Anonymous Attacks Japan

What do you mean?  Is a devastated city like a devastated brain?  I thought a human in a tsunami was pretty thrashed anyway.  I believe its brain to comport itself fine as long as it is there, as long as something squiggles out on the floor whenever its head meets concrete.

Well?  My computer, can that be taken over?  Yes.  Can my brain be taken over?  Is frying it the same as taking it over?


Don’t you tag that which you plan to destroy with a label claiming it is already destroyed?  Then you begin your attack?  And this is the mind, or is it the brain?


You attack the person’s brain, actually the whole body, by imprisoning it.  There’s a paradox of the heap in a mind.  When you take away a brain cell, it’s still a mind.  Which one do you take away and it is no longer the same mind?


I already thought about Japan in advance of this quake.  I married a Japanese in 1983.  She got residency.  We had a child in 1988.  Two-three days ago I sent up a “thank you” to heaven.  My ex raised our daughter.  Now I regret it; there’s a post script.

You Japs don’t know whether to seek shelter inside or outside; your aftershocks are a seven.  If I was there I’d go outside*, look around and say, “This reminds me of 1995**”.  94, whatever.  Kobe.  I never saw my daughter that whole year.

Year, ear.  Funny.  Bleeding ears.  No, I doubt bleeding ears is any problem.  On the hypocenter if it’s hypobaric you could pop some ears, but let me just drop this clipboard and develop some overpressure on your ears, if I was there with you.


Thanks.  12:43 is bound to get  a miss.  I do, sometimes.  I got a number yesterday, … hey, wait.  1243 is the first part of my PO Box number.  I was thinking yesterday what a rotten deal o get a number people always get wrong.  tey ought to cement over some of the PO boxes, so only easy-to-remember correctly, numbers are present.  Society uses the bad in two ways.  First, to bring wrong persons into existence, second, to fuck with the normals who need to cough up more jack.

This was on two sheets.  It ended at, “you”.  I’m keep going.  Whenever you are going to trying something—.  Notice, please: that’s not regular.  Let’s compare the correct with the actual:

5 x 5 matrix

w h e n e

v e r y o

u a r e g

o i n g t

o t r y i

sum (weak (note: “weak” is a complicated usage, strong is therefore less complex.  A 5×5 is less complicated than a journalism column of three-width, the minimum). c.f. Brown’s comment to me: “I don’t quite understand this.  Sorry.”

i d o n t

q u i t e

u n d e r

s t a n d

t h i s s

He seems preoccupied with IQ.  Who can blame him?

Last, resorting to the correct grammar:

w h e n e

v e r y o

u a r e g

o i n g t

o t r y t


Okay, so, finally the weaker (than math) sum, c.f. the weaker than Anonfag might do this, a representation I  might make is not to be found in a recipe for matrix manipulation; it’s a product I am calling, the non compos mentis approach.  However, notice I strained a little bit and managed to fit all the deviations and corrections to this speech in a 5 x 5 format.  Finally, I have the shorthand of it, and I always go counter to normal, not clockwise, not anticlockwise.  The first bin is labelled,


eoiw.  The second, Barrett’s, is [see this?]

*metaphorically outside, where I could scream at the heavens, I know, cracks appear in the ground that can swallow a person and reclose (It’s in Sho-gun, the book).  I’d like a light rain on my face as I raise it to the sky, “sky” to disappear, replaced by KYR, and yes, sKYRocket has KYR in it.  The whatever-tranch of a parcel of speculation can do that, Re: the price of gold.  As of 8:11, I ran from the prepared text, anyway.  I’d go inside your house and burgle it, so, better have me go outside, see?  How do I armed-rob relate to you?  Did you steal my child?  No, of course not.  You (J-land), are the culture so ruthless as to have zero pity.  This is the one minor flaw in that plan.  Enjoy.

**The quality of mercy is not strained.  Fuck no.  The quality of my credibility is strained.  Like Barrett Brown said on the news this week, c’est la vie.

Experimental Section

I should do some experiments in showing you how this earthquake relates to anything at all.  I have the new (to me) results of a …of two excellent researchers, Assange and Brown.  In one, he says to think about journalism like a prophet, excuse me, like a physicist.  That’s the “big picture” a communique from 2007.  he goes, “scalable”.  So, Brown, for his part, covers how the research done by ABGary was poor, but he can’t say that about methamphetamine research.  It would not matter one iota whether something existed on the ‘net.  Whatever I can find is not peer-reviewed, now is it?  There isn’t a single chemist to come out of the closet and defy the state over how to make meth.

