>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> like 5:04b

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6 – 29 – 11


Be about if it’s psychic, then the tweaks necessary to satisfy your higher criterion left the world with a puckered stitch every time, basically, you masturbated.  So, the Beach Boys get around, and, The Who gets around; they played, so, you can take the logic of the “before the change” as a model version of this one.  The present is after the time of any change.  The present logic assumes all past changes.  The context of the change is inaccessible, so, what I’m going to say is first: If motivation is the issue, it was alive.  If animation is the result, it has come alive.


All, Titles, TV Episodes, Names,
Companies, Keywords, Characters, Videos Videos. The
Rockford Files: Season 1: Episode 18 — Rockford’s (James Garner)
Stephen J. Cannell (creator)
. TV Series: “The Rockford Files” (1974) ….
Carl Burrell, the head mobster played by Thayer David is
very effective.


Since I have located the above quote easily (Googling, “name burell in stephen cannell rockford files”), we may now turn the presentation to a short expository writing about, oh, I don’t know—psi, let’s say.  To preserve your survivability, it should be necessary to exactly reproduce the induced “spells” and “curses”, such that you do not take on the favorite nemesis of a literary character and are subsequently eliminated because you fit the bad, as happens to “Pursell”.

It should be necessary for you to adhere to your own forms of vernacular.  This is because it is faster.  If you think fast enough, you can live.  You will not be able to meet me on a psychic battlefield and prevail.  I think fast in real time, random information generally comes to me as an answer.  I have a question out there always.  Two imaginary aids: i. As an opponent, I am a black heifer in the middle of an arena, you are a cowboy with a rope.  You may have a horse, but, for the purposes of illustration, a horse will not help if this heifer happens to have strong back legs and can jump, plus, I’m human.  I could use the technique of disembowling (sic) you with the back legs.  I think a kangaroo does this.  I guess an emu does it forwards.  At any rate, this scenario starts with me, “too close to rope”.  If I was not thinking fast, I would not get the advantage, but, I shorthand all my answers.  I’m “on an n-gon with you”.  The equatorial structure of the n-gon is five-fold, A-B-C-D-E.  The vertical structure is practically infinite and, if I may fabricate, only stops on primes.  The whole simplex is alphanumeric.  The horse played me on 191, then 179, and I failed, so, I owe 73.  I know that’s prime, but it’s kindergarten.  The simplex has a wipe function, the information is not completely wiped clean, but without this “fantasy”, you would have to drive it somehow.  It won’t drive itself, it’s imaginary.  Once around the nonconvex square (without C), I form the name “Bade”.  It is equatorial.  If you want, the other way is axial.  This way forms a letter “Omega”, in fuzzy lines.  This is exhausting.  I also cannot lose having already lost.  Stage IV cancer is the last stage.  ii. You are at the top of your own pyramid, but, this point is on the slope of a second pyramid.

I doubt it helps, help being a verb, “to help”, and, E-PRIME being only the seminal first crude language reducing the number of instances of false statements, but, I was apparently on the slippery slope of a second individual’s pyramid of prime predation.  I got a phone call just then, 10:43 A.M.  Although I am clairvoyant (and everything else), I require a blindness to events.  This carousel is apical to the view, and hyperlinks to free-fall on any  apex supervention.

I lost a mathematical premise, with operator theory the substitute.

646 is my word count; that is level and consistent with paranormal research.  Psychics like the symmetry of pallindromes.  We are going to cut into Noetherian ideas, with conservation laws becoming proved via symmetry arguments.  The whole theory of everything today is predicated of supersymmetry.  I think we’re going to conserve something.  How about daylight?  An R with daylight where the angled leg joins the body is a P.  I also placehold with God in this.

720 is my word count.  Imagine a circle of 720 degrees.  I know, it’s twice around.  It’s plus around the first time and minus the second time.  This is about a third mathematical physics concept.  Our problems are largely changed in the challenge to produce proof of psychic events.  Are mistakes problems?  Ha ha ha.  Are you asking me that?  No, mistakes are necessary so that we who survive them may tease out the “causation”, whilst the actual causation is a standing order of mine to produce deaths.  Of course, the mafia science and greed could always capitulate to me.

I have to handle Cannell at this point.  The science mafia of Richard Branson could always surrender to me.  I think Craig Venter is up on the steamer to Hell.  One of the two TURN IN THE OTHER.

Cannell died of that St—well, he dies of “melanoma, complications of.”  Maybe it wasn’t Stage IV.  I found out the fetters were also shucked off by Bob Guccione last year.  I got ahead of myself just there.  When people are dying around you, you get superstitious, pansy.

With that, we can post this:




I just called myself, “piece of shit”.  I wanted this twat computer to register that word, but 910 is not a word.  In the discourse about the rich in a democracy, we recall that any gathering of people is the same, and, the different opulence of surroundings is a property of that system.  11:23 A.M.

