Functional Memory, Cognition and the Five Senses in Clairvoyance

I was just walking.  I banished the dread for a short time.  I would need to do nothing but walk to feel good enough to forget how I feel.  It is never a good thing to think about your tumors.  If they don’t show, this is enough.

Among the authors existed William Safire, too.  I mean J. D. Salinger.  I am still dealing with the persistence of this topic.  I do not enjoy starting so many sentences with the word, “I”.  Time for the image:

Image acquired.  Now I must parse the multitudinous and top heavy concatenation of terms relevant to this discussion: synthetic and analytic, or connotation and denotation, or inductive versus deductive reasoning.

At some limiting value of my attempt to introduce this topic, in the absolute word count comes an arbitrary point at which I have said enough to do that.  What happens then is that I can easily inject material I have already written down.

My point is that having made observations while taking a walk, I have explained something to myself.  Mainly, that constantly forgetting parts of an elaborate argument is frustrating, while the opposite to that experience is a pleasant experience I learned from carrying out in practice something to do with a shift in consciousness.  This thing is that creatures are more than willing to assist other creatures.  I hope Anonymous learns from this, because once a goal is defined, to embark on a fulfillment of it which requires violation of the quid pro quo is likely to destroy an ephemerally constituted contract with other entities, and this can only find its purpose within the psyche.  This psyche becomes multiple within the boundary of that contract, a moral person becoming the chief arbiter of probity, but other distinct participants undergoing a process of exclusion and inclusion in the fateful outcome.  This is to say that a notion of sacrifice is due for reform.  Once we have what we can safely obtain, we must sacrifice the rest, whether the product of constraints of time or others expeditious.  Is it not correct that expediency is an indefensible reason?

Now I’d like to say a word about technology: modern man may access much in the way of electronics, but the demand for content at all costs is wrong.  I have been writing and this is complete insofar as responsibility, and that’s a good thing.  The flip side of it is rights.  My penny’s worth of Szasz says as much.  Now two cents says that the notion that good can come from bad is both the foundation of Christianity and the initial condition for all abuse*.

Aside: I have a heat-related shutdown issue, and have installed a ceiling fan in order to cool my laptop.  I got some data: today it shut down at 1:09, and again at 1:25, so I fixed it.

I was outside being psychic again, and had to scout locations for a video.  I do not understand my Micro SD card, or I would have had fewer objections to removing a toad from the trail.  I left him there and enjoyed watching him swim.  I would have used the caption, “A toad without rights”.  I need a current picture of myself for this blog, so it would have been him and me in a picture from my cellular telephone.  In that format using it attached to my resume would be out of the question.  My reward as given to me by the toad was not something he could have the intent to provide.  He was the lucky one.  As a matter of fact, with it just nine days until Spring (capitalized when it’s the only one referred to, unlike a rap song, “west side, north side”, which will infer the northwest as a mnemonic), I looked for the tadpoles.  There were only fish disturbing the water at the algae pond.  The toad was just a baby.  That’s why he didn’t have intent; he is innocent.  He had another toad hopping alongside.  I caught one.  I carried him, I have not washed up.  I am stroking my chin.  I have people stacked so deep I can’t run out.  The reward was first offered as a plausible acceptance when I was five to do with a bird laying eggs where I fed it, but I did not get it that time and handled them. The mother killed them.  I have a six-year old, and I know that the news claims there is no radiation heading over here, but I want to know where my iodine is.  It can’t be possessed; it makes meth.  Somebody may be due for an ass-whupping at the store.


PARIS — Evacuation, temporary shelter and iodine pills are the chief weapons for protecting civilians against nuclear fallout, experts say.

A blast on Saturday that wrecked the concrete shell surrounding the No. 1 reactor at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant released radioactive vapour but not at levels dangerous for human health, according to Japanese officials.


Timing, huh?  Okay, I’m off.

This is the first day of daylight saving time; the post time is now correct.