Is there any world-shaking importance to having good methamphetamine information?  No, not outside, well, not this galaxy, but perhaps this one plus its satellite galaxies, the LMC and the SMC.  There was news “from” LMC in 1987.  But, the solid evidence is that one single grain of lying or falseness, just as you yourself swim in half-truths, how do you like getting your information that way?  One instance of unpunished corruption invalidates the entire edifice, whether politics or chemistry, commerce or medicine.  In other words, I need to go outside the galaxy in my mind to be sure that all the harm is contained within.  Then, the level of harm should not permeate the universe (although methamphetamine is the same here or elsewhere), unless there’s a hole somewhere.  It should be pink.  Patch it.

Investigation #1.  Is the time (or date) of the earthquake of any significance?  Aw, no, unless you were there.  It was 12:43 on one of our time scales; it was today.  I mean, it’s today here.  It happens today, but it is tomorrow now, right?  Pencil this in.  It’s 1:39 a.m. Saturday, so yeah, it is tomorrow now.  Oh, yeah. That’s only an hour and a half past midnight, so it was yesterday when it happened.  Check. That is, our today is the date, and their yesterday.

Investigation #2.  Are they screaming?  Oh, hell no.  Haven’t you ever seen a Jap?  They’re very stoic.  You can slam an Asian’s hand in a car door, it won’t scream.  They aren’t like those white people bawling all over Christchurch.  Best they’ll do is drop to the ground praying in a kimono.  I like the praying.  Classic.  I really like ’em having diarrhea on the railroad platform.


What’s “Ate oh one” mean?  Ah-tay?  No, I double-dissembled.  I guess it means I wanted a black mark on my soul.

a a a




Now the post is, … (got to go to notes)

Power outage @ 9:13 a.m. 3-11-11.  Now I am posting from notes again.  I hope not to have to redo this post.  Let’s see, my complete address is POB 12436, SD CA 92112, but, the ref to the “1243” of this quake (I’m going to make a category of ‘event’, but I still like tags.  They seem stronger than categories.

Back to real time.

Notice above, where it says, “[se this?]?  That’s what was left after I rebooted.  That is, that’s where I left off. I already had some text below that point, in asterisk-style and in the experimental section.  I cordoned off what was preseved and am starting over to finish my thoughts.  I don’t want 1340. I think I have a theme going of some digits in the elevens.  It said 1311 for a minute.  I am on the experimental section.  I will have to redo the abbreviation for that linguistic “matrix”, noting for beginning experts that I always take it from the upper right diagonally to the lower left, then across, then up, such that if it were morphed to a circle impinging upon a second circle, it would be modelled by the eclipse on my birthday 1893. That is, take first contact on your hand:   big thing ………………       1

………………………………………………………………………………………………….. (4)……………………………


When four letters form a word, it is tempting to decide to spell it, but this will alter any psychic information you may obtain by staying consistent.

DATA eoiw, ttsi, eotw.

All the data points are different.  EO tw, or “EO tomorow”, was within my thought stream yesterday, how or as it differs from the normal grammar, EO iw, which is of the form, “Oh, don’t you worry.  You can bet I know.”  That is, language is a commitment, a contract.  You are forced to say that which you do not mean.  Brown’s is of the nature, “Tits or get the fuck out.”

Among my epics are earthquakes and plane crashes.  I’m almost ashamed to partake in shootings, but when they come on my birthday, I do.  I mean, I changed to include them. Rather, they’re natural, what?


The earthquake struck 80 miles offshore at 2.46 p.m. Friday Japan time.,0,2015595.story

This last; You can count on the 4 as the hours depend on where you are, and the 6 is just what they say.  I know I saw a 3 before.  You can google up a three. I’m going to go to /b/. there were 4,000 replies.


I quit.   I can’t show you how I count.  I don’t have the patience.  But, I just logged in again to let it be known: The KKK uses hoods and Anonymous uses the Guy Fawkes mask.  So they better watch it.  Watched the Ronald Reagan movie, Storm Warning, last night all the way through.  It has all there is to know about KKK and mask-like organizations.  RR’s propaganda was going full steam (on its way to the White House), I don’t mean it had the ability to propagate in the forward (subject to space-skewed, the interpretation; timal) direction or anything; it’s just how we say it, metaphorically.  Anything else?  Yes.  They go TL;DR, and I think they mean they won’t even read the first sentence.  they skip it entirely and stay with their friends who speak in 25 characters or less.  Well, I’m glad I know that.  I got ’em, I got ’em.  Nobodys going to see a title and keep from reading it.  Like Mark said about John Lennon: “He printed me ( he saw the face of the guy who shot him)”.


I think we decomposed the whole era of the Shogunate right there, if words were years.


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