How Do You Like Me Now?

Asset # 7856805 wrote (excerpt)
Sorry, Steve, I didn’t mean to encroach on your boundaries of communication.
No need to respond to this email. I’ll keep an eye out for new blog posts.
Thanks for the info, it definitely helped me understand a lot better than what I read about it.
Hope all’s well,
Thank you, 7856805.  I am trying to keep it deniable if the shit hits the fan.  I don’t like the way it went down the last time I was busted.  I was thinking about it yesterday, how there was a guy in my apartment the night before.  We were shooting up.  He had a collapsed vein and the other squiggly veins took over and were prominent.  He shot up in one of those. I had just met him on my street.  I had seen my P.O. the day before in her office and tested clean, so I was using right after.  What if dude was on the street as some kind of snitch?  And this in Anaheim, home of Disneyland.  A lot of things about that didn’t seem on the up-and-up.  For one thing, it came out shortly after that an Assistant Orange County D.A. was in the employ of the Hell’s Angels.  The D.A.’s Office set him up with a fake snitch’s name to see if he told the Angel’s President that name, and he had.  The Angels’ were operating 14 meth labs in the same area, and I was not one of them.  I was just there.  I was not operating a lab.  I had only gotten on probation in the first place because of a subpoena being repeatedly sent to my address, which I had moved into shortly before, and the “enforcement” of a subpoena when nobody responds caused the police to enter and subsequently arrest me, because I had dope and lab equipment that time.
The presence of dope in my residence enabled the prosecution’s theory that I was manufacturing.  The observation of that dope by eyes on the scene (perhaps) permitted authorization for a raid, and the delay in getting the evidence cleaned up is promoted by the hanging around of the guy until just before the police and probation officers came.  They got me good, just sliding a mirror out from underneath the couch, and then going on to refer to it as,  “a rock on a mirror”.  They often do not make a big deal out of evidence they find, even though it is like gold to the case, as you would in order to keep a rapport with the suspect leading to additional evidence, such as statements.
It doesn’t do me any good not to reply to your email.  Now what about secret, anonymous shit that other people can pull?  Because, that prison sentence I served was long, 20 months, and I am not “over it”, by any means. That was 14 1/2 years ago.
Did you know that yours and 6343443’s life, for two examples, depends on your not violating certain rules?  I tell you man, if I had it to do over, I’d realize that you either have a meth lab, or you have a bitch, but not both.  She acts as a rights-squashing little evidence-gatherer and the first domestic strife incident can cause a complete and exact recounting of all your activities directly to the narcs, like dumping it all in their lap.
Once I become a target for speaking out, how am I supposed to prevail, and not get completely destroyed?  Once I am targeted, what is to prevent the State from reading these words right here?  It’s a joke.  For every so-called benefit to having the internet or a companion comes more exposure to law enforcement tricks.  Or, explain to me how anything is private, and most of our assumptions are wrong?  Do you have to read your name on an indictment to wake up?

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