Yeah, forgot to say something.  The toad stopping at various points on the leaf littered ground gave a pleasant experience as I searched again and again to see him, with his camouflage, in contradistinction to the experience of memory failure.  It was very refreshing.  Thank you, little toad.  I would have lost that had I brought him back.  He’d be the charge of a yard ape, a jar toad.

This was psychic for the following reasons: I saw a pail of dead kittens on /b/.  I had a dream in which there were young toads in a bucket, I was reaching for one of a very light green when I was called away.  In the garden  I sought toads, and was not disappointed, although another minute sooner or later and I’d never have found one.  This concludes the clairvoyance.  By the way, at night it is good to have a flashlight, because of an unusual snail.  It is black, and looks a lot like nasty little dachsund turds.  You better not step there you think.  The moon is last seen to be half the disk, probably called a quarter-moon, if I understand its phases.


I checked WikiLeaks after I wrote this, and the top tweet was using the same word I had just used, “cent”, c.f. 


  1. Note: Of all the books, films, etc churned out about WikiLeaks, not one has offered to contribute a single cent. less than 5 seconds ago via web

Now it is a few hours later, so that the times may be compared.  My use of the word was here, and I think this is up to approx. word # 421:


“Now I’d like to say a word about technology: modern man may access much in the way of electronics, but the demand for content at all costs is wrong.  I have been writing and this is complete insofar as responsibility, and that’s a good thing.  The flip side of it is rights.  My penny’s worth of Szasz says as much.  Now two cents says that …”

 I can’t refresh right now.  It is to compare the two post times to see if we used the same word for ESP purposes.  I do not have my collaborators at this time.


[update 7:46 a.m. Monday, March 14, 2011]

After freezing all night, the time stamp on WL Twitter updated this post, which has the use of a word I used, too, “cent”.  I used “cents”, the context was wholly different, as was the meaning.  It is only by using the words which in fact you do think that this can ever happen, e.g. “tumors” was hard for me to use.  BTW, as a young man, I hated to think any sentence with, “can see”, in it.  It might have been subliminally entered into my system and absorbed as, “can cer“, but see, this is the mode of attack used against the people by fear mongers anyway.  Always battle against superstition’s  omnipresent appeal (Carlsagan).

Interview with man who claims he informed on Bradley Manning: A. Lamo about 14 hours ago via web

  • Note: Of all the books, films, etc churned out about WikiLeaks, not one has offered to contribute a single cent. 3:21 AM Mar 13th via web
  • The Complete Wikileaks Cables on Nigeria | NEXT 3:38 PM Mar 12th via web
  • That is 3:21 p.m.  “Falling”, in one of my theories, i.e. 3 =/= 2, 2 =/= 1, 3>2>1.  Now to find out what that time was here, because here it was the posted time for this post.  Anonymous should be able to carry out surveillance of ISPs as well, and must have the latest skillz, if not the supercomputers.  They can do anything.  Once it is proven that I could not have copied someone else, but am an original source, it wasn’t faked, right?


    And then what does that do?  Well, you wouldn’t have to have your disciples at all if your Jesus, for example, was a witch.  More to the point, what am I going to do?  That’s better.

    1514.  Ah, 1514.  Leonardo was dead.  May 2, 1519.  Okay, then.  He wasn’t.

    [update 8:11 a.m.]

    See from this copy job that this guy had trouble with his computer, too.  The theorist on synchronicity is Jung, and it’s a song by Sting.  Kunstler’s blog is essentially why I made this blog.  he is an excellent writer, user of metaphors.  The trouble with mine you can read above.

    By James Howard Kunstler
    on March 14, 2011 8:09 AM

    Note of apology. My iMac turned up dead this morning and I got a late start by other means.
    [* updated 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 15, 2011]
     I must be cruel only to be kind.
    Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind.
    ………………………………………………..—William Shakespeare
    Quoted on the frontspiece of Cruel Compassion, PSYCHIATRIC CONTROL OF SOCIETY’S UNWANTED, by Thomas Szasz, John Wiley and Sons, 1994


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