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SAN MARCOS – An off-duty San Diego Police motorcycle officer crashed and was injured just before 6:00 Wednesday morning.

It happened in San Marcos at the intersection of W. Borden Road and Palo Alto Court.  The area is north of the 78 and west of Palomar College.

The extent of injuries are not known and the officer’s name has not been released.  He’s been taken to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido.

More details here as they become available and on San Diego 6 News in the Morning.


I do not wish to use rhetoric and hyperbole to convince the public I’m psychic.  It’s just that when these things happen to you, you wonder whether there is any sort of pattern to it.   Frankly, weaponized psychic influence would be interesting.

It is not that Juliood or Doolieood (he or she John Doe (“dude”)), would say whether some apparition interfered with his motorcycle skills.  It is more the notation that yes, I was awake just before six.  I woke up at 5:53.  It’s 6:55.

The fractal of it is not a connection between similar events.  It is a weaponized connection, between the wish to have something to feel sorry for, and the occurrence.  So, the two crashes will not be connected.  There are no two crashes.  There is impotent anger of a sputtering Swede (I pick them because they sound so funny getting angry) from getting a  ticket by a rather malicious cop (on a motorcycle, name of Krouss.  I detailed it in my previous two posts), connected with the rather meritricious gloating I am doing now.  It’s hard to scare people with guns.  You have to use superstition.


Apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity.

I’m the meretricious speaker.

I’m not calling these people anything, but, it is required that one stop when stopped, and go when told to go (subjunctive mood).  I use the form ‘sbj’ on its merit of having “mood”.  Psychic power is based upon mood, not information.  No psychic really knows ahead of time.  There’s a blind spot there.  We’re human.

Compare the 1886 badge.  It says, “13”.  Interesting.  Friday the Thirteenth is in fact associated with “bad luck” of the state ruining your life, not bad luck per se.

The abbreviation for San Diego Police Department is ‘sdpd’.  Just like “subjunctive” has an abbreviation, so does, “stupid”.  So does, “stipple”, the gunpowder residue from a close-in murder using a pistol.

I encourage the police of any and all jurisdictions to take their own lives.  They call it, “the easy way out”, but I don’t think it’s easy, and I’d respect and follow up any such action, compiling statistics and what not.  Now it’s time for me to do a blast, so, adios motherfuckers.

As of 7:01 or :02 a.m., Vic wasn’t named.  That’s going to be an interesting combination of letters.

Oh, damn. Got to call on my scans.  I have scans or I wouldn’t be up. Have to fast for six hours.  My appt. is at 12:30.

Nice breakfast over here: eggs, strawberries, more.  You don’t smoke the ganja, but you police can always eat.  I wouldn’t—you wouldn’t, would you—think a bike crash would have wired jaws in it, just leg, arm, ribcage, amirite?


I told Krouss I felt sorry for him.  It belongs to him now.


and Southwick

Mon, 28 Mar 2011 11:03:29 +0000

11:00 to post time = ?

By way of introduction, it is possible that I do not post upon the subject of methamphetamine, and, it is also possible that I do.

It takes 3 1/2 minutes to fire up my computer and post.  I have things occurring like, I will go to the drop-down “My Blog”, select ‘new post’, see the form, and then the form disappeqars and i AM TYPING INTO A DEAD KEYBOARD—I am typing into a dead keyboard.  I’m scikig, zo!  I can hear it.  Oh.  Not true.  That’s the sound of using my in basket for a laptop stand.  It has a fierce heat (the computer).

What—-elected usage?  All, I want it all,  hyphens, parentheses, all of it.

Something is almost what it is not, and that which is not the thing is almost what it is. 

This use of ‘is’ is after Bill Clinton’s use of it in the Lewinski scandal.  I think that your definition of “is” may apply only to what a thing is called, its name.  Of course, Johnny Carson was “The Great”, Bill watched him growing up, so, we are to postulating that Bill got it from John.  That is, Carson majors in rhetoric in college.

192 stuck, 200 real.  Door.

Oh, I do call doctors doors; if it’s DR, you going to know?  No.