I am a-twitter over what the hell I am writing.  Water seeks its own level.  I’ve been using “level”, and seeking synonyms for space.  Of course, the shuck-and jive is that we cannot see where physics is impacted by math.


10-4?  We have seven figures, 0000000.  How big is that?  Well, it holds 007, but, isn’t that just as big as seven?  No.  When we start out a number, we are at one.  The biggest number between 9999999 and a bigger one is E999999, a pretty big set of possibilities.  Of course, events are that which happens with probability one.  Time waits for no man, so, with no time and a probability of 0.99999, the event is too imminent to prevent.  In order to multiply away the loss of humanity, we’d need small probability and large probability to cancel out with facility.  E-99999 won’t cancel E999999.  007 can ratchet to E07 and E-7.  These cancel.  E is the “engineering” or “exponential” face of a killer, John Conway.  John, I need a topological geometry to rotate the back inside of this toroid simplex to the front.  I’m spinning; I don’t know what it is.  Rack ’em. E02 = 100.

A sphere won’t let you hide a location (where latitude crosses longitude in the back); a donut will.  My signature today is A = { “, ?, , }.

John has bigger numbers in shorter expressions.

I’m reading in Psychic Warfare, where Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut, who “believes” in the paranormal, is interviewed.  “Believes”, “belief in”, are no more than a meaningless language and default to delusion when cracked by decoders who assert facts and then pause to fabricate by saying because.

The mental causation is a lifetime of swimming in the offing composed of the deep water of ordinary people’s thoughts, if psychics exist.  You can’t touch bottom , which reminds me of something, see?  That is going to be that if I am going to read a book, I am going to extend credit that what it says had to be written by a person in a lot more abstract dimension than he could transfer to paper.  In this condition, the author’s defenses are offenses.  There exists a little transferrence neurosis in every psychic writer.  It’s payback for the chiming rhetoric that announces somebody thinks you are a schizophrenic.  So, what it is, is, (and this sentence would be rewritten to, like I say, attempt to go people-pleasing.  If it’s psychic, it’s got people in it.  The cosmolgy does), if you run across a double “th”, how do you handle it?  “First” and “last” end in “st”.  Second ends in “nd”.  Third ends in “rd”.  Ordinals like this transform a continuous length into discrete sets of points.

last, zeroth, first, second, third, fourth, fifth are seven items; they leave you just two things in a row of a ‘th’ and a ‘th’.  I’d hypergeometricize x into fold 1  2  3  4  5  6  7

fold 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

fold 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

22 23 24 25 26 27 28

29 30 31 32 33 34 35

36 37 38 39 40 41 42

43 44 45 46 47 48 49

This many ideas combined pairwise is a human condition.

(fourth, fourth)  (fifth, fourth)  (sixth, fourth) (seventh, fourth)

(fourth, fifth)  (fifth, fifth) …




Jeez, this is hard.

0  0  0  0  0  0  0

0  0  0  0  0  0  0

0  0  0  0  0  0  0

0  0  0  0  0  0  0

0  0  0  0  0  0  0

0  0  0  0  0  4  1

0  0  0  0  0  2  3

I was just trying to show an affine and hyperlinked version of a matrix with indistinguishable indices.  We are not manipulating 49 linked ideas.  What mutant does that, Stephen Hawking?  I know he doesn’t write a lot of stuff down.

de Sitter space?  Oh, well.

6-29-11. [5:30 – 6].  You can know when to, that’s a break.  To take a break and do something in hold mode, we use gratuitous definitions, because of holding ever after determining the odds of these cards.  When to fold them is an ideal valuation from below of the odds against winding up a loser.  I was just going to change the referent of them to you.

Thanks, you did that, Steve.  The note caught my eye.  It has to do with something strictly bullshit having a best-case hole in it, and, in this country song line, it is my definition of them.  The quantum state folds one of you to meet each possible hand formed by uncovering new cards.  It is not bivalent in a deterministic universe, a psychic universe.  You are definitely not knowing “when to hold them, know when to fold them”, just based upon what they are.  Oh, I just realized.  He may not play draw poker.  It’s that Texas hold-em game.  There wasn’t any discard.  Reality does not let you splain walking or running.  You can’t get away from a fold like that.

I have the right notes here.  I am going to stop departing from the script.  Well, I can’t do that.


Woman, 23, dies in fiery car
crash (

FOX 5 San Diego
Staff9:37 a.m.
PDT, June 10,

CARLSBAD, Calif. — Authorities Friday released the name of a 23-year-old
woman who was killed when her speeding car veered off a Carlsbad street, plowed
into a light pole and caught fire.

