The Pickwickian

I have some of this blog in my head, and some of it is written down.  It used to be that we decided what to commit to paper.  I do not know what this is, screen?

At a corner, I stop.  I was curious what the license plate would say this time.  It was so informative the last couple of times.  I was thinking that she did not love me any more, but it is not like that.  One real thing that it isn’t like isn’t what you decide on impulse a good excuse is, such as being disabled.  The plate said ‘dp’, for disabled person.  It said Y9524, which I interpret as, “Why—what is 952 for?”  952 happens to be my birth year, all you can get here is three letters, so I can drop the one, as in 970 for 1970.

I had to go confront my estranged wife on  her sex life.  She was getting ready to go out.  I did not 100% realize this was what it was, only that it sure did not feel right.  I feel like the dullest of people, the boring kind, your parents’ friends.  I wondered why my son was being shuttled to a neighbor.  I felt the rejection, so I worked through the repertoire and came up with the claim that I wanted to have sex with her.  I took some pills over there so I would not be lying.  I left, but I told her the cancer would be getting her, and she did that in my son’s air.

Those were labelled twelve seventeen two thousand eight.  They are also labelled Las Vegas.  I was working there for two years a couple of years ago.  I am making the letters low-stress tonight, so no nerves will be gone off.  I mean, no capitals or anything you can skim.  Imagine some guy blogging and picking out pictures in between the porn.  “Oh, those were happier days.  This is—here we are in happier days.”  It is not anything like that with me.  Even rich Americans just basically have a job.  That is, they are all vulnerable.  They should not act so mean.  All they are to us is somebody to hold away from the wives, so these may do like she wanna do.  No, it was easily always like this with this lady, so I posted the kid, where this is what it is, more.


Yeah, I got a littler bit more to write afresh.  That is, the cowbell sketch on Saturday Night Live, if that ever sounded strange, it is because it is psychically derived from me, and so is the song, I Walk Alone, by Green Day.  Nobody can prove it, but the cowbell to me has a distinct sound as if it is fading away rapidly, and it goes along with the notion of this title, in which people act upset when people buy it but do not feel the pain.  They act according to how Terry-Thomas acts.  I realize it was a hasty decision not to base it on anything, but just to assign the next serial name to memorize it, because there will be something in literature which will disguise it.  There is not enough alcohol in the world to take away the adverse effect of a decision to tell: your wife is having sex.

Here in the mafia, we may not care.  I may not care.  It can be said about me, “If he cares, he might put a hit out on you.”  I might not be the last one.  I mean, all I need a rainy night for is to entertain a few anons.  My whole house I live in is all Peyton Place, but so are the folks working in liquor stores.  “No, I will work tonight.  You go out, have a good time.”  They just do not have a perfect system, where each Colombian turns to the person sitting next to them and shoots them, or there would not be any.  There are some.


I can’t—oh, yes I did.  666 is bygone.  Begone, befall, chert, hedony.

Last page first, I guess.  The final plate to freeze out of the gloom was 3KCM 741, with a partial next to it of EVJ, for evangelism, next to the church of the milliliters per gallon, a street address of 3785.  Pretty soon haxxors will be able to triangulate in on me, or I can post my Driver License.  That one says, there, okay, see them, saving for the one.

One sheet, one side, roll:

6MGK 806, 6DBV 917, 3TGH 606.

Like watching the water flow over the rocks in a stream are the license plates.  MIX I can see is magic, I see two reminders of good things, a beach house and a Porsche, and the last one is also a house, the one where I learned to read.  A light rain is falling, in hours it will be heavy.  It is about those madcap Japs.  The zips always have nuclear fears, God bless ’em.  These zekes took speed before dime-bombing our ships.  The zeroes, I really don’t know.  They had a meatball painted on them.

no page.  One is three, back of that is four, start here:

Taylor’s series.  March 20, 2011.  Sunday on Virgie Taylor range, bobble ubba Elizabeth Taylor is named Taylor.  Lizi in this picture frame capture.  Del off WIK and go Wolfram.  I need my PC.

