anything, you two niggers.

“Shalayla, he say he gonna focus.”
“Bofe us?”

What? I’m in my room. Oh. Uh, got any milk to go with it? Keep the cookie. I am a send this order to the front on foolscap; see if it fits, Colombians. Sucks to be you. I’ll write “Charge!” and send it to the troo-hoo-hoo-boo-hoo-hoo-hoops. No, they do. They getted if it a legitimate order from up command, and they crinkle cellophane in front of the microphone. My hero is whoever Napoleon’s hero was; Marshall Tito. Don’t ask me if I am Toto, or…whatever the marshal’s havin, slow day, suntn wen ron wun ah flipped the script. Best be under AC/DC.

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