Dino Dai & Deniz A Are Hackers

plangette paradigm addict




“What does your alleged psychic power have to do with us?”, is a question that I imagine could be asked of me, see?

I dunno, I lost my writing book.  I am on loose-leaf.  My wife calls.  She says she is calling now so that if I call her, I will know where she is, if she does not answer*.

I do not head in the direction.  Anyhow, people do not ask.  I am not that kind of psychic.  I had read a comment about a 1969 song.  It used a number, 200**.  It said that Randy Bachman*** lost about 200 lbs.  And, his Wikipedia page said he got gastric bypass.  Anything is possible to form a relation between people, as long as they are all considered as proxies for a real, large truth.

Why would a 1969 adult get a gastric bypass if not to live longer?  That is what the commenter said.  How is he predicting the future?  It is pounds, not years.  Once a human being is sixty, the gift to the human race of having that person is nothing but diminishing returns.  Are we supposed to hope your next sixty are as  productive as your first sixty?  Are you going to demand that old people get off your case in a song?  That’ll be good.

I can not imagine rooting for a man to have 200 more years.  How many years in a pound, anyway?****  Do you still want to be human?  If so, you would have to take the number 200 and manipulate it.  Numbers do not lie.  Numbers are a wickedly dense color filter thrown like a blanket over hordes of people, causing their humanity, morality, and intelligence to stand out in stark relief, and, shocking me no end.  Give me your poker face.  How thick is it?  Will it fit over a soccer ball?  If it is not 200, what is it?  Zero?  If something is nothing, and, up through that comes anything, where did it start to be real, like a pimple on your face I sit on?

“You” will get used to hacking preliminaries like trolling and trawling; I am naming a new one after stripping bare the souls of venal harpies whose faces come over the television like Big Brother.  We do not want history to tell us what folks were like in life.  We will see what they are like, and, what could queers be like in their formative stages, anyhow?

I am appalled since I cannot tell the difference between the two smartest people who were born in the Nineteenth Century, Cantor and Gödel.  But, you know, that happenstance is rooted in the circumastances of their deaths.  These men were murdered by the neglect which you should not allow.  How strange is it none question the marginalization of the world’s top minds on mental grounds?

Here, Gödel attacks us from the past.*****  Notice the use of the word, “gaga”.  Does Gaga exist today?  What is gaga but a peculiar jumble of facial characteristics, and, actually present in the person holding the name?  I knew a Joker.  That is the well-known face on a playing card.  I also knew an Apache, but, you cannot call an Apache, “Apache”, or, “Indian”, as that would prove fatal.  I will answer my own questions:  It is, “9090”, “Gogo”, “9696”, “9669”, “1001”, or, something like that, just like Madonna was, “Lady Madonna”, after the rock group The Sisters, also known as, “The Beatles”.

“This lie is false,” is of the nature bringing about some mental features such that  a plane  with no features supplanted by a plane with one feature is critical to the spatial, where the spatial can relocate events in time.  If I argue no contradictions but only contractions, I can cover four thirds of the computability and much NP.  I sell you out and keep copies of the invoice.

1787, year of the Constitution.  NP was 1777th.


In essence, the question P = NP? asks:

Suppose that solutions to a problem can be verified quickly. Then, can the solutions themselves also be computed quickly?