893  I’m stuck.  It is like another encounter with the faggots.  He say, “Why yes, that’s my handsomely framed degree.  I have a PhD in on-screen chemistry.”  And then, below it is, Mind if I slip into a glass of gin?”  I had comments myself.  I notice there are endless pix of her, I can’t find the one I saw in that dress shop with her name misspelled.  Some ignorant Mexican woman maintained she spelled it that way.  Liz Taylor herself is a relic, with teardrop yellow diamonds, of the synthetic kind, I imagine.  The color is too straight.  I’m not ingenue, I am not speaking lines.  It does not matter what was said.  Liz and myself are too involved; I’ll tell you later.  Okay, I’ll tell you now.  The proprietess is a dragon, and way before ’40.

I guess if I had to explain survival, it would be that my team of docs is about 37 and 45.  Can’t be more than forty on the one, very adaptable.  I am alive on account of hyperfractionated radiation to the axilla in a Trilogy machine.  I got that in grays, not sieverts.  It soooooo good.

f(x) = f(a) + f ‘ (a)(x – a) + f ” (a)/ 2! + …

I learned this as the Taylor Expansion, a method of solving integrals, and I have computed with it.  AKA the McLauren series, when a = 0.  Continuing,

…which we saw as QED perturbation to Ao + eA1 + e^2A2 …

It kind of shows decimal expansion: 0.123 = 0.1 = + 0.02 + 0.003

which is a remedy.  They’re getting closer, each time it adds of a factor of ten less it adds … 2^x = n, 2^0 = 1, 2^1 = 2, 2^x = 3, 2^2 = 4, 2^x2 = 5

.6931471806 (there is that 806, as in the address “806 San Juan Place, San Diego (Mission Beach)”, so, when I had to go to trial, my prosecutor got it wrong and my judge dismissed the case.  I was asked whether I resided at 806 San Juan Road.  I was assumed by DMV to have received my notice of suspension.  I said no, and added that I did not know if a San Juan Road was in San Diego.  The judge said he was, there was, and case dismissed).


2^x = 3

ln 2^x = ln 3

x ln 2 = ln 3

x = ln 3/ln 2

x = 1.584962501

2^x = 5

x = ln 5/ln 2

NOT 1.975950833

NOT 3.349834148

x = 2.321928095

To derise the Taylor function …

This frat boy sing is useless is fuck.  Walk on the roof.  I feel blad about those letters.  Good job!  Let’s see, I had a third LP occurrence

of mix, it said to cover it; “Cover me,” is what it said.  “I’m going in,” it said, referring to itself.  See later on this plate, proto.  The protoplate was 138 of the discoverer.  Plates’ eyes—they should have eyes there—but they’re Teas, I just know it.  They sit low in the frame.  One thirty ache aim otta that fine structure constant.  That’s what brings me around to to RPF, and if prioritized yields the wake-up from a dream state of the fine structure of Hilbert’s hotel.  We only want the gross structure, not what goes on all jealous in the rooms.  NASTA is like a beehive today, must be.  Merc.  This thing had anomalous drift, a heady one back a few years.  It’s due in early 2011.  At least that leads to QED, hopefully, and it isn’t some pop tart on my calculator which gave 138.  Restore your last session.  Restone your last load, Stoney Stonebreaker, who was tanned in there.

The Manning character is code-named “Doc” in the film, The Red and the Black.  ‘Scuse me, Scarlet.  Yes, Bradley Manning is foreseen in a Gregory Peck film as a Jew.

Disregard 3


Divergence  at different rates, utility.  Incorporate a lot of different therapies (not theories), such as music therapy, bone roll therapy, etc.  Disregard as different rates the tach, the raptor.  Jester is really (do not start it J3), th3j3st3r, not th3j35t3r.  The bio is the same.  Loc. on the fake was ‘behind you’, but it’s an anon.

How many harges is this?  Due to the recession, I can’t affor.  Well, I can get sauce whenever I get my burger.  I’ve hop toad sauce.  I’m rep lacing my with four-letter words, even if they are a four-letter word.  That’s how I see them.  Rates intact the raptor, I see them idolatrous.

Neumune is meant to treat acute asian sickness.

One methamphetamine in Chula Vista.

The news of the day without commercials if you suicide-bomb Congress.  No otherwise disruption of daily life, just a big boost to our ratings.

How many hards to a bottle of Levitra?  I have 50.  That’s several bottles.  They wouldn’t even take it if you handed it out.

Since I have my dick in my hand every few hours when I take a pesc, I don’t like to think of you thinking of me & the ability we have of the capability of being a psychic.  I’m a Gabriel, you know, the angel?

0.03 is there: 0.02 + 0.01, and there: (n + 1)/100

My n should be an x.  We worship x, sometimes t.



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