Studying walter_b

Bruce Willis at the San Diego Comic-Con International in July 2010.

Fuck him.

In the KF paradigm (cf. some imaginary things), we consider the nature of time, admitting into the discussion the presence of psi.  While doing this, I want to say that we are not too concerned with delusions you may experience whilst walking the parapet of some lesser castle.  I am on the pinnacle.  I have brand-new delusions, and all the old tired ones, too.  In this (old) one, you will hesitate whose name you even think of, but, all we ask (and we are equipped with sharp teeth), is that my name not come out of your mouth you straight-up rat.  If you are my cellie, I do not want to see you talking to the C.O.  I do not care if the cell is flooding or you have to shit in the day room.  Get on your bunk, punk.

Naw, it was…that…related to that, the inability when fondly looking back on the good old days is that you can’t leave well enough alone.  While the Challenger was still on the pad, here comes some Eric Clapton much later letting the seven hear him say it crashes!  Don’t say that.  They might could hear you.  That’s from me to you, going backward, not—some other Stephens at all.  Just in here, burning a space stepped down to the square footage I occupy because it would not need to be bigger.  Arc accubus Occam’s Razor in re the Axiom of Choice.  Punch assumption a space is relocated with its occupant, prevention of orientation entanglement, to the stratosphere.  Throttle up.

That’s going forward.  At 11:00, Smoochy thinks back to the year 1969, when it was good.  He knows it goes rutabaga flavor in 1970, so, skipping over it, he goes to 1971 where it is the world.  He doesn’t have to explain to people where they are there, iff they are nowhere to be found.  He has to check almost everywhere otherwise.  His is just the theory of an honest man.  I am psychotic and must push it open for optimization such that you and me, we can get along.  I don’t lie; I expect you to do the same.  If the police melt when they approach, there’s a story there.  I want to see it.  I’m doing life on the plan of contempt of court, and, they know that.

Going backward from now, there exists for all x a dislocation, where, the x before this is not forgotten and the range and domain are the same.  But, just as (if) cause and effect build, in which a previous effect becomes the cause of a later effect, there is no value to anything, including now, if a step in the ladder is broken.  What did we do before we did this thing, and before that, and before that, etc?  Both examples are nearly beyond human ken.  Add to that my simple possession of a recording device, and we shall see exactly what you conveniently don’t seem to remember.  CIA does it every day.

“Studying” the psedonym for Bruce Willis (I mean the real nym, “Walter”), is really as follows






That’s all the hint you gonna do.  That’s my algorithms.  I believe I have a title for any new one up to 676 total algos.

They are manual, sprinkled among 10,000.  If they are manual, they have a hand and a sheet of paper.  They do not require three dimensions.  Perhaps you did not know which what makes some thing normal.  There is only one of them.  It has been here ever since the 26 letters were codified.  Once a deal goes from one to two dimensions, bet it won’t get three.

We don’t have one player waiting for for another to make his move in spy school and prison.  I have made a few.  Walter has, too, but that’s Bruce Willis.  It’s not, “studying” Bruce Willis, it’s Stuttering Bruce Willis.  It always was, since the title.  That’s automated moves.

Why be cruel?  Uh, yeah.  Why be like my kind?  Why use 5,000 calories a day? I should be extinct in the wild.


To be cruel, is it?  Or, is it that reality of the now tends to stutter?  It does (Nobel Prize, femtosecond chemistry, a UCLA prof).  How that has a bearing only lengthens the run time, but, it does not increase the likelihood of never terminating.

If I did not think of stuttering, I would have nothing to say about the structure of the presnt moment, to go with the structure of time moving backwards, or forwards.

I do theories of the pronoun, not the preposition.  Speech doesn’t but keep people alive in preposition form.  Folks don’t even outlast an encounter with the beaters in many theories.

This is not a theory of time derivatives of position x(t). It is of all other derivatives, with the same names, because position in time makes no niblets, it makes creamed corn, and I want that for the black label of what my language will do tied from me, to you, to your lying mouth.  It’ll take that preposition under accelleration, and that pronoun, and each separately, just as just “the” galaxy tells you we don’t live in the only one.  We live in the period this became a constant, and, common knowledge.  This means a gay guy such as myself can build a box sized to fit the expected size of the shit going in it on the first try. “The” means the aforesaidmentioned object.  It better be unelevated or it will be shot down.  As citizens, we the subject he, she, it, are firstly granted the presumption of being born like this.  Born into this*.



Child, the internet is not indelible.  The posts are behind us.  I just want more of  Z people to touch plasma.

One Response to “Studying walter_b”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Stephen Billinghurst, how long you been `fair game’? I am you, there fore, and this is not number theory. I so don’t convince that Willis is a rat, beyond knowing I had nothing to go on as evidence, is also cran louise and Chuck X, rebel with a threat: hospital. Make him think gauze, Gizz. Bloods leading through, finding the drain as well as water — ooh, good blow. I’d rehit Walry, now I am forgetting, going superjuman…

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