It was Ruth’s new guy to fix the bathroom.  He got a phone call, and I could hear the other person on the line as I walked upstairs, but that’s because I passed Ruth’s room and she was calling him from within the house.  I’m just saying, not that I am not crazy, because I am calling that from within the craze.  I don’t care how many books they write.  What’s wrong with writing?  Am I supposed to know?

Iyad (the dyad, no defn. yet) a plate, Deputy Plate: 5KUK394, whoops.  It had an English, “Five sics one”, 5KUK561.  It says I am a kook, and that I must not know that five attack one.  My five senses can seed that.  Maybe I got the “5” wrong, the first one.  These are harder to pin.  I went out again, like Krouss said, “I’m not doing this for the second time again.  Do you understand?’  I said no.  He said, “I’m not doing this again.  Do you understand?”  I said yes, but I said that the frirst time it did not make sense ( he said it different).  He wrote the ticket, but he lied and claimed that he was about to get on his motorcycle and ride away.  I was on a bike myself.  I have cancer.  I told him that when he threatened to handcuff me.  That is, he had the cuffs in his hand.  But, they have a lot of people around here, approximately a generation, who beat these guys all the time.  That is, he claimed he was not playing a game, while shaking his finger two inches from my nose.  I know, stepping back is how you clear your own gun, but I did it.  I also rode out the second time with my fleece on, so he might think twice before re-detaining me.

Although the fuzz murders a lot of people in San Diego—my next door neighbor, for one—they haven’t murdered me, so I compare it with the pigs in Orange County, who have done me over and over on false manufacturing charges.  My neighbor was named uh, I can’t think.  Travis Bickle, but it’s at 3719 Acacia Grove Way.  I’m at 3727, but I trust you.  Basically, that means I feel sorry for you, see?  It is what you get away with that leads you to become vile scum.  I feel more than sorry for human scum like this lying pig.  He laughed, uneasy.  “Didn’t you see me put my ticket book back?”

No, he said, “You feel sorry for me?”  I said yes, that he would do anything to kep his job (he’d mentioned that in passing, that he was almost to the point of sticking his neck out for me when I fucked that off).  He ruined my life.  It can happen.  I got a moving violation on a bicycle.  I don’t even know full of a stop to come to, but I guess I’m within my rights to do 35 in a 35.  When you’d do that, taking “anybody” and “nobody” as yourself who has done something wrong, attacked, etc.  If anyone thinks better about this whore getting married, and so forth, let him step up, otherwise it is all good.  I mentioned a “particle (I said grain)” of freedom that he had given up to keep his job.  It’s fair warning of a strange attractor.

Actually, back around my plate, as I am signing my death warrant, I had a last statement before reading it.  In Zen Buddhism we crawl loose to declaim on voices, utterances, a priori if you are thinking it it is talk, with silence at either end, see “statement”?  Whatever that was in spell, it was following an input from the newspaper stand, POT SHOTS ON THE SPOT.  My birthday was still percolating in the cop’s brain.  We killed 32 at Virginia Tech that day.  Krouss had insisted that I came—ran, through the stop sign “like a five-year old”.  I told him I had a six-year old.  None of what I said helped.  I told him that I noticed he used a vacuous truth, like when a child says he ate all the vegetables on his plate, and there wasn’t any on there to begin with.  Krouss asked rhetorically what about after I got run over, but the scenario was one involving the intersection.  Cars deal with intersections using approximately a third of the escape routes as bicycles.  What he said would apply to cars just as well as this reality, with a bike.

On a paramilitary force, you use what you reach for. I could have sworn one had a pistol in his hand on Waco/Branch Davidian Day, but I’d be dead.  He pointed it at my face.  Then I could guess this was mace, or, “pepper spray,” but that’s another confession.

I guess I’ll just pay it, but I might lose my son—a second child—to the system and the system’s beneficiaries, its opportunists.  He is already not living with me, now I get a point on my driving record, increased insurance.  See, the ruined life next door was the result of the father being beaten so badly by the police that he could no longer work, and he purposely ran out of insulin.  I went ahead and rode on up there again, and spent double the time to leave it where it should end.  Nice game you have on a Monday.  In fact, “failure to comply with a lawful order” is the lie that fits whenever, aside from hearing what the Man says, he gets  to hear a little “fuck you, buddy” from you.  They’re trained to check for citizen-held cameras now.

