He’s not Arrant

I am he who is referred to in the title.  I stepped out of the house for a moment and the street was three feet off the ground.  Shortly thereafter, the time shrank down to ticking seconds and I had to object.  My objection was sustained, I got my $5 change, and the song (“Take it on the Run”, R.E.O. Speedwagon), went a line or two, then went, “The tales get taller on down the line.”  I had just said the same thing, except, the implication in the song is based, (objection, speculative) not in reality.  You know, A Separate Reality, by Carlos Castenada?  Well, I have a separate religion called reality.

God was with me.  How do I know that?  Am I get this yet?  I’m that which is about to be destroyed by drowning it in alcohol.  I’ll reconfigure tomorrow.  Either reconfigure or it reconfigures.  With God, I can explain a thing being with me without direct evidence of its presence during the event.  When it spoke, it said the reason I could have a look at the front of the tapestry was that I was not arrant.  Sarcasm is errant nonsense in the supertext of a metamessage.  Things below the level of a message, or above the level of a message, differ.  Still, the message must not have such a dysfunction operating within the illumination of producing its text.  That’s the optimized space for saying it, what you said the first time.  Below the level of abstraction of text is what you can still get, to learn the language, when you have no idea what is being said in that particular case.

I am sufficiently like this so as to cause at least one author to claim that psychopaths run the world.  It’s that one word, if you would like to Google it up.  Fish.

I could go back outside to read the messages which are still there, parked.  One says, JOK (joke).  One that I wished to lead me said, (index missing) UON340.  I was to be on this task in three minutes, forty seconds.  I listened to the song.  I saw this band this month in Del Mar.  I sang that song as loud as I could, Embarrassingly, there were witnesses.  See, Bob Dylan is Woody Allen and a hard rain is gonna fall.  That means get ready for a war cry.  W H E N my marriage was consummated on the steps of the courthouse, there were witnesses.  Can’t be annulled.


Whatever the tall tales down the line may come under scrutiny, but the line  doesn’t.  You never leave the space you are doubted in.  I say to return the cash to me or it is on.  I do not need to shop at a store with people accosting me for a handout just to save a quarter on beer.  The song is thus actually different.  Two seconds an event is elephant space.  Either they dance or they learn to smile.  Why begin to listen when you just got done not placing the bill on the little black shelf with the crosshatched veneer?  Are we supposed to believe I caused that?  Well?  I’m sure the boss told him, “Hel-la, place the bill on the register before you give the change.”  Lose quicker or I will grab you.  Do me a favor and lose the bro card.  It’s, “Officer.”

The word “lying” is about as old as when God first noticed crookedness, and we have the word, “angle”.  But, that’s a diminuitive, and our Latin doesn’t contain the parent cognate, angus, to bow.  We have ang-GULL.  I say when the parts of the body have been misused to bring us to a general agreement, that the article be removed, in this case the ankle.  I’m under the influence and for God’s sake keep your car out of my stinking bedroom.  I want to go with flaying the face away from the skull, but, ahev been at this a while, and, I think I am safe to say, “Minions, start on the day before the full moon with dead bodies, first.”  This’ll be the light of the long knives, I mean night of the too long knives.  Urp.  Update it.  Wl, a want, a warrant, a tisket.  Going to be…some…no.  It’s bad.  I know that.  Fur Real, Derrick Furreal.  Satisfied?  That much, well, not so macho gusto.  (element) (didact) (element) (didact).  No, I want (element)(element)(element)(element).  Just before increasing this, let’s pause back and sheath the very short flaying knives (the sturnsdormer), …window peepin ain’t gonna…it ain’t no peepin thang.  We jus’, you know, help each other out.  Some bicycle seat ought to go right here for sniffin.  I intended to look funny creeping up with a sword in my teeth.   I feel funny, too.  H J the word count.


God, those hands you put on us.  They can be flippant.  They can take on the aspect of so many flagrant suggestions.  Like Harvey Keitel.  His hands ought to be illegal on account of obscenity.  They raise one to their face to take a drag off a cigarette, lower it, and while you are thinking, “Jesus, did I see what I just saw”, the face is blowing the smoke out and it is saying, “No, you din see nuthin.”

This is peonies, and, to get ready for Willis, I figure it is below, and, I say the stuttering, but, my degree’s in chemistry.  I don’t have dyslexia under circumstances of sufficient oxygen.  I am a pro on this subject.  Other pros are okay.  I’m a full race chemist, doing the methamphetamine thing.  Oh, that’s right.  The show they made about me is up tonight, “Breaking Bad”, and, I’ll watch it.  I’m gracious.  iow, I did not think PEONY was the same as POETRY.  They’re not cognates.  Amine, God doesn’t tell you about Himself.  There’s no language for it.  You’d just lift whatever He said and plagiarize, applying it to yourself.  There’s a fable there.  Actors, what is their patron saint?  I mean, the pageant is about heroes, not the make-up bedorned actors.  I doubt you don’t fuck the face, and they are always saying not to fuck up the face.  Oh, far be it from me to ruin your day in the process of killing you.  The syndicate got to me.  I miss Brando.

The synopsis is the most important part of your…

I am a second-storey man who assassinates victims on the third floor.  I do not see how you are going to ride a bus on the roof and I am not going to be able to shoot you.  Pieces of you are going to become shrapnel and kill persons you are trying to save.

submission package and, as such, it has to be developed and sweated over and
polished with the same

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