SAN MARCOS – An off-duty San Diego Police motorcycle officer crashed and was injured just before 6:00 Wednesday morning.

It happened in San Marcos at the intersection of W. Borden Road and Palo Alto Court.  The area is north of the 78 and west of Palomar College.

The extent of injuries are not known and the officer’s name has not been released.  He’s been taken to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido.

More details here as they become available and on San Diego 6 News in the Morning.


I do not wish to use rhetoric and hyperbole to convince the public I’m psychic.  It’s just that when these things happen to you, you wonder whether there is any sort of pattern to it.   Frankly, weaponized psychic influence would be interesting.

It is not that Juliood or Doolieood (he or she John Doe (“dude”)), would say whether some apparition interfered with his motorcycle skills.  It is more the notation that yes, I was awake just before six.  I woke up at 5:53.  It’s 6:55.

The fractal of it is not a connection between similar events.  It is a weaponized connection, between the wish to have something to feel sorry for, and the occurrence.  So, the two crashes will not be connected.  There are no two crashes.  There is impotent anger of a sputtering Swede (I pick them because they sound so funny getting angry) from getting a  ticket by a rather malicious cop (on a motorcycle, name of Krouss.  I detailed it in my previous two posts), connected with the rather meritricious gloating I am doing now.  It’s hard to scare people with guns.  You have to use superstition.


Apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity.

I’m the meretricious speaker.

I’m not calling these people anything, but, it is required that one stop when stopped, and go when told to go (subjunctive mood).  I use the form ‘sbj’ on its merit of having “mood”.  Psychic power is based upon mood, not information.  No psychic really knows ahead of time.  There’s a blind spot there.  We’re human.

Compare the 1886 badge.  It says, “13”.  Interesting.  Friday the Thirteenth is in fact associated with “bad luck” of the state ruining your life, not bad luck per se.

The abbreviation for San Diego Police Department is ‘sdpd’.  Just like “subjunctive” has an abbreviation, so does, “stupid”.  So does, “stipple”, the gunpowder residue from a close-in murder using a pistol.

I encourage the police of any and all jurisdictions to take their own lives.  They call it, “the easy way out”, but I don’t think it’s easy, and I’d respect and follow up any such action, compiling statistics and what not.  Now it’s time for me to do a blast, so, adios motherfuckers.

As of 7:01 or :02 a.m., Vic wasn’t named.  That’s going to be an interesting combination of letters.

Oh, damn. Got to call on my scans.  I have scans or I wouldn’t be up. Have to fast for six hours.  My appt. is at 12:30.

Nice breakfast over here: eggs, strawberries, more.  You don’t smoke the ganja, but you police can always eat.  I wouldn’t—you wouldn’t, would you—think a bike crash would have wired jaws in it, just leg, arm, ribcage, amirite?


I told Krouss I felt sorry for him.  It belongs to him now.


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