Replacing Reducing Agents Via Organic Electrochemistry

Hydrogenators are suspicious (source: DEA list of chemicals).

This is the second time through.

I am going to do it differently.


ell, what the…  Last time, I come out with nothing but a title.


esus.  All that scanning, all that uploading.  “What you want is a gallery.”  No, I can’t upload on edit no matter what, the images unsynch and duplicate.


uck you.  I don’t even have a cup.  Kick me as hard as you can in the balls.


uck.  I just wanna do all sorts of gay shit.  I am getting the rhythm going.

I know that I am basically going to get you to a picture of the cup.  This here is for when you test out -Cl removal, hydrogenolysis, in adjustable-voltage mode, you will have a ball-park for that, whether it’s easy or hard.  It should be easy.  It’s a benzylic halide.  I plot my learning curve such that a system requires apparatus.  I don’t worry what it looks like with or without calculus.  I got Halliday and Resnick at this point..Volume I: measurement, Motion along a straight line, etc.  and Volume 2, electric charge, electric fields.  How do you like that electric charge?  I like it fine.  That’s what the capacitor’s for.  Here, fuck.

I got a bad feelin’ about this.

I’m not just going to beat you on how to make M3HT.  I’m going to teach you how to fuck:  Don’t sit there getting horny if you’re HIV+.  Seek out the host and say, “I need to fuck.  Can I use your bedroom?”  No, I have a bad feeling.  Am I not going to be able to upload the missing pages if I forgot any?  Hmm.  Chalk this one up to good-old WordPress leaving you severed.  If I ask for a page I expect that page, not the awareness of someone’s DNA curling up in a

[inserting 4-5.  I didn’t mean differently bad; I meant an improvement.  But, do I improve it?  idk, WP’s little program tends to wash you out to sea if you are talking.  It sent it to the trash.  I had to carefully undo.  I’ll have to see what happens.  You can’t mess it up if may always die whilst adding a piece to it.  My next operation in time is to add the missing image, #4, the fifth one.  The right Amico is the next tasking on the scanner; I don’t like publishing my address to make a point. ]  word count went from 314 to 411…what is ‘word’ blue for . Blue?  How many bytes to color something…

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