Who are you?  “You” is the first thing I hear, as well as the first thing I’m told, when I’m talking to myself.  It’s the first thing I say, and it has an error component.  It applies to other people, this word.  I see it as a column entry, and “I” as a row.  They intersect


I owe


It says wtr in this set, and wtair in the final set.  The intersection is imaginary.  No real intersection is possible with charge, but lag in time gives us charge in three dimensions.  This is a one-dimensional representation of a mental one-dimensional string of characters.  Your brain can use the hyperbola.  It calculates a lot of things you can’t formally perform.

The entry on the vacuous truth in WIK says the style is not up to their standards.  The paragraph beginning “Who are you?” two paragraphs up, says, wtaw.  Yeah, I’m always reading down.  If I were flying, I would not land, but I’d be falling.

Science makes predictions about the real world according to theories, like that of evolution or relativity.  Math can tell us nothing about the real world.  Linguistics is a form of math.

All this because Kunstler came under fire in new book about predictions not coming true, while he wrote about the documentary what won the Academy Award.  You can’t read either of them, or watch.  Before the financial meltdown, Kunstler joined the group predicting it.  In this segment of time, no predictions from before are valid.  It’s spent.  You know, seeing information in the real world accumulates in my memory much like a slot machine that hasn’t had all the reels stop yet.


In conclusion, “Southwick” is the name of a local weahterman, but this post is named after an intersection.  In  my fable, I intend to portray it as a dangerous place, and while engaged in fraudulent fear, I saw it as “Olivewood and South Hook”, but they don’t use the word ‘hook’.  They use ‘look’.  It can’t be spelled, anyway, not as one word, not in data entry with high precision

Olivewood and Southhook

It’s near Ocean View and Thirty-Sixth.

Yeah, your real world doesn’t break down into mathematics, and your computer animation has to pass the final test of inspection by a human to see if it looks real.

The WWI Germans fucked off the use of the word, ‘propaganda’, so, the term is ‘public relations’.

I had entitled a post yesterday, “The Breakdown of Equilibrium”, supposing that a chemical system like electrolysis operated far from equilibrium, and required chaos theory.  If not that, we would investigate when gravity,  not charge, was broken.  No, it was my own personal equilibrium.

I don’t want to tell the doctor that trying to get exercise gave me a ticket.  I’d have to remind him that he threatens to turn me over to the psychiatrists.  I’m sure that I am over the average life expectancy with what has hurt me, but with the proper weighting on various wonk factors, geeks, nerds, zekes and wazoos, my life span with metastatic melanoma will submit to an exact model.  I see a monkey wrench.

I guess it’s a story in the physical newspaper only; seems to be about marijuana.  I read it as “Pot shots in spots”.  I was still on about this 6’7″ pig, telling me he wasn’t forcing me.  All I had in my pocket was a concert flyer-card (has my birthday on it).  “Somebody took a pot shot at the president”, was how it was described to do with Kennedy, but it was not that his head was blown off; it was worse.  We’ve seen that.  This had a moment of being neck-shot finishing with a kill shot exposing the brain.  It’s the sunlight off the glistening brain tissue, and the chance that he lives, because it was still a “brain”.  Living with that massive a —well, Giffords is doing that.  She’s doing a payout to the docs in the millions. This is well.  No, but try.  Somebody’ll wipe the ass.  You get off and I’ll get off.

Nothing for my birthday, I can’t afford it.  You, uh, who’s that nigger born on my birthday, the one that went crazy in  the street with a gun?  You.  Appear.


Stopes {Y1131033}

Mon, 28 Mar 2011 10:00:18 +0000

I triggerd an avalanche of windows and tabs.  I’ll hand write while they.

I had my title and: Using monad, dyad, and sizygy (s)


The sound opens with the YouTube tabs, but this sounds like an ad.  It’s for Mettler (balances); must be directed at me.

A pig named Kraus just—

Made me think of fighting the ticket.

