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by S Cammarata – Cited by 270Related articles
Problem solving in airtraffic control may be distributed in ….. [8) McArlhur, D., Steeb, R., and Cammarata, S., A framework for distributed problem…
 45 words
covering these: C = { <, >, ^, \, banana, worm}, where C is a multiplex, and, C can produce plurals because I have no ‘one of these ( see two lines(=)?; I want three)’.  Aw, that’s impossible.  The computer’s already slow.  I need a shot at taking an element out, but if I take two, I get them, not it and it again.
Just, real quick like a bunny get “hat” for me.
This is absolutely never going to post.  Don’t write “nigger”, Steve.
That there is so awesome that, “If you can program a computer to show it, it must be real.”
I give.  An operator is the thing with a hat, the hat is called a karat, the computer won’t overstrike.  Forget it.  The use of operators is now in the hands of CDC, on a new E. Coli outbreak.  The book is, How to Solve it: Modern Heuristics, such that we now have a word instead of “academic”, “pedantic”, critical things like that …”teacher”.  “Logic” is what you ordered, the science of honesty (philosohy is the science of reality.  Analyze it, do not expect the pieces to break themselves).
The operators, “variation”, “crossover (recombination)”, and “mutation”, work for me here in Psiland on a “credit” or “reward” basis, and the bases can change (a 3 X 3 for the digits, a 6 X 6 for the letters, see O (fifteenth) for zero), such that a reward is given to the previous generation for a success, in hopes that that mutation is what led to success.  Sit down, lady.  These crabs can jump three feet.
The meet and join must mean the same thing, what does the edge mean?  A parallelopiped conformal to one volume even though in a higher space an orthogonal space doesn’t show anything here.  God damn cursive writing, don’t—just think.  Yeah, I guess that is the volume, base x height, but, a bunch of them won’t fit in a Minkowski space if they’re stretched.  Going back, they are just probablistic.  Maybe you integrate three kinds of area, the one with the events, the place they happened, and the bordering area for the objects’ classification space.  So, we are back to where we might get things to happen.  We don’t know when.  Good omnidirectional noise.
Whoops.  Was this crazy?  Well, I already have things written down, and they say bad words.  There are no nasty words so far.  Rent!
dedicated to martin john baker and the originator of chirpiness, mathematicians
Post # 703
Parody of H. J. Puffinstuf Hillhouse, Ph.D.
8:40 a.m. Friday, June 3, ’11.  You want a PDF with a strangeness to it.  It (aside (souicide: I had to go grunt.  I forgot about my cigars (why’d I— pencil?  Up her cooze?), my ‘decision matrix’, ‘hat’), my Astpria + Goce – – – – Astoria, Gore (1992 +/- 2) gravitatrix – – – – electron).  Yeah.  The electron attacks …
511.  Back on after the homage to the half dollar mega electron volt rest mass, never could use any other way.  Impulse, half (aside moment’s um—no; bacterial um), yes.  Good thing I can’t see the time.  Take out chirpiness, pixel by nine, square to zero, see in radiofrequency.  Very blurry.
575 pigs
Well, this is what I remembered instead: Your try regarding proof from a, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, perspective involves how the universe does it as a lesson in how to do it.  The universe does not make real commitments until it makes littler ones.  If mass is involved, it is more real than just light.  I think so.  It is only committing matter at the rate of 1:2000, or less.
But, I woke up bad.  Actually, I forget when more immediate needs intrude.  I’m more vulgar awake, and, the vulgarity is self-directed.  It’s guilt.  I don’t want to feel guilty, but, when I wake up I see my own hopeless reality better.  I just don’t want to denigrate my own loserdom.
I was sleeping and the tableaux was back in prison where I would have needed to leave a syringe on the sink to go next door and then hear people going into the cell where it was, getting between me and it.  When I got back to it, I was thinking, “Where’d I put the dope”, but, it’s not words, just pictures, and, they aren’t vulgar.  Then, I was staying in a place where I had no right to eat, but they were serving hundreds of meals on trays, so, I tried to fix a tray but the fried eggs in the bins were cold and looked like tire patches.  But, we (HISTK) think of empty space inside an atom, but nobody has ever seen it (I don’t want “an atom”, I want “an hat”, in an-h parallel to a silent h).  The hat meaning we have gone around the bend to identification of imaginary and visualizable scenes, not, real and therefore visible.
In before the closing parenthesis.  That’s been added.  The text is otherwise all forwards*.
If nobody’s seen a thing, and, I know**, it is still real, it is not that we work to see it.  It is that we work to account for visualizations we have accidently imagined.  “Why’d I see that?”, you’d logically ask.  It’s in the use of different parts of the brain.  The one that visualizes things is the smartest; it uses no words.  Each picture is one phrase.  ‘Moving pictures’ in conceptualization is a series of completely different pictures, because, even the setting must be changed like punctuation.  This is why parentheses and quotation marks are used, to set off a clause as if it is a separate picture.  But, where are the linking heiroglyphs for the pictures?  They must be identical with the order, time and duration.
……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 1111
That’s above and beyond the usual stress of a challenge from a population of critics that *nothing* is real.  An interpretation of disowning is found in the use of vulgarity.  One particle of self-hatred spoils the sentence of several pictures because we terminate the sequence to suppress the vulgarity.   We have to go back and censor.  So, we can preserve the meaning.
The PDF is a Mr. Randall Steeb, another spook.  I watched a lot of television, so, I liked the language of the expert on a simpler task, explaining armored cars, but, Steeb must have appeared in a story—yeah, since his work is ostensibly air traffic control (which would be ATC, but, I do-dropped -(the) overt topic.  I want the CIA to be writing about psi, nothing else.  In this world, once proof/prove alters the meaning of a universe, all forms of hints supervene what is purposed above what is uncertain. The universe is normally assumed to be ruled by chance.
The PDF, with suspension of its overt topic discusses how psychic moles operate, or should, since a powerful one of these can take us into an alternate universe with a nuclear earthquake and we can’t get back.
I’ve already written this, but, I like to get my cliches in before others claim priority.  Also, the two-years-to-the-day of a plank rash 3.0 (this is), in this blog (#Plank Rash 2.5.  I’d prognosticated the Air France by two months in PR 2.0)—the loss of a big plane to experiment with psi, I’ll just have to lay at the doorstep of something big and elsewise, the CIA!
Help me, I’m a native foreign guy.
The “Astpria” and “Goce” is how to do it when you prank a living person at their known address, to establish that stray marks reasonably alter the words to what you see.  A misaimed stroke changes an ‘o’ to a ‘p’; a misformed ‘r’ looks like a ‘c’.  “Is our new Democrat president safe?  Go see.”  “Astoria”, where mail to Bill Cosby is to be sent, comes out “Astpria”, which is a John Lennon (Brit accent), speaking in terms of what’s okay, i.e. “I asked Richard Pryor if you were funny, Cosby.”  Psychically, this often happens.  I look at the entire packet and estimate that it is never read (write-only memory).  The only thing that gets read is the address, by the mailman.
*contaminated, begun “Parody” in one hijacking; began “*”, I mean, “8”.  I like the star with clusters, general.  I’d begin with the word, “alimentary”; I didn’t know I could.
** snifter, sniffer program, attack program, well, as the math builds to computer science, it spins into a nude sunrise.  Electrons attack because nature has made them light and repulsive.  “Hi, my name is poison, I’m disgusting”. Maybe neutrinos attack in a star, you could say so; it explodes.  I just don’t think created attacking is the same as spun in on the attack.  I acknowledge it.  I am ignorant.  I’d ignoledge it if it were  cause.  I dig dodgy get fond.  Dotty,  wake the sleepers.


