Troy Davis is the actual guy.  I am going to leave his picture out.  I just uploaded all the people pictures on my desktop; I can get rid of them and see galaxy UGC 3409 better.  Troy’s not dead, and, will be later today, making this a certain time for observing my own attitude as I get high on weed, after I type this.  See, how does it feel inside with a knowing time of death?  There are not others sanctioned in we may employ in a time series experiment.  It is slightly less of a prospect that telepathy works while the path is from the living to the living, meaning, the possiblility cannot be excluded no matter how hard you try since death does not move backward into life.  Today does not even move backward into tomorrow.  You have no way of sampling some later time than this, or even remembering very well what just happened, if you smoke the reefer.  But, the physical construction I just described is what I prefer to call a dead giveaway that there’s no life after death, no matter and irregardless of what you say, and, if you say it you’re on pipe big time.

So, what have we got?  Troy Davis just has to be executed.


The true words admit no logico from identification of the thing.

For example, the lab studies cancer.  It doesn’t retail it.  The incongruity of a spotless facility developing something ugly is how you get to that which can’t progress logically.

This particular university or all universities and their esoteric boundaries is but a minor apostrophe on the ethics.  These happen to reciprocally translate reality, rather than to call it a transform.

How torturers feel about torture in prisons names “avid”.  Avid is usually the way cancer cells are described to uptake nutrition.  My “people name of David”, in the old school refer to Bohm.

I don’t have any justification for putting Bohm today.  I would form a skirmish line pairing your temporal self with your ghost using the many-worlds figurehead who keeps the souls in Hell in line, the one they call Dad, if he’s your father.  But, I channel a lot of physics.  He’s Everett.

The many-worlds interpretation leads to a deterministic view of nature in which there is no special role for the human mind. WIK

I put this physics here to deny the world after death, the underworld.  Your own cruel decisions and your mind are an express package across everything.  You’ll be brought to record death in the light of your statements about how it is to be distributed.  The word, “brought” is a currency in the philosophy of the entertainer Vince Vaughn.  Humans in reality do not deliver anything, especially today when women have rights.  They have the ability to “bring” a freshness or a deliberate and considered wisdom to our venues.  That’s what they’re celebrated for.

In short, people do not create anything since the earth had it all here, what they bring comes with themselves; once they’re dead, they’re no longer bringing.  If it’s anything, they’re leaving it.  But, Vaughn justifies the word, “brought”, and, since my daughter is named Sabrina, I am on board.  It means bringer; you can see that.

This was done while sitting on the bed, in my room, at seventy-four degrees, a half a mile from the ocean.

Expensive?  No.  That would be if things averaged out.  This is one-of-a-kind.  We have it until death takes us away.  Of course, we don’t keep it on us.  I can get it.  It’s just a quintillion tons.  If it were large, it would not have a name.  I am unaware of any intractable constraints.  The million tons directly underneath me has a prefix, “mega”, by means of which we imply that Asia is about to get nuked.  I could be living in the Middle Ages, I guess, but I’m not.

Spine-tingling adventures and ear-splitting noises are tame.  This is the death penalty, and, it goes with spine-snapping events, and, head-splitting tumors.  The penalty is part of punishment, and, the sewed-up tranch is of crime and punishment.  Dostoevsky already wrote it.

I don’t like “Fyodor”; I like to call somebody, “Franz”, so, I am used to Kafka.  If it’s capital punishment, then I think it should be The Trial.  However, Kafka was the incarnation of something more primordial.  He was writing when he died, that’s more transcendent; it’s The Castle.  It might be different, but this world is tacked to the German invasion, so, we’ll work it from that angle.  The thing is, I can’t trace the United States today into a kind of result of the actions of Adolf Hitler.  Fyodor went to prison, but, he went on to write and become famous after that.  We actually have no such possibility, so, I don’t understand it.  You can start be seeing what happens with this guy.


Taking the traffic in human death all of a piece, we may further abstract to all of human death itself, and, in this way include everyone.

Human death is a fact.  We have

1. Letting them die.

2. Not letting them die.

3. Killing them.

4. Not killing them.

These four cases surmount a solipsistic “Julliard School” of it.  We need to add, “dying”, a single other act.  Dying includes all other creatures, too, especially so given that we raise animals to kill, and, attempt to kill every other species of plant and animal, having wiped many out.