Anyway, I know it said 7S73094 (seven is seven, steven is stepehn, all on black), but what questions did that answer?  I have a polar chaotic (my own) form explaining the re-occurrence (of code) as the motivation for a classification scheme over categorical (cf infity* categoric) hierarchy.**

But, the computer’s ready.


*ZPF axiomatic set theory uses terms like ‘set-theoretic’; I’m using categoric, and now I’m using “itchy” for infinity.

** Why’s it got to be a hierarchy?  I bet if this was Saturn and the plane was zero, you would not care what was higher, with another higher upside-down.  Infinity isn’t like that, to where you can support a half-truth about it.  To place something in a hierarchy and not have a notion that one element is higher than another takes a special mind.  It is higher.  Higher in the queue are events which are about to happen sooner.  That’s why I said “re” occurrence.  Actual: said it in a note, publish 10:00

192 words 217 words


Granulations in th3 Zena Sphere

Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:40:04 +0000

da zenum mm-smear

xenosphere, teh

and something else, and something else, and a self-referent time frame:

math and functions

computer science and algorithms

rising-falling theory

“How big are the pieces of shit you all are made of down there, anyway?”, and, anyhow, that is, ‘how big of pieces are there to you?’  That reduces to ‘how big (pieces)’.  Without ‘of’, there’s no function, no parentheses.  Plug in how big and you got it.  Check if how big is a centroid, for instance.   There exists a best linguistic metaphor.

The only things in the real world which are temperature below, and speed, are personal self-referent.  Personal self-reference should be eliminated by 2030.  The problem is the personal self-referent threshhold for doing a damn thing, and that is about one second ago.  This includes caring “mentally”.  see the time?  Thats my sat score!

The Closing Chapter of My Life

Fri, 25 Mar 2011 05:42:39 +0000

After yesterday’s failure of a post, I should not be doing this.  My computer turned on in the middle of the night.  4chan’s /b/ board covers this type of thing.  I could use Firefox and Adblock; then I would not have to watch ads.  But, the internet itself can draw users into a secondary and pointless world.  I still write, like people always wrote.  I can estimate what good the learning is doing me, but it will not be useful.

I have my sickness, and this is a little bit the thing keeping me permanently occupying a new reality.  Even before that, I can’t lie abed while awake.  It’s not good.  The bed seems to get a dip down the center.  I am not ever going to fix that.  I challenged myself to post with a recorded time around five a.m.  It’s six minutes to.

People die and are not always killed, but my experience has been from age eighteen that I have lived through an attempt on my life.  The attempts are not always conducted suddenly, nor does there always seem to be any way to avoid attempting it.

My father crashed his airplane on a carrier deck in World War Two and killed a couple of sailors with flaming gasoline.  I have to get in touch with the County of San Diego today to see what that paper I signed ( a lien), in order to receive services, ended up debiting me, because I told my father not to include me in his will.  I just note that to show how threats can cause a person to suddenly change things around.  I do not actually believe I will benefit from my parents.  It’s just one of those safety nets we lose when we are adults, and recoil from the prospect of geting left to our own resources.  So, we are indoctrinated to see the world that way.

The County actually causes impoverishment of the people this way, and the state through taxes, the feds through taxes, and the city by making all library sales final.  I had found a book, but the librarian, Deborah Barrow, is a thieving nigger and I guess I bought it.  The city has another way, with parking fines.  I have two hundred in these, and five hundred in meter fees, but the tickets came in one bunch, and the parking went the year.

The year I spent with the cancer is one day at a time, so it’s 365.  Right now, the ebbing of the energy in my biological clock makes the morning a down time.  My wife Elizabeth is an adultress, so we could point to The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne and say it is all good.  I can’t go over there, so it changes the picture of my relationship with my son.  I have seen it before with my daughter.  She is weak ( the wife), all women are.  She has bedbugs or whatever and will want to move to Riverside to draw resources from her sister.  I can’t imagine being able to leave San Diego to follow her, see my son, and assert my rights.

There is no recourse in the courts.  Judges do not have to know you to immediately recognize who to favor, and it is not men, and it is not respondents.  The courtroom is a sacred place, and real things are conducted there expediently.  They did not set that up to keep everybody busy.  They get things done.  Like I say, my biological rhythms are low.