I can’t what!?  I wrote on this?  That was my copy to keep.   It is foregone that people are aware.  I smash your spine and publish the fossil as a corollary to my numbering, since a selective memory is invidious.  Some even have attack, a lack, a knack, of total recall in regards to when the truth now was first stated and was a false statement.
All false women are truly pregnant.  Corollary: No mathematician can clearly read the word, “zoo”.
We cannot be bearing children whereof we speak, at least not nine.  This is nine.  My autobiography is in two volumes, a hockey puck and a jai alai ball heading for your noggin and your balls, respectively.  And, with all due respect to your free will, player, I fired them with a machine.  John  Forbes Nash, in his autobiography, claims that the building he was born in was “now” torn down.  But, the place I was born, 650 Mountain Avenue (birth certificate), was torn down when I was reading that biography.  12:35 p.m.  Gertrude Stein said, “There is no there, there”, about our birthplace, Oakland, because, she is a… was a writer with these, these, habits.
Tighten it up.  Is there a “Swampus”, in “Sweet Home Alabama”?
Feb 13, 2005 Is Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song “Sweet Home Alabama” a racist song? Some believe it is. Others do not believe so. Thrasher’s Wheat reports
12 answers – Nov 2, 2006
i heard my freind saying Sweet Home Alabama had some racist remarks in it. i love the song, and i listened like three times and didn’t find
Not a Swampus or a Wampus, a “Swampers”
The good ‘ol boys live in the swamp.  The story goes that “something eats niggers hereabouts”.  That is just  the Wampus, swampers is way far from that; the negation of nonracists by threats of murder or very many much 187 at all is not a balls-out declamation of the colors.  That has been proved to you.
His nemesis Deadalus Vonnegut:

“Henry David Thoreau…Concord…”, Kurt Vonnegut, Palm Sunday.  It is not going to be that page, but, page 59.  I am breathing hard.  Kurt Vonnegut is a dark writer, writing about dark things, writing way ahead of us.  Why’d I call him Deadalus?  My bookmarks I am about to write about mathematically I had to experience again.  I fold the bookmark to mark two different pages, and, when I open the book back up, one end slips out!  Then I skim the whole book, losing all the bookmarks.  Meanwhile, the book’s phrases come at me whilst I am searching, things like, “this is an overly long book”, “I know this book by heart.  I wrote it”.  “You know, people who want to write well ought to read this little book.”  He gives the name.  “I don’t know if this is worth fighting for.”  “Kurt got lung cancer”.  It’s his dad.  “Yeah, my mom was a suicide, never saw her grandchildren.”  He uses words like gaga. Of course it would be him. I even thought it must be in the other book, again.  He says, “Triage”, and, I need medical attention becuase my back is broken and my legs are cold.  I actually forget what I am doing and think of the outside world.  “I flunked chemistry”.  That’s funny.  “Yeah, it should not be called planet Earth if you do not own property”.  “Yeah, umm, he was from Ithaca; that is like Icarus.  Icarus is like Deadalus, but, I picked it because he is dead.  When he says, “props”, he does not mean properties or your proper treatment.  He means an actual airplane propeller. Who knows what Stipe means (“a simple prop” -R.E.M.)  A simple prop like a god damned bookmark fluttering to the floor.  There are some hella bookmarks, with that guy Ted Kaczynski on them, who made a monkey out of the FBI.  Montana is about that.  He had a hood on and aviator sunglasses; had to give them clues.  I lived in Concord.  Yeah, me.  It was Concord, California.  “New York is capital of the world.” He addresses Cornell graduates, and, the years he quotes are the boring ones.  Did he say he was fifty-nine?  No, that’s the page number.  I’ll never forget it.  He said 58.  When that is me, like 58 and 59, (age and initials), there is no more information because no person exists who can be made to keep going in the face of not needing to.  That is a good thing; we want the same lexical example to read a diferent way in two directions, or, to two people.  Let the sight of Valhalla, Shamballa, Cornell, and Schenectady stand back in the gaze of Cambridge Elementary.  Quoting now, with a nod to skimming, in which K. is used by Kafka and Vonnegut for some infernal pest, the ink-stained wretch


of my brother Bernard’s favorite stories is about the farmer who decides to go to have a look at St. Louis, the nearest city.  This would be in 1900, say.  When he comes back to his farm after a week, he is gaga about all the human activities and machinery he has seen.  When he is questioned about this famous landmark or that one in St. Louis, it turns out that he knows nothing about them.  He makes this confession:  ‘Actually, I never got past the depot.”

I was skimming.  Unabomber made a honkey out of the FBI.

