Internet Espionage

[this post is updated; ‘capitiol records’ is evidence of clairvoyance and is priggishly pristine and untouched since i wrote it]

update re: title

Although the internet is a fine strategic way of discerning global trends and information, a radio scanner can provide tactical or battlefield intelligence unavailable from any other source. In almost all cases it even can even scoop your local paper’s coverage of events. Truth be known, newspeople use scanners extensively to develop leads. For those liberty activists on the run or under siege, a scanner can literally save their butts!


Reason: Not wishing to study semiotics and signal speed physics if sigint is obsolete.

I treat the internet as a language medium, nothing else. I don’t make money on it, which keeps us on the same page, as it should be in a war.

How a group, Anonymous, found only on the internet, can suddenly extend its activities to other facets of life, makes me think of the government, which, by force, has taken over, not all, but, I want to say, if you kill dissent; if you are in the business of killing humans, the people left behind will have no dissenters among them. If not for this, we would not be talking about whether dissent is proper. We know what side our bread is buttered on. Life is a popular pastime. To preserve it, we better watch out for alienating authorities who, in the fullness of time, marginalize, isolate, divide and post past termination time with what the reason for termination was. Like we say in prison, let you tell it.

I do not believe in the concept, “people”. I think it was always a plural and did not have a singular: the person. Prison, espionage, camoflage, and mask should be French words. They know how to be free. Detent, rapport, Colbert, too, are frenchy, but, this is how that “j” sound controls. Let’s try prison first.

WIK: A prison (from Old French prisoun) is a place…

Yeah, so, my ex is changing her pronunciation and is Colombian, a Spanish country, and she was saying it, prishon. If I’m right thus far, I’ll drop the rest, by seeing where my mind is.

A friend has Windows Eight, so, I am getting that. At this point I have a new, light, wireless keyboard and mouse.

There exists a living population, as well as secrets. By blackmailing everyone about what may or may not be said about them on the internet, they are ripe for losing their civil rights. We are just human, and, this commonality as something bringing about a frown on people’s faces is a thin layer of ice we tend to plunge through since nobody knows if it’s ice or water. They just walk on it, metaphorically speaking.

Now, when you are telling someone’s secrets and upsetting their complacent life, I find it best to tell all of them first without the person’s name, and then give their name out as a present. Things that eat good, sweet people have birthdays, too. Assigning to every person his information, backing it in by saying every bit of information has its person, should highlight any other kinds of information such that the internet has good, bad, and indifferent, and, we are isolating that seen as indifferent for our purposes. We have to have reliability, too. It just turned 8:50. Checking the post time…

I don’t know why all these objections should arise about the truth, about relevence, and about propriety. When you live your life behind a mask, you are making those of us who don’t become pinched in between some prickly dilemmas.

A person (plural: persons or people; from Latin: persona, meaning “mask”) is a being, …
Is this not French? Not so fast.

The word “mask” appeared in English in the 1530s, from Middle French masque “covering to hide or guard the face”, derived in turn from Italian maschera, from Medieval Latin masca “mask, specter, nightmare”.[2] This word is of uncertain origin, perhaps from Arabic maskharah مَسْخَرَۃٌ “buffoon”, from the verb sakhira “to ridicule”.

So, or, “Zo!”, from a Japanese, and soon, we will come to Russian (because their alphabet rules). I mean, I already love Russian, but, the computer expert Robin C. Jackson is a linguist in that, and, he is currently trading tweets with Barrett Brown, but, they are antagonistic. I do not know whether much of the acrimony is for show, but, we are on pins and needles over Wikileaks, and, I do not want the ruination spoiled by lackluster, halfhearted fights. Other players in the dome are Sabu, the Jester, Tom Ryan… and, just to show you the psi is operating, check out Barrett Brown’s latest tweet:

Anonyops tweeted it, BB retweeted it:

Quick: Name 5 activities w/ no possible effect on interstate commerce. Just leave us alone. Just leave us alone.

I have been blogging about languages, saying the information of concern to all should be found parsed among the information held by individuals, that is all. They may be saying stem cells are not properly the subject of interstate commerce, but, they may also be saying that you can’t name five activities not interconnected in this world. That’s how I take it.

I had a previous post, “Forced to watch”, in which I was prescient in the death of David Carradine, but, I’ve been super so in the matter of my post just previous to this one. There, I mention Paul McCartney, and, on the day following, a radio campaign appeared I had no way of hearing. It came out on Monday. The post is on Sunday, the one before. I had not posted for a month, and, suddenly it is going to come to my stoned mind to post as if I’d already heard the announcement. Paul’s one thing, but, the Capitol Records building is quite another, and, this building is literally in the announcement. And, when was the last time you heard about this building? It happens to be a feature of old LA, where it is made to look like a stack of records. It has a John Lennon star on the sidewalk outside, and, we met there on his birthday, 1991. It’s the title of the post! I’ve never seen anything quite so disturbing in this regard, clairvoyance. It’s actually “normal” for things to do with McCartney, who topped the world’s population of individuals as the most popular for many years. This might confer an unusual sort of reality on him, stemming from a belief, where, deep inside a person is a well of indwelling grace.

I am not that gracious. I view the roads as open to everyone, and, if I had no car, that would be a sham. People with no car use roadside bombs as a political tool. It seems appropriate. I’m not just saying. Wait. What? Paul says he is not that precious with it.


Still got a keyboard problem. It’s issuing recurrent commands. I don’t use it for commands. I’m editing the nonsense instead of I guess making sense. I was checking on the plausibility of finding a reference to Whitney Houston’s death before it happened, but, I was assisting Ruth in kicking out a nigger named after her at the time, and, I was politically dominated by our in-house policy of not badmouthing roommates over the internet. I don’t want to see them in the halls. So, to preserve the legitimacy of boots walking over you we got Ms. Houston, too. Now that fat sow has nobody for a namesake. I call that a two-fer. This thing would have said Whitney fifty times. Those are texts on my phone, like how Sgt. Pepper says Sgt. Pepper in it, with a lot of style, Bruce Lee kicks, etc. Texts have to be short, so, I got used to abbreviating it Wendy, an early miscognation of Ruth’s (yes, a synonym is their noggin), then, I said Wendy to fat Whitney, she said It’s Whitney, and, I knew it’s Whitney or whatever. One of ’em is Mount Whitney, tall. They’re all tall. None of ’em is blonde or ate one TV dinner.

leave us alone. Just leave us alone. Quick: Name 5 Just leave us alone. Just leave us alone. Quick Just leave us alone. Just leave us alone. Quick Just leave us alone. Just leave us alone. Quick Just leave us alone Just leave us alone Just leave us alone leave us alone leave us alone leave us alone us alone us alone us alone us

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  1. jose Says:

    here in aus people say that big jroher itercepts all no secrets in this town

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