I have had Sex Ten Times



In Near the Sci Mu (near the science museum (there’s a restaurant)), the first line was, “I must take the nuclear spent fuel issue to a new level.”  I publish this at 3-4 in the afternoon.  By 6:00 pm, the CBS Evening News says the same thing.  That was quick.

The day before, I crop out Liz Taylor in the Pigwickian, and she dies today.  That was soon, too.  So I’m psychic.  I also got a woman pregnant every time I fucked one.  I have two kids, one kidnapped, one who knows me.  The rest are murdered.

It isn’t nice here; it’s squalor.  It wasn’t me, oh no.  Sure it wasn’t.  My buddy Mike West died when Spring came.  That’s the other day, 20, 21, 22, so, you can know something happens every day.  Yeah, they do.  I’m over my limit; I’ll record the word count and start over.  The title is the first line.

I don’t have my tags, they went away when I put the cursor over it.  This is going to shut off soon, as a computer.  I used categories instead, not wishing to take a chance on moving the post to the trash.  Notice what I do is legal.  Furthermore, I avoid even the appearance of illicit activity.  Now, who wants to attack me for being evil and legal?

Even and legal, I have had sex ten times.


I have had sex ten times.  I have fapped over one hundred times.

The range of a number over a hundred ends at a thousand. 

 The range of numbers over a thousand ends at a million.

One times a number is itself.  Zero times a number is zero.  We lose information about a number if we multiply it by zero.

A negative number may be added to in order to bring it up to zero, and this window will absolutely destroy our information.  We may preserve the information by making the zero a power, but we then face the hurdle that the information is unchanged.  So, the entropy increases as the case under study goes from changing to unchanging to vanishing.

In order to observe any value rising, we apply the concept of its square root (QRT, 2-7-10).  Any integer besides itself times itself is ‘falling division’ besides one and itself in a perfect (one-term) world.  In an imperfect world it is ‘falling indivision’.  That’s because absolute value can only be applied once, and there is a meme for that.

Therefore, be motivated to go to your meme book and pull the reason why out of your Richter scale.

Let’s see if 4chan /sci/ has any other thread intelligence.

The image board won’t load at 9:59.  Go to the text board.

They say the zeroth law “allows” assignment of a unique temperature to systems which are in thermal equilibrium.

I go, “Can’t two systems in thermal equilibrium be assigned the same red shift?  Or, are light-emitting systems equivocal?”


I didn’t know the Doppler shift was mathematical.

They also ask how unknowns are identified in a crime lab.  They drive by a line of cars or a row of houses in a z-backscatter van and identify the contraband as that which is hidden.  They file a hundred cases.


535, neutral.  All correct except I added five words, also, I, go, one, and term.  I can see the notes right here to compare.  The word count will fall on offset.  Don’t get in the habit of using the text as the title, slackers.

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