Brittany Pursell was alone in a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta heading south on El
Camino Real, using a bicycle lane to pass traffic stopped for traffic signals,
when her vehicle swerved onto a sidewalk at Levante Street shortly before 3 p.m.
on Thursday, according to Carlsbad police and the San Diego County Medical
Examiner’s Office.

The sedan hit a utility pole and continued until it crashed into another one
on the other side of the intersection. Pursell was ejected from the car, which
became engulfed in flames, police said.

Paramedics flew Pursell to Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, where she was
pronounced dead on arrival.


I don’t know, this is depressing.  You have got to remember Stephen Cannell’s villains, “Burrell” for “Cannell”, c.f. can’ll for bur RELL, where the woids are spit out by “Jim Rockford”.  It is easy to tell who to hate in this, where, in real life you don’t hate yourself.  At least you don’t say to kill yourself in the third person.

{c,a,n,n,e,l,l} union {b,u,r,r,e,l,l} minus {p,u,r,s,e,l,l} just leaves {c,a,n,n,r,b}.  Take away the author and it leaves just rb-ps.

What in hell am I doing?  Maybe I can save it.  You are all supposed to know what psychic demagoguery is: You get words and you also get how to feel about them.  The hated, Hitler, becomes some kind of instant pathway to communicating persuasion.  What is hatred?  Is that what something means?

Not Very Long Ago >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 7 – 1 – 11

I can not compose the conversation pertaining to here—I’m wasted to the tits.  But, a feeling I used to call, “nostalgia”, is known as ennui.  I do not get feelings-

wretched slugs doesn’t any of ya has the guts to fight for blood

_ _ W _ _ D _ _ H _ _ F





[“gutterball”.  It’s like another movie, The Big Lebowski, with another Kenny Rogers song, with another game, about another drug, LSD.  The actor was in another movie about time travel,  Terminator.  There is hidden wisdom in these.  The last line seems to say that we are only as ugly as fast food makes us.]

The Vulgar Square

The Destruction of Space

[connection] Trafalgar Square – service couriers and the handcuff briefcase


8:47 A.M. Sunday, 3 JULY 2011

I do not remember why I came up with the subtitle of this post.  Why is not the proper word for recalling reasons, being that I do not have anyone to ask, and no particular word recalls a concept [since the time is extended and time destroys memory].  I know other things I thought of at about the same time.  I suppose I should be writing those down lest I forget them, too.

I usually am trying to acquire, “the whole truth”.  However, I have abandoned that.  I do not care whether I live or die.  Thus, not even mathematics interests me.

One certain idea is that people write.  They write laws, and, religious people refer to them as, “man’s laws”.  Then they trot out the idea of, “God’s Laws,” but, they’re not written; certainly not being written.

I have imagined destroying several sets of people.  I have not managed to save anyone.  If I thought of them, into the drink they went.  It was imagination and difficult to control.  I was not asleep.  I was well-rested and trying to oversleep.

“Why do you write this blog?”, and, “Would you stop writing this blog?”, are two possible ways of moving on me under the same Mexican standoff.  We already know who criminals are, yet, these folks are interviewed.

A “dump” could be the act of committing raw data to disk in a shorter amount of time than is required to store it in retrievable or sensible form.

How far can we take this idea?  We can substitute “energy”.  Now, I am making a statement about dumping energy.  Before this it was data.

When it gets to space, there is no image for it.  You can’t kill it, you can’t destroy it, you can’t dump it [in fact, we are told we live in an expanding universe, intellectually imaging shrinking space as that the distance between us and it increased, never getting rid of the space, just the objects in it, which is why I see it as gray]

The dumping of space has to be asserted, and, the blanks filled in covering the details of how or why it is done.

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  1. The April Nineteen « How to Make Methamphetamine Says:

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  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    I could not do much once both things were past participles. I see were wolves appear on the failure of infinite verbs to terminate. They shall when, like today, we eliminated them in a cross limited in scope from planet wide at c and winnings, such as no heartbeat aloof from a hummingbird’s path.

    A non-finite ferb (sometimes called a verbal) is any of several verb forms that are not finite verbs; that is, they cannot serve as the root of an independent clause. The non-finite verb forms found in English are infinitives, participles and gerunds; additional such forms found in some other languages include gerundives and supines. Non-finite verbs are typically not inflected for tense, and compared with finite verbs usually display less inflection for other grammatical categories as, well, a neenert Moet. They also typically lack a subject dependent. A typical finite clause is based on a single finite verb, but it may in addition contain one or more non-finite verbs, building a verb catena with the finite verb.

    Since English lacks inflectional morphology to a large extent, the finite and non-finite forms of a given verb are often identical. In such cases, one has to examine the environment in which the verb appears to know whether it is finite or non-finite.
    Inflection, if other than prideful, then why subtracted when, aliens are obvious, built from up front…Maypo Oh-poet, achieve orgasm, wipe down the chariot, smell my burning sperm, floating?

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