El Cometa





































4 Responses to “El Cometa”

  1. 503 Says:

    Bad ass pics Pops, just stopping by to say hello. I hope you are doing good my friend….

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Alright, 503. I’m doing the pose where my body doesn’t know I have cancer. Everybody can lose weight until they weigh 100 lbs, but cancer’s not a healthy diet. Healthy just means big anyway, since nobody can tell how long a thing will last like they can tell its three dimensions. It’s my attitude. I do not seem to have a pleasant exterior, and, if I’m not dying, I’m back to hurting those who have not really done me any harm, but, merely have some silly little opinion they need to take to the grave with ’em, not amounting to anything, basically. Why I’m like this?

      I was out on the yard getting night yard at Mule Creek State Prison, and, I started to see this comet. I thought, “Damn, there was one of these just last year.” It was not the same one, of course. They can’t just hang around the sun all year, they whip past the sun. The 1996 I saw coming in. It changed position, and, the tail is always pointed straight away from the sun. So, the distance it has moved each day is different. When it’s close to the sun, it’s hauling butt. Earth is close to the sun. You can see the 3-D effect of living in this little bubble going around in a spiral arm.

      But, there weren’t any others, and, under “Great Comet” in WIK, there’s a 2007, but, most comets and most of the galaxy is visible from the Southern Hemisphere, so, you usually do not have to qualify what you are saying by saying that it only applies to the Northern Hemisphere. I’m glad you said the pictures were outstanding, because, by now, many observers never saw these. Pictures cannot do justice. There is a direct line of sight linking you to objects hundreds of light years away. Halley was promoted heavily at the time in 1986, but, it was a disappointment, and, I broke the transmission on my wife’s BMW 2002 climbing Mt. Palomar to see it. Everybody was talking about it, I forget, but, if you know something, warn a brother. This guy in a coffee shop said, “Not the next occurrence, but the occurrence after that should be good.” I thought, “Damn, now, I don’t mind waiting 75 years to see something, but, I am absolutely not waiting 150.” They were all going, “It’ll be good unless it ran out of gas and doesn’t have a nice tail.” Naw. If it is not going to be good for a reason, it is not going to be good for no reason, either. One little cloudy night and you’re screwed.

  2. 503 Says:

    Well Pops Im sorry about your health getting worse and wish you the best. I just dont want to loose touch with you just because your not hanging around where all of us winners do.LOL… Anyways got to get back to my homework. Talk at ya later my friend.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    “Well Pops Im sorry about your health getting worse and wish you the best.” Shit, nigger, what are you doing? You been writing too many birthday cards to aged relatives, or, get-well cards.

    This ain’t like that. It’s not my health, it’s cancer. My body does not know I have it, meaning, it’s not doing anything such as growing an inch a month or making me vomit and have no appetite, or, too weak to stand up.

    I’m gaining weight and I’m drinking. That’s what I have to curb. Beer makes me stupid. I’ve been alive a year. I’m not dying anytime soon. It’s not like you. You have an unbroken expanse of time, with every way to die there is. China’s a lot more focused, like bomb damage, not the slow cretinization of the race from everybody fucking their uncles and cousins and living dirt poor for generations. Some cultures are so debilitated from syphilis and AIDS that to wipe them out is doing them a favor. What is this “homework” you speak of, making meth? That doesn’t lead out of the ghetto, it turns the ghetto into a killing field.

    They were going to order a guy to pay $2,000 a month child support, so, Sunday he shot his fourteen-month old daughter in the head and burned down his house with his mother-in-law inside. That’s a bad thing. He also shot a cop in the throat, and, blood was running out between that guy’s fingers. He staggers a few steps with the look of fear on his face and collapses in the street. Now he won’t leave the ICU ’cause it’s not safe out here. Two weeks ago a nigger ambushed a cop and blew his head off, so, the cops had a 1,000-new-car procession to tie up the streets and closed the swimming pools to get everybody’s attention.

    Why don’t you be honest and just say, “Steve, I’m sorry about your health not getting worse. I really loathe you.” And you should, because I am insane and that’s weak. I hear messages when the person hasn’t begun to speak yet. I twiddle my thumbs and wiggle my toes and furrow my brow and grind my teeth instead of listening. I look away. If I have to look at the face, I imagine what they say axle would plowed into the top of their skull? I don’t take speed, or, I’d be talking and skip right in the middle of a sentence, having no idea what I was just saying. I like typing. I can see what I just said. I usually watch a person speak with only one eye focusing, and, I can’t look them in the eyes, so my gaze drifts down to the mouth. Then it looks like they have four eyes. All the time this is going on I am supposed to keep track of what they’re saying? Naw, ain’t going to happen. That’s why I didn’t do well in school.

    I ordered cannon fuse on 8-15. I have the invoice. I have hundreds of feet of fuse, to entertain my boy. No sooner do I do so but the god damn media puts a story on where a kid gets busted in Florida, and they specifically say they found “fuses”. Now, “he was going to blow up his school”; well, they kicked him out of his school.

    I don’t have no ‘get out of jail free’ card just ’cause I’m old. The police are going to get a come-uppance. If I can’t make meth, I’ll gladly make monkeys out of them instead. They are doing the best part of that, with their Three Stooges/ Police Academy level of law enforcement.

    Police said on Wednesday they recovered bomb making material from the home including fuses, timers, shrapnel, accelerant and plastic tubing — though no firearms were found.

    Cano’s friend says that he does believe that his friend could have written a manifesto detailing such a plan to kill dozens at his former school, but it would only be a way for Cano to vent his frustration and anger.

    “He doesn’t know how to vent,” the friend told ABC Action News. “I told him, ‘Dude, go in your room, scream in your pillow or something.'”

    Let me tell you, Jesus, 503, you people are giving the heat a field day. Go protest and give them 1,000 arrests, right? Then, when you say, “let them feed me”, goon, you plastic asshat. They feed you slop! It’s like slopping hogs, nothing to it. Don’t cost nothing, but on Christmas, you’ll be bowing and scraping, “Thanky, boss” , for this meat. Probably got four horseshoes at the bottom of the barrel. When cows die from a drought, they’ll make the prison food out of the swollen carcasses.

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