You Probably can’t See this

I just wondered about the above choice of capitalization I just used for the title of this essay.  I kept the original anyway.  The contraction I have no qualms about.  I keep contractions and leave off dropped Gs in cases where the sound is unambiguous, like the one in “fucking” when it takes an A, i.e. “Fuckin’ A Right”.  Exactly where I leave them off is during a psychotic attempt to know.  Exactly what there is to know refers to the title.

What is there to know?  It says “to see”.  I realize it does not say, “to”.  To is implied.  It’s the total verb.  *no idea*.  I have no idea.  “This”, I do have an idea.  It’s an adverb, “to that degree or extent”.

We may utilize voices (in *here*), hi.  I’m a voice.  We may turn to license plates, we may also merely reinterpret things in quotes, either written or spoken; they’re speech.  Speech and voice are different.  “Hearing voices” refers to speech, not voice.

Any source of random information intelligible to the user will do.  It is not available unless sought, and cannot be faked, since it is out of the real world, same as if you were ordered to sample and you produced a contrived string.  Since computers are ordered to produce random strings and can’t do it, it isn’t trivial. 

What I meant when I composed the title, “You probably can’t see this”, was to acknowledge the difficulties of transferring psychic power to others.  The mathematical arrangements of all information are vast enough to make that impossible for the species homo sapiens.  For example, any two dates on the calendar bear less of a discernible relationship than when one of them is your own birthday.  Computers don’t have birthdays.  They don’t move around.  They aren’t robots.  It doesn’t matter how smart they are.


Well, I was brought down to earth.  I got a call from WestAir.  My fire extinguisher I found in the flood channel is $56 to fix.  That’s 8:30 a.m.

This is word #338 (‘word’), on post #700, but it said “Word count: 308”, and I thought, “There is a way to use my seconds (I post including seconds in the time)”.  See, there’s an eight after the thirty.  That’s in the seconds place.  There’s still an eight even though the word count advanced.  I don’t know why; it’s random.  I put a tick mark, the word, “tick” at the word count 308.  By psi, I matched the 8, you can see it in the time of the post, 08:30:28.

By psi I also matched to today’s date, April 13, the following I cut-and-paste:



       She’s spent the last 20 years exploring the solar system, but space scientist Dr. Linda Bies Spilker of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory returns home to Yorba Linda this week to be inducted into the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District’s Hall of Fame.

       The Hall of Fame program is set for Thursday, April 15, at 7 p.m. at the district’s Educational Services Center, 4999 Casa Loma Ave., Yorba Linda.

       Spilker, who attended Placentia-Yorba Linda public schools from elementary through her 1973 graduation from Valencia High School, was selected for her remarkable scientific career. She has held key roles on major space science missions that have explored four of the nine planets and their many moons. She is currently the deputy project scientist on JPL’s Cassini mission to Saturn, which is guiding a robotic spacecraft to enter orbit around the ringed planet in 2004.

       “I got a telescope when I was in the third grade, looked at Jupiter and other planets, and that really got me hooked on science,” said Spilker. “Alan Shepherd, John Glenn and the walk on the Moon got me dreaming about being part of the space program.” She now specializes in the study of planetary rings, like those of Saturn, and the intriguing moons of the outer planets. The Cassini mission will return a wealth of data about Saturn’s rings and moons, especially the large moon Titan which is thought to resemble a frozen, primordial Earth.

       Though some counselors tried to steer her away from science and toward more traditional women’s careers, such as teaching or nursing, some teachers gave her tools that she would use as a scientist. “My trigonometry teacher, Joy Appleby, really encouraged me in math, and my speech and debate coach John Denike encouraged me in public speaking, which has helped me explain space science and planetary exploration to all kinds of audiences.” Both teachers are still teaching high school in the district.


