Near the Sci Mu

I need to take the nuclear spent fuel issue to a new level.  The apathy of a group like Anonymous perhaps results from its inability to support a whole slate of demands.  The issue is how to argue the case for a central repository now.

A country is like a man.  Japan is the sick man of the world at this moment.  I am sure that in an alternative universe, there is a United States in that crux instead.  There are none in which one country or another is not the one to first galvanize the people, even in Europe.  At this point, are we going to consign ourselves to a revisitation of this dismal occurrence, or get this done and not return?

The opposite theoretical opinion is a strategy akin to elimination rounds leading to a victory of sorts.  At the end of the season, you must win all of the games.  My season is now.  Next month I’ll be 59.  I am fucking for guys who started fucking in 1962 and can’t fuck any more.


I saw my landlady’s car code there.  I saw an LTY before. ‘Tis is a form of the root, “light”, lighty.  That is strine for lady.  Any number pronouncing -ty is in the set starting with twenty and ending at ninety-nine.  Why you would owe 78 when there are 79 is probably due to having to witness one to start “there exists” in game theory.  Twinny-five has five below it, and, umm, wait.  Aren’t there eighty?  Well, why didn’t you tell me about it?  Yeah, of course.  Why owe 78 indeed, it’s nowhere close.  Or, it is Lefty.

I would rather not lose any to begin with, but here we are.  As a chemist, I recommend to chemists that they behave like construction workers.  We only “have” to work under blue skies.  Don’t get me started on how nice it is to be the last witness to pristine wildlife we proceed to brush.  Do not cause us to impose martial law and conscript sponges to run this repository.  You will be eating radioiodine on your cornflakes, I promise you.

There are a few ways to conduct a tournament with elimination rounds.  We won the bracket.  We are paired up with China now.  Or, I guess it’s already sedden death.  I do not wish to commit at this point.  When in doubt, pout.  But, I know Anon is supposed to blog to give themselves away.  Neither do I wish to blog in favor of the nuclear industry, but, what did I already say?  You would eat radiocesium in your breakfast food?  Naw, not from me.




Mr.  Hayley Mills


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