2 Responses to “Astpria”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    I’ve just published this, and, I wrote it three days ago. Of course, three days ago I thought I’d pushed the PUBLISH button.

    Once I did write it, I then went ahead thinking that my top post was about spies. I know more than I can say; when it comes to statements on the internet, they’re conversational. I have to put two examples, then quit. You can get burned, and, you must anticipate criticism.

    I wrote CBS Evening News, and this yesterday. I had checked out, “Drowning Mona”, so, I had a physical record of that. It predated a local news story of a drowning in Ramona. I put the evidence in an envelope and mailed it off, then reality changed. I no longer felt the reality underlying our reality had been exposed. I just felt silly. I could not put my finger on it (“…now, the boy is grown, the dream is gone. I’ve become comfortably numb.” —Pink Floyd).

    Joe Bageant has died; I took him at his word that he needed to get to the hospital and get this fixed up (like Mel the crooked cop says after Al Pacino shoots him with a silenced pistol in “Scarface” (1980)).

    I was just checking to see how this new fact alters my reading of my own posts the day he dies when I discovered I forgot to push PUBLISH.

    I’m justified calling “Psychic!” on everybody. The CBS News chose to run a story about Stage IV melanoma. I want to call it ‘nelanoma’ now, like, ‘Nilla Wafers. I have it. It’s quite something to consider what would happen in a hypothetical situation when a victim presents with cancer and the physician sorts through the various ailments he sees in the person and decides, “First thing first. You have a long historyof mental illness, and we will stabilize that by a permanent incarceration against your will.” I don’t have any more narcotics, either. I am rather outspoken about what I do and why I do it. I take drugs because I like the way they make me feel. “Painkillers” is bullshit, and, once you realize that, you start to understand. Stress contributes to cancer. Just give yourself a prayer of wanting to live on a basis of looking forward to your next fix and your physical basis for existence may hold against your immune response that if you hate life, we can fail in a short time. I just love where nature put the meshwork of lymph nodes. They’re beautiful; better than a BMW engine.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Oh yeah, speaking of beautiful things, and, it’s kind of funny that I tried to steal something free.

    This 2011 is all right. After awhile, institutions form with some decency, and, if math can be expressed, it is just a short putt to suppose that so can chemistry.

    This is the extremely scary challenge for writers to put their money where their mouth is. Now, I can’t just describe idiot higher math, I can put it in the recognized forms. Raw material math does not just come to you speaking your language. Use ours. Now what do I do? “Something to see, baby” (“Little Pink Houses” —John Mellencamp). You lay out the symbolized matter and evaluate it. It’s just not easy. It has to be set in motion. Just because you watch an imaginary space act does not mean that it moves frame-by-frame to an unambiguous result on paper. Turning the crank is not trivial. Show your work.

    Of course, I visited this problem before. Not only free, the blog must be receptive to the code. I’d be fine with JPG blocks of the notation in windows, I guess. I’m really done with chemistry. Physics is mo’ betta.

    If I had the tools, what would I make it say? Well, I like permanent online graphs I can enter data and watch what it makes the curve do. I can now present matrices with my free download, but I went online to try one, and it sat there and looked at me. It didn’t transpose, trace, invert, so, I can’t recommend one yet.

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