Hello, Michael.  You asked me if I’d like to see you if you came here in early May.  I replied ‘yes’, but I didn’t hear from you again.  I knew I should contact you, even if you didn’t contact me, because of cancer.  You had it, I had it; we are always afraid of it coming back, am I right?  That’s what I knew.  Even so, there was a desire to break this one set of rules, and, to act as if nothing has changed.  On your part, I imagined that your singular contact with me (there is no other class members in the set of people who had cancer who specifically contacted me), was done for a reason.  And, that could be anywhere from a claim that only ones who go through it can appreciate it, to anywhere else you care to take it.  Hell, we have one foot in the grave.  We’re not “swingers”.  My wife is, but, I don’t go in for her little drama-generating activities, so, when she swings, she swings elite.
Aw, now we have hit the wall.  Once I impute motives, the lights and sirens come on and it goes quickly absurd.  I am not too precious with this particular reality.  There are a lot of routes up this rock.  If I invoke the nitty-gritty, I back away as if I did not just create it, a mountain out a molehill.  My own writing tells me to say, “RSVP”, and be done with it.  See?  Maybe not.  Down the side it says, …hello…contact….rules….specifically…and, “it”.   {R,S, …}, repondez sil vous plait, n’est pas?  C’est la vie rose (I’m looking at a pink world.)  You know, I have the rose-colored glasses on my face, the face that registers “my face when (mfw)”?
You should have seen my face when I turned that Russian airport’s name around.  I already knew it ended with ‘bes’, with around being ‘seb’.  I’m the only SEB, but the Jackass crew has a Stevo.  Ryan Dunn died in a car crash right around when all the Russians die in a plane crash in Russia.  My claim is that time is entangling paranormal information.  Normally, the daily events of the world are contained in an album cover; we dart in a point and it hits two words.  Is there any relation between these words?  if not, why are they inside the same album?
This is going to be STEVO/SEB, backwards, BESOVETS, the name of the airport they come up short of the runway of and crash.  If it were BLESOVETS, it would be an archaic form of “beloved”, and, in Russian, who the hell knows.  They are: i. Ahead in psychic research, ii. Capable of far more research moves with their 31-letter alphabet, in their language invented last.  It’s very  modern.  Otherwise, that album is a lot like Greek to me.  Since I used to live on a street name BESTEL (Garden Grove, CA), I put a scintilla of human time into considerations thereof: BESTOVETS ( {b,e,s,t,l}, give three, take four: B,E,S,T from just B,E,S), will yield, progress, or eventually lead to, because it is computable.   I have a meaning for the equals sign.
A ‘T’ inserted is the word, “to”, since it is an unambiguous syllable.  If I say, “tsay”, that is, “to say”; if I say, “say”, I would logically animate the receiver.  We say that a proposition means little unless it is screamed from the mountaintops.  Go, “Michael St. Something!”
What?  Oh, I had my helmet on.  Sounded like Michael just ate something.
It’s a thread of text.  It’s going three places.  Yeah, we can do that.  It doesn’t matter what you are.  If you govern it, you can be as an angel or a saint.  But, angels, saints and the like are laid out as dead corpses, all the while we were thinking that would catapult us to inaccesible heights.
See what it takes to put your name in the news?
I brought Steve-O into it; I did not need to; all Steves are Steve-Os, the SEB’s “S” is for Stephen.  That’s why I say, I was feeling rather exposed if you did not like it for just SEB.  I can up the cranny holding this probability from one to a billion for SEB to one to a trillion for STEVE and SEB, for just this one airport.  There are fifteen more coincidences before you get into the coincidences that take away from survivablility to explain.  Go, “I’m a add together all the counting numbers”.  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but there isn’t fifteen lifetimes to hold that count together.
What?  Oh, okay, the expensive name:
P.S. The linguistics of cognates and the physics of tachyonic fields were used to arrow from the argument through discourses about backwards words, with AL QAEDA being the example (of a decal holding the public interest); I defined a spiel, where “god-uh”, is the example of an elaborate argument designed to persuade, using the canonical form of a cadence to bash the populace over the head with a literary rock.  Yeah, Cheney figured, “A DECAL A”, works the same fetid rot as, “God-um, in heaven-uh, can I get a halleluja-uh?”  So, in continuous time we use the Dirac delta, in discrete time the Kronecker delta, and we have surfboards and functions in our quiver.  I can add more three-letter abbreviations here, using signum, sgn(x), the complex argument function, arg(x), and basically finding the right words (unit impulse), next to pictures, on betting graph theory.  You have to powerfully symbolize stuff to get to it in the record, due to the limits of cognition.  I am refuting the electromagnetic explanation of paranormal activity.  So, where I am at is lim, need sim, to abuse topological graph theory.
I mean a lot of what I say, but, I want to underestimate as often as I overestimate.  That’s a story.  It is called “median unbiased”, where biased by the median is not the meaning, and, using the median to unbias a distribution is.  Pretty much the death of someone is where the points are, and, it is not for public consumption.  We want to know what logic and what math are proper for the paranormal, and they do not glow red when you look at them.  You have to discern the smallest differences, like worlds containing people who know a fact from worlds where they do not, like gaps in clocks masking gaps in time, and like databases with an unknowable internal structure.
I’m pushing send … I know, Kunstler.
TU-134 gone
I’ll post this dreary account on my blog.
found: the missing characters.  Windows now wants you to park the cursor on the side where it is more likely to click an ad.  If you leave it in the text area, it inserts characters in places you already wrote.

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