Borat, Musk and Goner Are Gang Members

A Telepathic Experience

“Can I have a drink of water first?”, I asked.  There was nobody in the room.  A question which does not require an answer is often called a rhetorical question.  The actual meaning for the situation, now a compound situation (it is inside me, not now or ever occurring, hypothetical, and possibly hypocritical), given that on the street, questions are mostly treated as imperatives as well as interrogatives, is the one in which silence should occur rather than voice; it not only does not require an answer, it requires that no answer be forthcoming.

“You certainly may”, comes the answer.

I did not want the water at that point.  I’d rather die of thirst than have my English corrected.  I asked for water, and, of course, received an English lesson instead.  Now I am going to need bleach to get the bloodstains out of the concrete.

I obviously do not want to write this.  Somewhere in the world, it must be felt that I know too much, not that I know too little and could learn more.

Those are not e-gang members.  Their tags are up in Chollas Creek, here in Shelltown.  Yes, this is San Diego, home of surfer dudes and dopers (one and the same for many substances), but, you know, nothing motivates us to do a given thing, and so, we claim that tradition demands it.  The notion of an internet tough guy is a useful handle with which to place the discourse about feelings and emotions, as they act to upset us online.  We may consider humans online as harmless, and, not really activists.  In contrast, San Diego tough guys generally include many mutants from Hell.  What?  Oh, Huberty.  Until my birthday, 2007, he held the record for mass murder by gunfire at a McDonalds.  Brenda Spencer shot children, and, is the subject (it’s her song), of I Don’t Like Mondays.  This is what I am going to do.

I am going to use italics for everything, a clear violation.  I’m dumping the rules.  I’m still pissed off.  Does it really matter what about?  Bullets are no longer eight cents apiece.  Maybe it is that.

No, I had these tabs open, about fifty.  It is coming to me how to fix it, just save the pages for later reading.  One of them was to answer the question … (can’t remember) (maybe it’s in the list), that is answered by Googling, “error function and failure rate.”  Finally, one page of Wikipedia is, “distribution functions”.  I can pick up a little coin of the realm there.

To the subject: Psychic Warfare, is a book I now have out.  It’s by Martin Ebon.  It’s from 1983.  There was no internet at that time.  The President was a Republican, therefore, if your toilet required you to flush twice to leave it the way you would like to find it, your “reason” would be that it is a long way to the White House.

This book goes to inordinate lengths on the subject of a marriage between time stamps and predicting future events.  Now, it is almost embarrassing how often I am caught out ahead of events.  Not only are large events foretold, there are numerous subevents supporting the notion of psi.

I agree that number one, “psychic” refers to the mind.  It may be argued that an “intelligent” person has a superior mind.  Not only is this not true, the important considerations about whether psi exists do not rest on what is true.  They rest instead upon questions which may be asked, and, so as to not let this slip through the cracks, they rest upon the very nature of negation.  This is a real world and is supplicant to a removal of existence.  Therefore, the absence of a message sends the very strongest message.  That is, existence is not possible by itself.  There are millions of corollary facts for every extant thing.  There are no “other” facts to go along with a failure to receive.

The way in which a failure to receive can be a strong message is to be caught out without memory.  It is scientifically easier to explain thought transferrence in terms of unwitting participation as a case of the removal of a memory, not as the addition of a “thought”.  People who beg to differ on this question would do well to familiarize themselves with logic, which is the bare bones of argumentation.  “Not”, is different than, “is not”.  “Is”, is no different than, “is so.”

So, if someone puts a thought in my head, and, psi exists, and, I think that it is one of mine, I must be the tax man looking at your IRS 1040 return.

We are almost done.


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