That’s my teacher referred to in the article, Joy Appleby.  We have surpassed the proof of things you probably can’t see when we went to the numeral 8.  Of course, you can see it, I just would not be surprised to hear anyone tell me they couldn’t.  It may be a survival device people use in order to have fun always, and this is not fun.  Imagine me without a fire extinguisher. I was going to use this example: You can’t see “ba”, “seb”, “all”.  You probably do see, “base”, “ball”.  The word is, “baseball”.  These examples do not work.  The whistle-and-slam of incoming psi alert us first, the pieces we pick up on alert are after the fact and of no extent.  The change in the level of abstraction got everything sideways and rent a big huge hole, but that is how the information works.  I don’t love license plates (I don’t love God), the entity behind the plate lexicography is identical to the one behind all other forms it might take, as in numerology, as in animism.  However, the sly injection of beliefs into text is a function of the independent author.  They’re there.

Ruth was there when I stepped out of the room, so I took a shower from 8:53 to 9:04.

My “cheat sheet” is brain.  On my way out of the room, I estimated the cruelest thing that could be thought about me, “you always wreck with everything”.  I always fuck with everything, and I always wreck everything.  Even Christ didn’t wreck with everything.  They say he will next time, or something equally off the wall, absurd, and back-to-back.  I don’t know, but proving something wrong does not prove the converse to be right. The notion is usually swollen up around the personal space.  The police assume the crime is proven to have occurred and leave it up to the usual suspects to elect a fall guy.

The idea of death is what you really can’t see.  I know, you have heard the word.  I can see it.  I have hypermetabolic cells in my body, so the idea of a tumor growing and concordantly wreaking havoc on my metabolism, structure and dynamics, gives me the singular handle.  It’s difficult for you to match, and any attempt suffices to sicken you.  It looks like a city below me once I have bailed out and pulled the ripcord with “nothing happened”.  I am in free fall.  However, it is a granular imaginary depiction coming to me unbidden.  Let there be a distinction between that which you arrange and that which is a plot on a different order, such as your birthday or race.  It is this kind of abstracting that places your life in perspective, like unto you hovering over a sheet of paper.  We are only n-dimensional, fooling around now with n + 1.  Don’t sit there, neither over there.

You have cancer that is killing you, and a time frame for it being over.  The two plots are within hailing distance.  My birthday is in three days.  I am under two billion seconds old, and at 1,838,683,800 seconds I passed a milestone given by dividing the rest masses of the ordinary particles proton and neutron by that of the electron.  I can’t find any other list of fundamental constants.  The rest don’t have partners, no partner means no list.  Yes, the units were dropped.  That makes it insane.  It was sometime last summer.  A life is in three dimensions, and a polygon is only in two, so, the task of computing pi as the limit of polygons with an infinite number of sides is possible.  No string of finite width will span a corresponding Euclidean solid quite properly to say how long it is.  There is probably a set of three-dimensional objects which give the same polygon projected, but that is the Joy Abbleby (JA) coming out in me.  I had a few other teachers, but I can relate to the 1973 JA.  I had her in 1969.  I am not 100% on this, but I can only remember three math teachers, not six.

Joy Appleby is a magic teacher with very short miniskirts every day, put in the senior math class at Valencia. I had seemed to be stuck writing about this period, partly from Legends of Laurel Canyon, partly due to my estimation that this period is a springboard for much which followed.  It is the time when you turn 18.  I actually could not really do it (forget about writing this) since the article above has today’s date in 1999 on it.  By tomorrow it’d be old.  How did I come to that?  Well, selling you this requires documentation and reasonable gaps, not large gaps.  But,  a psychic doesn’t turn that shit off.  I swear forgetting is part of observing.  The vertices, okay Joy?  What is the set of equatorial vertices of an n-sided solid as n approaches infinity?  I’m bink-bink-bink boinking off multple lines of evidence and am not seiving for evidence.  That is, results fuzz out conclusions.

My late result is that I was fired on June 25, 2009.  I had already known that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died that day, but I did not know that Sky Saxon died that day, too.

