7-7. Mainstream Paranormal Television Programs

old business

Under “After (that post)”, “dumping space” has resolved into the practice of saying, “God save the Queen”, or, prayer itself, such that a heirarchy is envisioned without oneself at the top, creating two things, i. Humility, ii. A limit cardinal (recalling that the higher calling of limits is to be preserved), the existence of a successor cardinal, and such things as the invention of things which do not interact.  If I said “space”, jeez, isn’t that ambiguous?  Steve, do you mean mathematical space or physical space?  The answer is, “Well, dude, congratulations.  If you can use the words, ‘mathematical space’ and know what the hell (a Hilbert space), you are talking about, you are i. Just a math major, and ii. Above me in your little world.”


“The ABC News with Diane Sawyer”, and, “Wormholes”, with Morgan Freeman (MF), have run recent episodes on the paranormal.  With the news, it was telepathy between identical twins, with photos of a stigmata-type injury.  These are my notes from MF:

7-6-11.  Advanced-wave solutions to Maxwell’s Equations.  Feynman – “antimatter”.  Presentiment.  Sixth sense.

I have been invoking telekinesis (TK), where, I notice the psychic is not allowed to touch the thing.  I do not have time to take my hands off things I am searching through, but, I still expect what I want to appear at the surface right-side up in my hand.  Is that too much to ask?


References to the stock market are impossible to hyperlink with high confidence.


Sorry, I have unlearned my linking lesson.  This is bait of a previously pictured example dating two-three days…liar out of me…one on one…to no two cents.  Iff I’ve two cents once, I’ve said two cents fif-hmm-ty times… Well, Dow Jones ended in the two cents, besides the glaring examples what it did.

“Here”, clickright heeeere.  It’s a killer app, called MK-ULTRA.  You may not see this as blue, idk.  Did you click it?  Write to me, sbillinghurst@gmail, no ups, no extras.

Oh, I didn’t know it would suddenly do that.  I can’t even lie.  Never mind, don’t write me.  Your life is pathetic.

new business

To get to the crux of the matter, it is necessary to point out that we live in a culture cognitively biased in two ways, i. It is violent, using a carrot-and-the-stick “dilemma” approach to social control, which is the same as, “mind control”, ii. It elevates single persons and events to cult status, as if “Jesus ” were real, and, as if “history” happens to others besides, “ordinary people”; as if some possess, “destiny”.

“Evidence” of the paranormal took the following form in the show narrated by Mr. Freeman: It must be weak or we would have discovered it.

The scientific argument is about whether the world is deterministic, or, if free will exists.  However, nobody knows what the world, the universe, or, time, “is”.

What it is, is, dependent.  As long as this logical premise holds, we are directed into a cognitive regime which differs from one mathematically built up from scratch.  You need a clean place to start, and, we don’t have one.  For example, as proof, imagine your frustration when you are coerced to do or stay certain things or places, and, weapons enforce this.  A human is still violent even though no weapons are in evidence.  Want to take a crack at why?

It is because its mind itself is violent.  This is all we know, violence.

Therefore, if extant things, like the violence within, are denied to exist, and, violence is perpetrated to enforce this lie, the violence of the whole situation increases.  Another mathematical premise in physics is that the smallest leading edge on something heats up astronomically.  Any slight imbalance grows unopposed into a large effect…

I am deviating from my notes.  It does seem silly to discuss heat when it is a very hot day, and, this computer shut down twice.  It has a fan it came with, an extra laptop cooler, and now a third fan pointed right at it.  I lost a good deal of information, but, I just glanced at where I was before it shut off ther last time.  So, the words I am cvopying down were not so much connected by heat to higher and higher temp, but, it is my contention that, here ahead in time, the original meaning has expired, and, it has a new meaning.  I don’t know which meaning the reader might absorb, but, it has become obsolete to just the writer.  It now appears that a “leading edge” is what killed a space shuttle, from a piece of foam, right?  And, you are going to launch a new one this week, like, tomorrow?  Well, let me get this up front for you.

Fuck you, fuck the DEA, and fuck the AICIA.  And, fuck the ASPCA.

