Is it a Bitter Pill?

I started working on this post two hours ago, but even then I had already been planning on doing it for some time.  The “two hours” was an eighteen-minute thing, and it recurred now.  I put it down.  Well, it’s not saying eighteen.  It’s saying forty-six.  I’m in a spot.  It must be that it just said forty-one, in which case it was two hours.  It says these numbers directly.  This is philosophical, about converting from analog to digital.  With an LED clock, it says the things in reality, rather than to set you down running.  You have to use your mind.  You have to get rid of the meaningless eigthteens and forty-sixes.  Actually, it’s a case of forty-six-cum-eighteen, in which another hour has been lost.  Here, it is the eleven, aka, “the twelfth hour”.

What is stopping me from introducing material to you is the scanner.  There is no clean Google match for something which does not appear.  When you search on it, it assumes you do see it.  It is just an icon.  I wish to scan, but, the instructions say to load paper.  Well, of course it does that so you deplete your ink and paper and buy more.  It handed me a copy.  It didn’t scan into the computer.  That’s a joke, of course.  Without an icon to begin with, the hardware doesn’t do anything.  The buttons are identified by icons themselves.  I don’t know the icon for scan.  Way above the buttons, the words scan, print, copy appear, but, none of them is across from a button.

I have a hard time living.  I’ve come to accept that.  I usually say, “You’re getting a Dell”, to folks.  I learned it from a commercial.  Similarly, I tell them other things without nutritional value.  It’s like a Pop-Tart.  You wouldn’t eat that stuff.  Nowadays people don’t know that.  You certainly would not feed it to your children.  Nowadays people do.  There’s no long-term child abuse.  It’s all reported; I don’t know how many times I have nearly been arrested for yelling at my kid.  I myself was smacked around pretty good.

I would post this electrochemistry.  I finally located it.  My room is a bit like, well, it is what happens when you are forbidden to attach anything to the walls.  The other three rooms I had in this house is where all those nails and shelves stayed, anyway.

This is the 29th @12:12.  I think I have to pick up my child from the bus stop at “4:25 (it’s ten minutes late and on time)”.

There are people dead.  One of your christians, Bryan Stamos, was a friend of mine.  I was just wondering why this reads like I read it and stayed just as I was.  Uh, I might have used the word, “mind”.  I thought about words which are really verbs, like “fuck”, the reality of why people are on earth, without the “love”, which is some vagrant noun.  It is the same with “the” mind.  It’s only a verb.  I know now, it was the verb to think.  I am not always thinking.  I am thinking as differently as I am able to when I do it.  I keep it so in order to broaden my definition of the disutility of others expressions.  When not thinking, I have the autonomic nervous system still there at the time.  You probably do not have a sense of direction when it comes to time.  So much telepathy is transmitted to me that I keep a test operation ongoing.  My friend died June 10, and, I just go back to my notebooks and look at the event.

I just got a call.  She’s picking him up at school.  She’s a christian, so, it’s nice she isn’t drunk all the time.   In the years since she quit she has added some reliability.  It’s 1:30 on Thursdays, so, @ 12:29…I’m glad she called.

The autonomic nervous system gives rise literally to “autonomy”, the others related begin with anonymity, today.  These words are shuffled together with the slightness of a difference in {O,N,O,M} vs {O,N,Y,M}.  The mathematical object “x” flows more from its autonomy than its naming.  It’s more independent than it is unknown; we know it’s one of a pool of possibilities.  In english the two A words diverge in meaning.  Our little words are ahead in the meanings.  In twenty or thirty spaces a few long words use up all the possibilities, but, small ones record which one is first with a lot of irrefutable priority.  We want them concentrated, see?  They are in order in order for us to remove objections when we give orders, and, to remove a spot to a new spot deterministically.

Do I like short words?  No, I like immortality, but, since we don’t have that, I must keep track of a lot of produced lines and their subsumption in encounters between the members of a group of people half of whom are dead.

Living people are always putting things in their own words, but those who said it best are dead.



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