Open Letter to Barrett Brown of Anonymous

Why would you want to piss off Anonymous?  Because, they have principles to adhere to; they can’t do anything to me.

Nah.  See, my problem is coherence, and my time is up.  I had to log in.


“Our normal business hours are eight thirty ayem, …”  Okay, I can’t get in the telephone queue yet.  I still have to cream out of this blog, though, because I am cancelling all my appointements, and, not just today’s.  I’m going to move them all back.  I need a month for a project right now, even if it kills me.

I know that what I thought this morning had some insight, and, let me be frank: I have never been unaffected by any drugs, if you include caffeine, when I write.  And, maybe that’s why it isn’t coherent.  No, I know “why”; there isn’t any existential fact to go looking for  reason behind it, in many of the pseudofactual displays and sensation-forms from behind my eyes.  So, without a fact there is no reason.  That’s convenient.  I took a sip already.

I was going to write this: dying is like an attack, and I don’t mean a verbal attack.  Although I am now Old Dirty Bastard (that should piss off their unreasoning brains), I am not talking about the death of, I think his name is Chris.  It’s me, you young upstarts.  Let me tell you what it “means”, as you go.  It all turns red.  Take notice of that.


Those numbers I put (are a sign of mental illness, part again (no they’re not); you got your joke), show the post in the different forms as seen on the internet.  I took breaks and pushed “publish”.  what possible difference could it make?  Well, not to say I get per diem per post.  Your end, the reason as far as you are concerned (and poor you), is the aforementioned coherence, right?  Now you’ll know the history (where the porn is, ladies).  It is just mathematically possible that the post came out in just two lines, and it isn’t that style of post.  Math of how likely it is to be seen that way, is a deal.  It is not vital.  “I could write it coherent if I wanted to”.  No, I could not, and certainly not upside-down.

Man, that coffee— 8:30!

Okay, that’s done.  Now I have to call the oncologist, Dr. Daniels (famous).  Things are looking up.  I got out of going, and can now take drugs of an unspecified nature.  He knows I’m on pot.  It’s called weed, but it is stronger than water to some people’s way of judging, water being that blog-titled compound, methamphetamine.

I have notes to transcribe here, notes I took after a flood of ideation concerning the world and the emergence of an Anonymous spokesperson.  If he asks whether he is doing it right, oh yes, be the answer.

Katey Couric said, “a sixteen-year old girl”, but did not identify it as a meme.  There is no such person per se, unlike this morning, when the news anchor locally mentioned a thirteen-year old girl.  That one is also a meme, but he wasn’t quoting Barrett, so it referred to a real person.  “Last Thursday”, is such a meme.  It didn’t have to be Thursday.  I was writing, and Thursdays have come and gone.  This is Thursday in the abstract.  I understand and approve of this degree of anonymity, some device, eh?

So, what to say to Brown?  I would say that I am 58, and he is 29.  This coincidence, stated as, “I am (at least?) twice as old”.  And that won’t continue to be the case.  This fact puts now into the equation, so, propaganda is the right word, because the facts are obfuscated.  Most of them are of this nature, while straight numbers like the years 1990, 2010, and 2030, don’t really act anywhere.  Where is now in that?  Why is now not part of it?  Is it real, or is this just fantasy?*

I will just hit 1962.  That’s a GOOD GONG.  You should have seen that shit.  It’s in a song, Night Moves.

* memes of mine, snatches of song lyrics, this time, Queen.

I am not laying out reams of friendly shit for this guy.  They are … (I embrace risk. ), well, anyhow, hopefully there exists a link between freedom on the internet and in real life, with methamphetamine one aspect of it.  I guess I want to stick it to the government in the worst way, you know?

749.  It was stuck on 711 until I pushed ‘enter’.  It either changes or it is up.

I had Brown’s number.  While retrieving it I saw it is already reported to be a scam of NBC.  He scammed ’em?  Really?  I mean, some ideas you have, you think you can go back and change your mind.  I guess you guys don’t appreciate what carbon paper can do.  We had that back in the day.  My calendar works like carbon paper.  All my March appointments are in April, too.  

My sympathies for your buddy ODB.  At least, from what I gather is the hegemony off ED of the case.  I am not one of you.  58 is what it is, next month it’s 59.  Just to see where we are heading, isn’t the world’s smartest person some 13-year old somewhere in either China or India?  Where are they?  Get ’em in here.  But Barrett, it is his email address, and I could email him and say I used his name here.  It’s generally positive, no need to retaliate.  If I fucking get around to it.  Quit smoking.  You had 200 cigarettes in that news story.

938.  Everything’s missing, I was born at 9:31, it just said 931 (words —(Re: if it is miles per hour or time o’clock, what theory tells you how to compute the one from the other?), and, now it says 938.  I have two 938s.

First of all and incoherent, you don’t like the crazy because your memes are passe.  License plates are incredible memes.  You don’t like it since you can’t drive and remember more than a couple of them, and what do you do to make sure it is what you say it is?  Even computers have that data-preserve capability.  Can you remember ten license plates?  Right?  Right.

Uh, next, the point is that there is awesome stupidity in taking your name from the film, Swordfish, and I say they scammed you, because they ran that junk last night after they had you on TV.  Not the act, the loading against your credibility.  But a 938 is both the million electron volts of mass a proton is, and it is the number of hours as computed by the computer played by Kevin Spacey in Moon, to have spent while being a clone, building a little wooden city with an X-acto knife.

1135.  Enough of these!  I like 1107.  and 6.




“number of” is 1106-7.  We aren’t doing the number of members of Anonymous. We have to nurture this shit.  We know there is not enough energy.  You are using 1% for the internet, but we are using 1% to draw nitrogen out of the air and make fertilizer with it.  Conclusion: decide for 6.7 billion people which one is serious business, naow!


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