Granulations in th3 Zena Sphere

da zenum mm-smear

xenosphere, teh

and something else, and something else, and a self-referent time frame:

math and functions

computer science and algorithms

rising-falling theory

“How big are the pieces of shit you all are made of down there, anyway?”, and, anyhow, that is, ‘how big of pieces are there to you?’  That reduces to ‘how big (pieces)’.  Without ‘of’, there’s no function, no parentheses.  Plug in how big and you got it.  Check if how big is a centroid, for instance.   There exists a best linguistic metaphor.

The only things in the real world which are temperature below, and speed, are personal self-referent.  Personal self-reference should be eliminated by 2030.  The problem is the personal self-referent threshhold for doing a damn thing, and that is about one second ago.  This includes caring “mentally”.  see the time?  Thats my sat score!

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