I have an hour today to create a record of a job search.  It used to take under five minutes to fill out my weekly claim online, but I am in the fifth tier and Nevada is paying it.  My last day working was when Jackson died.  My neighbor Hiram says I have a buffer zone, in a spirit of not having to worry about it for another fifteen weeks.  He makes money walking dogs.  I could walk dogs, and I could blog, but making money with it is not my bag.

That’s not it.  I don’t see how a person gets from point A to point B.  Giffords is a funny case.  Only pictures of her before being shot in the head are broadcast.  My head sounds loud in the dark, in the quiet.  It has tinnitus.  I feel better that Mike West is over his pain.  There are these updates on a web page called, ‘care pages’.  His wife Pat wrote them.  I was wasted when one came through, so I put a single-word reply.  I just could not function.  A vaporizer gives us more than we want.  The next one said about the funeral.  I have a doctor’s appointment.  It got late fast, twenty-five minutes, and I can hear what sounds like showers running.  No, that’s not happening.

I worked in Idylwild at a chemistry job, and I misspelled the name of that city.  I do not want to wake up the computer to ask it the correction.  There seems to be a lot of trade secets in chemical lab technique.  They have lots of things to accomplish more detailed syntheses than the ones making meth.  This place  made phosphorus compounds.  Where carbon joins to four other atoms, P joins to five.  I quit after one day becuase the smell from chlorinated benzene was on my hands and clothes, and the baby was so young.  But, I had two chemistry jobs, if we include my personal meth lab.  The owner of that shop is the only person to ever call me, “Mr. Billinghurst”, in the real sense.  I like the synergism of working on one subject in several places.


Though he dreaded it beforehand, the visit in April 1972 was passing uneventfully for Kirk. But on Saturday afternoon his father took Patrick out on an errand and left Kirk at home to watch TV, instructing him to sit still and make sure he used the headphones so as not to “disturb the neighbors.” Kirk immediately noticed that the headphones were stuffed with cotton. Picking them apart, he found what he later described as “shiny silver pellets.” Alarmed, he called his mother, but she told him not to worry. Later that day Kirk noticed that his fingers were red and sore, as if “sunburned.” When he visited his father over the next seven months, he noticed the pellets would often turn up nearby—in the pillow he slept on, under the cushion of the couch he was sleeping on and, finally, stuffed in a sock draped over his thighs when he awoke one night. Kirk began to break out in a rash, then in sores that wouldn’t heal. His hair began to fall out. Almost two years later, after visits to no fewer than 16 Houston doctors, it was determined that 13-year-old Kirk was stricken with radiation poisoning—and the suspicion was strong that his father had administered it with the pellets.


I’m glad I found that.  If you say that your father tried to kill you, the general response is, “All right.  Why did you try to kill your father?”  My brother is 56, my father is 88.  They’re all accounted for.


Orientation as to Set

Thu, 24 Mar 2011 13:55:41 +0000


waste worries

when we come back what to do with tons and tons of spent fuel …

iyiyiyiyiyiyi_ _W _ _O _ _ F

STEP ……….H E N D O W S P E

ititititititititi W E C I T H N T F

……………….O M E T O N U E L

………………..B A C S A N R O D

………………..K W H D T O S

………………… A T T N S O

Jim Lewis PhD, Gregory Jackzco, NRC, taking a read on___ , Andrew Fitz, expert, David Lochbaum, dir, Jim Axelrod, 66,000 MT, 7 yds x football field







E.T. dies.

“Homewrecker” could be a post.  “Provincial” is a word to be applied to today’s stodgy youth.  We love our child more than our job.  We are the ones you call schizophrenic.  I was doing it, calling Burton an alcoholic.  Liz Taylor was much younger than my parents.  “Royalty” applied to Americans is probably in order to place a cast in the viewer’s eye.  Wrong can’t be universal

if you find even one person denominated as immune to it (sa Glenn Greenwald on March 8, but not him, his introducer says it, to do with the rule of law).  Retribution is indiscriminate.  It kills everyone.  We are led to believe we killed someone who did not warrant it because of his special status.

