Beilstein Handbuch Methamphetamine

Beilstein is a real chemical reference.  Sweden hasn’t been a paragon of honesty lately.  Norwegia more like got what would have kept Sweden honester, 83 dead, and a pile of winter snow on them.  I’m perplexed about God missing about 75 Swedes instead.  Anyway, I see what I want from some damn Sweden person.

N.N,-Dibenzyliden-iitJrytendi.-in-*ii ElUyfa$”esiumbromid in Ather und anschliessend.

mit einer


wss. fto”tg


Niqumphosphat und wenig Ammonium’

cUoria @an Alphen, Robert’ R’ 54 [1935] 361′ 364)’

KPgo: 139o’ . A. o :-r r:^ i* r^raan’lan Artilzel erha.ltene Ver-

Beim Erhitzen unter 2b Torr auf 210o ist die im folgenden Artikel erhaltene veI


See that?  That’s the original German, where all the science is.  Now let’s place that within “trasnslate”.  Minute…

NN, dibenzylidene iitJrytendi.-in * ii ElUyfa $ “esiumbromid in ether and then.
with a
“rn * orrilkal.
wss. fto “tg
Niqumphosphat and little ammonium ‘
@ cUoria at Alphen, Robert ‘R’ 54 [1935] 361 ‘364)’
KPgo: 139o ‘. A. o:-rr: i ^ * r ^ raan’lan Artilzel erha.ltene Ver-
On heating at 210o Torr 2b is obtained in the following article vei

We got a little bit of help with the words, not much.  Beilstein is such a reference as to be the last word, whatever the chemical, from a literature search beginning with the literature from the beginning.  You’ll call on it for any chemical in stock.  Tells how to make it.

“Synthese” is “synthesis”, or, I guess, “zuchtung” is, so, ferret out that word.  Oh, the translation problem has been ferruled for just this source before.  This handbook has handbooks.

Here’s one:

Two-way glossary of organic chemistry terminology.

I’m on my way to UCSD for blolood work for an upcoming PET scan, but, I don’t want to go to that library full of Japs.  I gave it one last shot.  I haven’t been hitting.  Today, gold:

I was stuck, see?  I would have posted sooner.  Good thing I tried one last time.

What about working with this information?  You comb through it, every last drop.  It’s kind of like, when you fail, begin to read the instructions.  The only other thing is the Poseidon adventure of what to do when these links all break.  It works for today.  It works fine for people living on borrowed time.  You got Tourrette’s.

I know.  Whoops One and Two has justified the proof (that’s the page).  This one above is the erowid where

it isn’t Erowid.  It reminds me of Erowid, it’s so extensive.  It’s not good weather for bookworms.  I’m not going to stand in front of that obelisk-shaped bookshelf without a wingman.  The indices are wicked to go back and forth.  But, the single number I’d carry in there is


I had to get it from a previous post of mine.  That’s what I mean.  If I go in there, I don’t wander around.  I state, “methamphetamine” to the reference librarian, and, I don’t threaten her.  But, hey, I’m doing this.  I had to know if my country was going soft in the head, and still think I was cooking.

That deal breaks down according to some instructions, take these:

Thank you.  These people will be lying, and, this is the kind of stuff to throw back at ’em.  The ref# says where to look, like, the 4 is volume four of a “hauptwerk”.  Maybe.  I don’t have ti



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