In a “Montessori School”, we train individuals to kill police and send our graduates into Texas.  Were we to consider abandoning that approach, we could quit, for sure; easier than we could know we quit drugs.  The drug war would have to be over, and, it hardly is.

We have to die, but, are compensated for this by making sure of our ability to kill.  If you don’t want the job, don’t cash your check.  You’ll still have the job, but it helps (only) us to know who’d rather act silly given the choice.  Acting silly is the fastest known way of ending up on a slab.  Men generally don’t have this problem because money buys the way out, and, after the money’s gone men still have sperm cells to contribute to the police widows and orphans.  I tend to attack lightning fast, cutting a guy’s balls off.  I tell ’em to get to the hospital, assuming they want to live that way.  One minute I’m all quiet, then bang!  Zoom!  Out of nowhere, see?

Fear is a surrepititious emotion, but, the semantics of predication call for an in, and, an out with regard to it.  It must be of something, a form.  The S.W.A.T. team members always have a heads-up protocol.  They call the subject a rabbit:  “I’m just popping a rabbit.  I have the skill.  He is just going to run.”  Maybe they call him a bunny.  The outside is that murder need not be a part of anything.  Thus, in order from large to small in importance and not chronologically, murder-suicide should be renamed suicide-murder.  It’s already named a suicide attack, as much as the American is loved, which is a negative one, with older references to, “more than I love life itself” now under a strict cloud of suspicion.  Let’s face it:  It’s not worth living in this world with uniformed American killers crawling all over it.  We have fear of cancer.  The fear of being held to account is clearly a lesser evil.  Can we please not shift the blame to the state?

This murder is thus being carried out in my name.  By the way, when you look up the meaning of the word false in the dictionary, it has a picture of one of you giving testimony in court.  The ranking of false eyewitness testimony is equivalent to that of a witch hunt, and, by that I mean what transpires in Salem, Mass, circa 1640.  It shows approximately ninety convicted and executed for witchcraft.  In Texas, where polls show half the population would ask whether the accused were guilty of the witchcraft, they probably think it was justified.  They are christians, and still do it.

I reject the notion that my head will ever be in the right place as long as my country has the death penalty.  Its conduct in foreign invasion and limited war is especially gruesome over the past fifty years.

These points become academic given the looming Peak Oil/ Global Warming scenarios.  You can’t seriously expect all your grandchildren not to be dead at some point.  Let’s green that up: They’ll be made dead.  It raises the bar.  I know you don’t want that.

Let all the medical doctors explain their opposition to lethal injection on their NIH grant applications.  I love not claiming my opponents are stupid and ignorant. Medical doctors in the United States are evidently smart and evil.  Q.E.D.

If your physicians do not kill, it is because they order killings in their name.  It’s the same when they treat patients.  They do not treat anyone, either.  They just see you and order it.  It seems they are arbitrary about it, with no overriding philosophy about meeting and conquering death.  Their faces need to be split in half, whatever school that is.  As for the pigs, I’m a wear the uniform of their enemy and shoot at ’em willy-nilly.

A mechanism for defeating death is found in a larger organism in which death is confined to some parts, and, the core beliefs of the thing persist in spite of death.  But, it is readily interpreted that, although we can’t ensure no follow-on rise of a similar beast, we may kill all the members of this one beautifully, and, with a measure of Apocalypse, prevent anything of a similar size forever.  There just isn’t enough raw material to build another the size of a continent.  Let ’em be the size of Connecticut.  Let ’em say they are the size of a continent, hell, a couple  continents.  We will come and kill them all again, just for saying that.  I’d love to kill Connecticut.  I wish I could kill everyone who can read these words.  I wish their lies fell on deaf ears.  I wish this beautiful, perfect language were destroyed, that has been put to use in every kind of lie, at least for the present.  It’s completed.  It’s time to shelve it, make inextant all the humanity, and, time to get these organisms to come up in the world again, as simple, trustworthy beasts.

Anyway, it’s two hours out, so, you will all need to look it up yourself.  When it’s true, siddown and repeat these words, “I do not want to fuck with Steve, because, look what happens to dude.”  I reveal this as the Mahatma Ghandi school.


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  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    a combining form meaning “end,” “complete”: teleology. Also, telo-;esp. before a
    vowel,tel-, tele-. [comb. form representing Greek télos end, and téleios perfect, …

    a beatings are tune-ups, sporting Bohm.

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