Best guess for Sky Saxon Date of death is June 25, 2009

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Now of course I have introduced wicked hyperlinks which will take you on a random journey through Internet leading who knows where.  I saw the Seeds (his band).  I saw two concerts, I’m not sure which one was at the, “Santa Monica Civic Auditorium”, and whether, “The Long Beach Arena” is the other one.  I saw Led Zep there, in 1972.  I saw Saxon at one, when I was a senior, but I had a date.  I think her name was Marcia.  She was beautiful and I was lucky to date her.  I did not fuck her.  I drove her to the concert and could not make conversation.  There was an Opel Kadette I used to borrow from my father.  I could hear that gearshift knob rattle all the way there.  The Seeds’ equipment for making sound was inoperable and the audience was cruel, but Lee Michaels played that concert too, and his amp was fantastic.  It was a “Sun amp”, according to the announcer.
In 1972, Dougal Harper went with me to see Zep, he drove such that were I to be inducted, someone would not have to come get my car.  In other words I bought two tickets.  We took LSD and stayed up all night.  Some fan tried to buy our tickets on the way inside, MeLad told him, “We are going to see Zeppelin.” 
My wife just called; I thought it was her the first time.  It’s 10:21 a.m.
I had my mental hospital records sent over to the Draft Board, and I did that thing on Arlo Guthry’s record, “I got good and drunk the night before so I would look and feel my best when I went…”, but, this whole thing brings back an avalanche of side stories, mainly traceable to what it means to be Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (CSNY), as opposed to other priorities and language traceable to San Francisco or Liverpool.  Guthry is reportable to the Induction Center on Whitehall Street, I’m one with Los Angeles (LA), at the time.  If you want to gain perspective on today’s Anonymous movement, cults of LA’s Sunset Strip might help you do that.  Arlo’s record is called Alice’s Restaurant.  I was classified 4F. 
Is there anyting else?  Yes, gangs of people I never mentioned, and you know how people are once you think of them.  They want to be immortalized in words.  The subset of authors wants you to read their books.  Once you get ahold of a book, you can dangle it over a fire or tear the pages out.  If you listen, you can hear the author scream.  I always collect them. They never gave us anything back.  There’s more in a pack of cigarettes than there is in a book.  A deck of cards contains an amount in between.
Much of this starts with Billy Bob Thornton.  Remember, his parents put him on this planet far too late to get him into Vietnam.
Actual essay provided, and tags used are all ruined, to retain the publishing platform.  I used to—well, many places exist which are weak, leading to extra writing about writing.  This is about psi(PS). 
I was writing and recording what the voices in my head said, and one of them made a small point.  If all occurences in life had a manual to explain them, that is, if this thing worked, proof of PS would work.  There was 10:42 when I started to search my room after I began to read this post, and it is #700, so I am not going to make a newer one, but I found the material.  At 10:55 it was just now, at 11:00 my son is due.  I have a second example, because of the Master’s at Augusta, Georgia.  I can get to that one quick.  What I am demonstrating is a hand-waving lip service approach to decoding, not as if an effort was made to secure the second voice within us all, and, it wasn’t.  You use up all the order when you edit and select.
The cheat sheet says something, and I’ll use that rather than to reconstruct what I heard, but back in time, to cave man days, writing was considered an unfair way to remember.
Actually, in these notes it says, “hang glider”.  I was noticing the two Gs; doubles often cause writers to balk.  Today, the writers are in Anonymous, so, I was collecting them, and I was up to Barrett Brown (c.f. Elizabeth Barrett Browning), and, I had Jester, and OpNoPro.  I have more, dead and in jail, but these are free.  Sky’s guru was killed in a hang gliding accident.
The voices said, “I don’t want to bore you”, and, I always like to chat online, so I always collect …
Tis is ..
This is 11:17.  Elizabeth was only five minutes late.  I had to smoke some weed.  It isn’t weed from the old days.  It turned me into one of Jerry’s Kids.  So, my “code” gives me
This read good in the light many directions, so, when I write, “scroll up”, I can say “left turn”, too.  Then the bottom line says, “Robawt”.  I feel like I got a piece of it.  It started out a “hearing voices”, thread, then I decoded it.  I used the notion to plan an Anonymous person I could always be, and that’s why memes get started: they have to have a starting point.  If they didn’t, they could be constructed from a much larger run of history.  I make it run slow, because I am averaging hundreds of days beween work days.  Robawt is a permutation of present-day words such as ‘cawk’ and ‘hawt’.  These are the proper spellings not to inject self-importance from the spelling.
I got a s-second example yesterday, a kid went by on the sidewalk.  He had electrodes.  He was talking and passed just long enough for me to hear, “I got a double-eagle on a par five. That’s like a hole in one.”  I could tell this would plot out nicely, too.  I spot such things.  That’s the arbitrary dynamic, less worse than time, since pages are less square.  The number of rows determines the number of columns if the content is equivalent in characters.  I’ve just started sometimes holding the number down at fives and sevens.  That one above is three.
The kid must have been an epileptic, similar to schizophrenics in the way they were treated.  One gives the model to the other.  He mentions one, five, and double.  He is a bit younger than mine.  This problem is to locate a bookmark.  Let a hole-in-one be filling in a rectangle with no letters left over.  I have already done that above.
A D O N A P S  L I
Does it have Leo?  A check.  It’s there twice.  How now?  Well, your contract is to society not to violate with your rights something to do with sanity.  The how-to of psi is worse than manufacturing methamphetamine, but not as bad as staring at cops.
One level up in abstraction to these events is my study of narcotics and math at affine, the graph without an origin.  To count up or down by two on a number line, from four to six to four to two, is how children are taught about numbers.  It doesn’t matter where zero is.  The kid’s here:
“Building words, letter by letter.  Welcome to our world, word world, it’s a beautiful world”, and it is.
“You get those letters, and I’ll get these.”
I am geting numerals addressed, or conceivably addresed, to my California Driver License.  My roommate said he was pulled out of his car last night, but not to me.  Not guilty by association is cool.

