Stopes {Y1131033}

I triggerd an avalanche of windows and tabs.  I’ll hand write while they.

I had my title and: Using monad, dyad, and sizygy (s)


The sound opens with the YouTube tabs, but this sounds like an ad.  It’s for Mettler (balances); must be directed at me.

A pig named Kraus just—

Made me think of fighting the ticket.

Anyway, I know it said 7S73094 (seven is seven, steven is stepehn, all on black), but what questions did that answer?  I have a polar chaotic (my own) form explaining the re-occurrence (of code) as the motivation for a classification scheme over categorical (cf infity* categoric) hierarchy.**

But, the computer’s ready.


*ZPF axiomatic set theory uses terms like ‘set-theoretic’; I’m using categoric, and now I’m using “itchy” for infinity.

** Why’s it got to be a hierarchy?  I bet if this was Saturn and the plane was zero, you would not care what was higher, with another higher upside-down.  Infinity isn’t like that, to where you can support a half-truth about it.  To place something in a hierarchy and not have a notion that one element is higher than another takes a special mind.  It is higher.  Higher in the queue are events which are about to happen sooner.  That’s why I said “re” occurrence.  Actual: said it in a note, publish 10:00

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