It is patent lunacy or nonsense for a person to play games.  However, if it,  “can’t be won, the way the game is run.  But, if you choose to stay, you wind up playing anyway”, then, you become synonymous with your location.  And, we all get everything we need from our environment, so, “It’s okay.  Nobody rides for free.  Nobody gets it like they want it to be.  People walk right by like they’re safe or something. (Jackson Brown (song)).”  Yes, that’s bent.  I should have located the song.  And, yes, patents are made-up nonsense.  And, the concept of lunacy is based in nonsensical logic, let’s face it.

I’m bitten and I am scared.  I do not usually hella go for a grip of dog bites.  I could get worms from this.  I mean, I do not usually go in for saying that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth.  I usually go for identifying viscious animals and proceeding to the telephone to cause the Animal Control Officer to swing into action.  I tried to walk right by it like I was safe or sontheen.  In fact, I was thinking about these two pit bulls which showed up at my residence with this one new roommate.  He shows up and they appear out back.  Everybody said they were dogs.  They did not say the “vicious” part, nor refer to them as attack dogs, guard dogs, watch dogs.  They look fleabitten, they have nipples.  They’re pit bulls.  I have  child.  The first time I find out they bite won’t be because they bite him, see?  They aren’t “fleabitten”.  They carry scars from fights with dogs, then.  Fine.  It’s starting to hurt a little bit.  It stuck its two “canine” teeth in me, if that’s the word.

And, I was thinking about the dog (I only saw one ) earlier.  So, when I get in the car, and, since this reality is beat (it splays wide open.  I can make it sit up and talk), the exact place in the song when it first turns on always has meaning.  It was at the beginning (I usually insist that whenever I turn on my radio, the radio station is playing a song from the beginning.  I am not me in all circumstances, of course.  I can be a part of your program.  It’s just, the size of this part, and, the size of other parts, will be different.  Because, I’m not so much a big dog as I am a human, assuming that you can surmise the danger from a God or other connected entity).   You and your dogs came along and met me and my …



I thought, “Well, what do you want to happen to the dogs, Steve, assuming a degree of freedom, t0o?”  I thought about complaining, and, how the complaint will be taken.  Just then “My Generation”, by The Who came on the radio, and, it says, “People try to put us down.  Just because we g-g-get around.”  What a merry-go-round!  Yes, we put dogs down.  That’s what the pound is for, what?


Maybe the song, “5:15”, by The Who, is appropriate here.  I don’t know.  But, it is probable that if I hear, “people try to put us down”, then, that is nothing but a spokesperson for the rights of animals speaking.  There is a future of heartfelt sympathy for a given creature, which ends when said creature bites you.  I do not happen to have a gun.  I have a sword.  I wonder how it would turn out if I went out there with that sword, as long as this pit bull was on its leash.  I might try a few whacks in the interest of safety.  I need an equalizer.  I need a little advantage.  You should probably poke at it a few times to test out the effect of poking.  Once you come down all out in a crowning motion, it’s probably finished.

“Tanglefoot” is just a nickname for cancer.  It has a way of rooting itself in you so deep it will never come out.  I guess glioblastoma exemplifies it.  It is not nice and encapsulated.  It has fingers reaching out into the brain.  On an X-ray, this is the positive diagnosis.  But, I had that name a long time ago.  It is actually found in an old movie, as  name for the devil, “Old Scratch”.  Satan makes bargains with people in return for their souls in the classical story line, a narrative premise, a false one, unless it stays my opinion, then it’s true.

The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941).

It’s not explicitly found, leaving it only implicit.

I do not recognize


proofs by implication, just the conservation of reality in a person being unlikely to be evil until events prove otherwise.  We usually use energy, but, there are adherents to a theory of the conservation of karma.  It is not Noetherian.  It does not come from symmetry.  It comes from a path, so, it isn’t conserved.




your skin right here




. neck broke about here (C-6).

One Response to “Tanglefoot”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    I drug this off. I turned this off. C>I>A> can say vicious, vicious, scott, …
    Refuting the zipperhead apprach’poacino shoots from the front infron its your turn
    we would crash any part of your love to splinter and penetrate your oxygen skull oxsygen
    only diluted with air would your turn come from the front.
    the raisde of that is to tell the people our lie that that is what the papers say, cum ci cum ca.

    From the front only disallows curly attacks. Cinnamon Ramirez stops short of being so all-fired up-high that you disappear. You must deliver the imprint of your face to God from several victims and tease God about the lack of a thumbs up so far coming from the fact He knows, bro, which one of you leaves some of them alive. So, you loom up, some terrifying up, bubbling or chains rattling… and shoehorn your elfen-eared Willem- Dafoe-lookin’MF at a steepness.

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