Danza an Icy Queen











getting started…(8:53 a.m.)

cf praxis

Does this (object) write dalminoes (sustained)…

They call me a suicidal shithead at my own expense.

Well we don’t have to get started on pigs.  Surely you jest.  They just published a bleeding-heart  deal where a “sheriff” in Fullerton (if it’s murder of pigs on pigs or the demon spawn of pigs, it is all pigs).  It’s all pink (with a splash).  Turn off your color filters.

They got some, “Kelly Thomas” who the pigs beat to death in front of witnesses  Naw, no.  My predator is Kelly Thompson of San Diego, like I said.  Here, contrast this:


Six California officers were placed on involuntary leave as the FBI and Orange County District Attorney investigate the death in custody of homeless man Kelly Thomas.

Thanks to the Julian.  It is 9:02 a.m.

But, I mean hey.  I went to two colleges in Fullerton.  I was taken to the Medical Center of the local UC, called UCI, in 1970 on a schizophrenia’s roundup.  I know Fullerton.  I have bought a lot of pornography there.  I sorely miss letting Tender Shavers go.  I may go back to the magazine rack in that liquor store just to see where it was.

You don’t need to know anywhere to be here in 2011.  You cannot have seen the time before Sigmund Freud.  You do not know shizophrenia is a fraud, because, you don’t read.  It is preposterous for us to believe that if a “police” man asks the authorities to totally dispose of his son that he may complain about the way it is done for him.  Could it ever make a difference what Jesus or Kelly cry out when you murder them (he bleats for his dad)?  We’re society’s unwanted, subject to psychiatric coercion and denominated as the mentally ill the same way you created money by fiat out of thin air, except thinner.

Let this symbolic pouring-out of paint thinner honor the memory of as I huff my way into oblivion, because, in Fullerton, you need that.

On moving on to the body of this tex.


Uh, anybody else fall to the “explanay shouldn’t“?  Man, I can’t do all these endings.  Just explan-nay.

First, I’d like to say who I am; I’m an intellectual.

The campaign to kill intellectuals is a net.  It doesn’t have to have names, contact points or organizations, but, if it does, then it’s genocide.  The lack of direct proof of the existence of any such imaginary (a.k.a. mathematical) object is never sufficient proof, either inductive or deductive, that it does not exist.


The class of objects without proof takes a tack apart.  We need not halt the analysis in hopes of proof at every turn.  The computation is three times faster without it.  There are no, “true, false, other” nodes at each juncture.


The model theory invoked does not concern us over, “if-then” syllogisms.  It just grows, it doesn’t simplify.  It uses counting, order, and permutability.  Every pair of elements has a relation.  Every composite object is split.  Relations between the parts of these objects are elucidated.  Purportedly unitary objects undergo every effort to split them.





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