Bookmarks are not strings, they are papers, and, papers fold!  You can fold a bookmark which is already in a book to remark it.  However, once you get to any sort of re-folding, one place is lost when you reopen the book.  That is not what happens to me.  I do not “refold”.  Yuck yuck!  I “wee” fold.  We be bad.  We be folding.  I do not fold paper smaller and smaller.   I fold it bigger and bigger in this world.  29 places is all you can hold in a book.  No book should be over 57 pages.  This is the physical limit.

I have left off in this book twenty-nine times.  This is the sixteenth day.  I am hitting you a soft ground ball.  Carefully unwind the bookmark and give me the first word on the sixteenth line on the right-hand page of the sixteenth place held, to honor us, and, do not disturb my bookmark.

What does one word have to do with anything?  There exists a numbering system for propositions, called, Gödel numbering.  Thoughts which come out as statements are defensibly squeezed linearly temporal.  After rephrasing, the original statement and the new phrasing act to yield ambiguous results; we want to see if these statements are nonviable, or, whether the diagram exists which can renormalize nonsense, chaos, blankness, and metamessaging.  Group think undermines the Critical Path Method.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

_, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _,  _,  _,  _

Look.  What do we got?  Eleven commas or twelve spaces?

_ _ 1 _ _ 2 _ _ 3 _ _ 4

_ 1 _ _ 2 _ _ 3 _ _ 4 _


T _ _ I _ _ M _ _ E _ _


_ _ T _ _ I _ _ M _ _ E

Sorry seems happy I only quote sic mathematicians like Van Gogh, but, why should I favor Hilburk or Koon, who think that it is hip to be square?  It is square to be square.  It is three to be square.  Plus, it is nine.  From ten is where you nine get nine.  Shame about Europe, but, they put us behind in deforestation, which brought us to the brink. Alas, a German read German.  You can always eat up the Law of Natural Sweetness.  Get out. Go back to prison.  It is open.  Giffords has got a nut’s crease in her head.

Anyway, what has been to… build her up after her head was blown off?  It is not even a nickle in 1931.  What?  Oh, is it there is a sheet of paper, or, there is not a sheet of paper?  Me?  Do you count bits?  Her illness is congenital.

“I’m not finished.”

-Edward Scissorhands, ordering the menu.

a p  p  r  i  s

r i m e m e

a  f  a a  n  i

c  e  a n g  s

f  a  l  a  r  e


i      p           e

r  i  m a  n i

a  f  a  n g  s

c  i  e a  r  e

f  a  l  a  p  r

s  e m  i  o  r

Let me make a suggestion: Remain ignorant about this particular controversy.





* She was helpful.  She intended to call back and port me a new tale on the strength of the tolerance bond she had installed.  She is a social engineer.  This is a subjective, a subjective assessment.  We gave you a rehire.

** zoological, i.e. “200-logical” (c.f. Gödel, by way of termite Frankenstein author Rebecca Goldstein, Incompleteness, the book, had a black hole for a mind, but he escaped it.)

*** pronounced, BACK-man, hookah-smoking caterpillars.

**** I do not even know what was written in July, 1977, when I was 25.  What happens when something exists, is, it is cursed if and only if it will not appear.  However, since it does exist (spur mata 200 answers -Hawking), and, people will use it as a matter of course, please ignore the hatchet cuts all over it.

***** Easy, Fang.  Neither he, nor anyone false-witnessing on him claim he said, “gaga”; everybody said that.   It was common, like, when you say it however you like to hear it.  It was not Kurt G, it was Kurt V, just found that out (“She didn’t know what she was headed for, and, when I found what she was headed for, it was too late,”  She’s Come Undun -Guess Who), ever since I saw Kurt Number Three, or, Kurt C, page 97.  “It was Kurt Reidemeister, a geometer associated with the Circle, who in 1924 or 1925, at Schlick ‘s and Hahn’s request, studied the Tractatus and suggested that the group read it together.”  First Column [ibid].

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