Minsk of 4-7-11.  The voices inside my head said, ” Time to go home,” right between the ‘n’ and the ‘s’ of “Minsk”.  It was not a case of a dialog between two people; two of anything.  It’s of a category, therefore a norm such as the degree to which you see both fighters in a ring, purely a function of distance.  And, that is, “not at all.”  How do you see them—change their identities to ones you can.

The voices-thought, and my constant narrator thought, become the two boxers.  The voices don’t have the hand.  The other one does.  The hand is writing what it was told to write.  The event is more the voice.  I tried to compose the byline in reproducible rules.


If this is the letter, or these are the notes, “this title” does not apply.  I wasted the title.  I need the title and the date, but I never put the date on the “poem”.


Thus: “Along came a spider,” implies “little” should go in front of the person’s name.  “You little—, ” is usually harsh.  It’s unusually harsh.  Not for me.  I’m in several cosmic events, and interpersonal relations stop with the pen.  People don’t cycle through here, although I hardly need to say, “real people”.  My imaginary people are real.  Some are dead and some are living.  The voices reacted to the task of logic.  Which this is assumes they come back to me as they left: in a pile.  This one’s later on the same day.

I don’t have studies to write up, I must wise up.

I’ve come to realize that its way complicated to come up with the context under which thoughts take their meaning.  Stress can cause one to focus down on specific issues,to concentrate.  You see what is missing, think of it as what you need, and demand a location predicate for it.  You don’t have the answer, so, you answer for the public.  The answer is fatuous.  It’s not an information-gathering step.

In this way, the differential timing of the imaginary world line derandomizes the real-world line.  There is a timing in the real world.  The real world stops to let the disorder increase.  The imaginary world proceeds when all the pieces are there.

Is the unknown random?  Yeah, there are no copies.  Is increase able to be visualized?  Yes.  A random milieu may be far from the axis


their axis.  It might be a basis set, it might be the origin.

“Keep the motor running”, said the voices, a patois accompanying the liar who, mano y mano goes two-faced.  “I’ll be right out.”  And, he pushes his way inside the crack house to talk the dealer out.

My heron is here drinking.  Bird, I wonder if you understand hatred.  My wife is a mill stone.

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