Cliche as title is the tag.

This post is not straight.  It wraps.  I’m putting a couple of definitions in at the top I looked up last.  There aren’t any math definitions for these reasons, i. Unicode, ii. bmp, iii. pdf.  I made one up so I could visually see what I remember.  Chronologically true is not sane; we are already trapped in a chronologically true world.  No need to worry about that one there.

Recurrence (R): A R relation is an equation that recursively defines a sequence; each term of the sequence is defined as a function of the…

Recursion (R):

We don’t have time as a function of the, do we?  Hopefully, we’re not acellerating.  Duh, an earlier event and right now are probably accellerating.  Shock-a Lock-a gully gull shoop.

R is the process of repeating items in a self-similar way.  For instance, when the surfaces of two mirrors are exactly parallel with each other the…

I’ll go with you as a reader just substituting ‘person’ for schizophrenic and ‘imaginary’ for psychic then, if you would wind up reading more.

A 3-D net (okay, solved one of them.  The BMP changes to a JPEG if you click through to the original page).  It posted in the wrong place. 

What?  “will move one step to laying end-to-end”.  What a 3-D net (example) box will d0.  Well, it won’t.  You said to move one step, and the one step you moved was to figure out how to post an image, Steve.

Well, cream, but the thing is not stepwise, then.  What’s not stepwise you can mathematically do?.  Shit just got real. I don’t like knowing the answers.  Duck, I’m throwing.

I need a million like a hundred on a side is a million, and a million on a side is a mole.














Trust not the program.  They sucked up all the mathematicians into computability and what’ll code without being a nightmare.  Not a nightmare?  We dwarf your code.  There won’t be any w-code left.

A tool for systematically tracing locally defined data attached to the open sets of a topological space, SHEAF.

Is it an optical illusion?  * resolves into XKX

…by design quite general and abstract…correct definition rather technical.


…a category with a Grothendiek topology.

sobriety–a meager point-set hypothesis…it is possible to recover…

rigid analytical space (RAS)–analog of complex AS

[“Anomaly” is the one that upsets the paradigm.]

…over a nonarchimedean field…

…uniformizing p-adic elliptic curves…

…n-dimensional unit polydisc…

BUILDING–a structure generalizing aspects of flag manifolds…TREES–free groups.

A COVER of a set X is a collection of sets such that X is a subset

[if you had to use a character to begin the expression, is that character part of the expression?  Is UNDERGROUND a set of spaces equal to {NDERGROUN}?]

…(cover) a subset of the union of sets in the collection.  If this is an indexed family, C = {U(sub alpha) = (alpha) (element of) A}.

[Substitute intersection of sets for union of sets and rename.  Somebody stop alerting me (I got Sbstitute for substitute and sebset for subset).  Aw, shit.  I’ll have to reverse myself and go get Nicholas.  I’ll need a clone to do this.  With replacement is fine, too. Naw, can’t do exactly that, either].  Nigger, these notes are not secret.

I completely wiped out what I wanted to do.  So it’s not vaguely related to making methamphetamine?  I was ahead in life asleep.


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  1. Bryce Says:

    Best damn blog ive seen a very long time

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