3 Responses to “You Probably can’t See this”

  1. 503 Says:

    Hey Pops how have you been? I know Im always asking you for info but thats only because you are smarter and have more experience than I do. Here is where my brain has been, I was thinking about cold packs which have nh4hn03 salt inside and taking that salt and adding muratic to it to release the nh4 gas inside a pot that has one hose going out to a 2nd pot which is empty and in a 3rd pot pour some muratic in and have a hose going to the 2nd pot where the nh4 and the hcl meet wich would end up being ammonia cl right… Next get some methanol and put in a vacum flask and attatch a hollow copper pipe filled with pumice bonded to nickel and silver print which goes to a catch cup but where you would hook up the vacum on the flask put a hose coming from an oxygen tank and bubble o2 through the methanol while heating the copper tube with say a torch till it turns red. The o2 gas pushes the methanol through the tube and in the catch cup you end up with a solution of formaldehyde.
    Take the ammonia salt from earlier and mix it in a pot with the formaldehyde and heat carefully keeping temp below 106 f after say 4 hours then bring temp up to boil off water till you see salt forming. Drop temp and filter solution with vacum then transfer back to flask and boil off all the water you can and then let it cool, wash with chloroform and end up with methylamine hcl. Now get toluene or equivelant and put it in the pot with your copper tube attached as a condenser and to make a longer story short you end up with benzaldehyde in the 99.8 ethanol that you put in the catch cup before the aldehyde came over the tube… So there is what Ive been dreaming but I cant find a source of nitroethane or isomer to have phenylpropanolamine. I found n-butanol but then you have to nitrate it which is another long dream but you know where my dream is headed right… Phenylpropanon reacted with methylamine and then methylchloride then freeze out MA correct? Now my question is do you have any ideas where to find nitroethane or equivelant? Also I left out little details because it takes time and my kids are driving me crazy but any info you have would be appreciated very much.

  2. nonya_biz Says:

    503, d00d! wtf are you smoking? dont ever try to do a reaction in anything but approved borosilicate glasswear or your asking for problems.

    you wont find nitroethane anywhere. its pretty highly watched because its so damn useful. nitromethane you can find and should bee used if at all possible due to the ability of sourcing it.

    what you need to do is either 1) go back to college and take organic chemistry (lab and the lecture) and begin your career as a garage chemist anew, or 2) just learn to reduce pseudoephedrine like everyone else. your not going to bee able to pull off a ketone synthesis using notes cut and pasted together to make a full routine. you need to start at the beginning and learn how to calculate molar weights first. then study acids and bases, then proper lab technique… etc, etc.

    im not being an asshole, but im just letting you know how it is. nobody every made ketone by shaking shit up in a bottle with copper tubing and ethanol like your talking. if your wanting to make PPA, look to the akabori reaction…

    so yeah, either stock pile pills and make bums by you boxes for beer or go back to college and crack them books. its the only two methods for success you have at your disposal.

    good luck!

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