Jon Burge

Chicago pig, took $17 million to convict, in charge of wards (precincts, areas, districts) with a start-up on so many killings of police that a reign of terror instituted for a couple of decades on niggers causes the governor of Illinois to grant life to all convicts on death row.  It’s due to how it works; when it is exceedingly obvious in court that the defendant is guilty, the system is guilty, and the avengers of society, prosecutors, refuse to sit still and take it, so as to avert a bloodbath, perhaps, or, to insist on death before dishonor.  Yes, police are not convicted.  The city pays for their lawyers, and also for the lawyers on the other side.  So, this guy is four years older than I am.  He’s serving a taste.

Wait.  That’s literal torture.  They ought to take him to the Hague and throw the book at him on war criminal atrocity charges.

The Sun-Times is the home of Dear Abby, but, mainly in our time the home paper of Mike Royko, who dies in 1997 while I am in a cage.  So, that and a handful of other papers, like, the Sacramento Bee, can and do hold their head up as he wades through the village.

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