Back to the prepared remarks.  Wait.  The last thing I saw was what I wrote and is now gone, “a less than appealing deal”.  I put that in Lemon Rime:

L_ _ A_ _ A_ _ L

L  E  S N A P  I N G

S  T  H P E  A D E  A

“Sth”, like “fifth”, pea, under a princess’s mattress, DEA.  iow, I have been getting to a point where there’s not enough time.  Something feels like its drowning.  That toddler in Ramona, when I checked out, Drowning Mona.  She is forever drowning.  Less napping?  I don’t care what you call it; if I make $100,000 a year, we count time as this much money.  I can’t do anything about you seeing me not working.  Just pay the tax.

I think Jim Morrison made it clear that nobody gets out of here alive.

back, back, back

What something is, or is not, is a moot point.  As long as what exists is different than what we put there, we assume that somebody wants it that way, and, this fact is the controlling information.  Nobody likes the way it is, but, nobody knows who specifically left the situation the way it can be observed to be.  As long as observables are not the way any person left them, it will not match up one-to-one with the way someone leaves them, and, every observer will agree that the configuration is not ther own.  This leaves “two” possibilities, i. That another person wants it that way, and ii. That the configuration is the result of chance.

Chance is the meaty end of a bat used for violence.  People “choose” how the universe is, in order to sway the jury and gain impunity for their actions.


Do we still have dark-corner serpentine survival strategy over a range with more complexity than its domain, or, did this get tossed?

the next time they come out, shoot ’em

The universe may be missing the persons specifically satisfied by how you find it.  This is no deterrent, and, we often claim that the nonexistent person “would have wanted it this way.”  That’s not reason enough, and, will  not explain the paranormal.

Science has not discovered the paranormal because the laboratory differs from the world.  You can see why by considering the mathematical idea of incidence: we say that a point is on a line, and, we say that a line passes through a point.  You can’t have coincidences without some formulation of incidence, and, you can’t get paranormal without coincidences.

Events are related to concidence in such a way as to exclude some basic premises of science for their elucidation.  There is no double-blind experiment, because, the experiment is singular, and, the experimenter is the double, and, he can’t be taken far enough away to not influence the outcome.  All I can think of is kiling him to remove his effect, because, I live in a society fully saturated with violence, and, am living life on a violent people’s set of terms.  We can introduce a necessary condition that experimenters not be killed in a two-fold way, i. They won’t appreciate being rewarded for their work in this way, ii.  Destroying them will destroy something vital about the completion of the experiment and the presentation of results.

I am convinced that the paranormal has not been discovered not becuase it’s weak, but, because it’s personal.  No-one wants a paranormal which excludes him.  You can’t see an object at all if you are part of it.

What I said is no longer what I think.  In fact, all these logical systems, physics and math, break down when they discuss themselves.  Statements do not refer to the outside world, of a “small” and a “large” part of the universe.  They do not even refer to other statements (I do not wish to be pedantic, but, here in the Third Reich, we have priorities).  As long as some exist which only refer to themselves, the rest are in the lurch.  They convey no information.  The only information available is a synthesis rectified in regions formed by overlapping realms of control.  There would nominally be a hole through which both food, words, and ultimately, worms come out of.  However, it is human, and, it is destroying its environment on the face of it.

Those are just regular, visible environments.  One environment still in the world is that of the inside of a person, and yet, imaginary partial combinatoric worlds are not ruled out.  Enough things can be pointed out and asked to be explained such that I can say, “Put the instrument down and explain in your own words.  Hopefully, you use 26 letters.”

Anything that is done for money is about money.  Contrast money with the 35 different alphanumeric characters.  Only one set can be important, and, everything seems to be less important than where your soul goes once you die.  Let us cash in all souls in 2012, 60th anniversary of the H-bomb.

“I turn the engine but the engine doesn’t turn”  – – – one of those songs

No, it is not hot.  It is late.  I still want to see maximum destruction in spite of the heat.

We are waiting for exhibit “A” over here, Steve.  Wherever that is in the notes, older self, buddy.

1691 and go


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