What they did was like what anyone else does.  It was evil.

There aren’t any innocents.

“Value life”, is good.  “I value life.”  “Even though some of you don’t.”  Nice.

There are a lot of bad actions, while ‘not a lot’ denotes a tolerable situation (cf observables).  Being that the worst actual actions must be evaluated as to their legality, we are immediately forced to tread water, yet, we are not supposed to be pushed in, let alone made to sink.  I know, nobody made me sink; I could always tread water.  Can you tread water forever?

You can’t agree because you don’t know water.  Predicting the future like a psychic makes you innocent of responsibility for it.  The whole future doesn’t exist, only certain events in it.

3, 3-23

We are not treading water.  I didn’t say that.  I kill.  If I wasn’t treading water I’d be grounded.

When torture becomes legal, a higher law must operate.  However, it isn’t just an oracle with a switch yes/no.  It’s a whole shadowy edifice, all made of future events.  The longer it takes, the fuller it is.

Lies are best when spoken.  Otherwise, when are they to be smashed?  Some people feel that bad things should not be spoken.

‘A lot of’ has an antonym: ‘not a lot of’. [sense is crucified, cf f’ f ‘ cf f ]  In order to understand what this really means, you do not have to go to the ziggurat on high for an explanation.  It’s infinity.

[This isn’t the one I read.  I’m sorry, I had that tab open and my computer turned on in the middle of the night; I unplugged it]

Something bad of which there are not many does not mean there are “enough”.  There’s no such thing as enough bad.  ‘Not enough’, ‘enough’, and ‘too many’ does not span the uncountable.  ‘Not a lot’ is none.  Don’t dance to it.


What’ll I get around to saying?  It’s in fifteen handwritten pages.  Free me from this.  I’ll put it in a folder of a blue color, identified as #9753.

The Genre

Wed, 23 Mar 2011 16:50:57 +0000

The genre is insane.  I ain’t talking about your concept.  I’m sure the book is in the 616s.  I’m not talking about anything.  I thought it was important not to lie.  No, it’s to be competent.  The ripples go out.

“We have clearance, Clarence.”

“Roger, Roger.  What’s my vector, Victor?”


The notion of a vector, with magnitude and direction, is in Rank One of tensors.  Rank Zero I doubt is timelike.  The year 2,000 is timelike.  When did the 21st Century begin in there?  Nowhere;  501 is outside the fifth rank altogether.  You are int0 the sixth by then.  The gradient and the flow will do, in fluid mechanics.

The degrees of freedom (DOF) given a five indicate to me that the Nth rank only contains items with a known precision of 100% +/-  1%.  The fifth rank is the 5.00 five, then it’s wrong. 

The genre was really The General.  There’ve been a couple of movies with that title.  Moadar Qaddafi is a colonel: Qaddafi Still Defiant, screams the headline.  Kuh-Doffy?  He still bad.  Me lub you long time.

No, but what’ll did I find out?  What little I did find out was kappa, a certain transfinite  cardinal.  But, I didn’t do that in the library, which is to the book, The Encyclopedia of Ignorance, as is a Library of Confusion.  I ended up telling the clerk that I would get whoever I wanted, and nobody was going to stand in the way.  The head of something must provide access to the population served, of a tendency to leave to underlings enforcement of an untenable policy to be specious.  At least I have her name, Sherry Barrel.  501 is in the sixth rank (5DOF501).

Can they come and get me?  Ah, nah.  They can wait for me to come to them, it’s simpler on the arrest report, if there is one.


501 denotes the American money of a cent and a five-dollar bill, just like “first” denotes something wrong here.  The rest of them have a ‘th’.

Events that you write about, even with the difficulty of recording them and remembering them, cannot be rote chronological, or they lose too much sense for a biped to absorb.  If readers do not read, all they can do is e-mail.  They can’t call me.  Sure, I am a speaker, but I’m a fucking source, a dumbass source.  Don’t believe me.  Try some of this.  Sure, I’m the speaker, but I’m hoarse.

Maximum Oversoul



saving if I’ve this


7562, L37.  L37 is a leet, a leet is elite.  L37 is elite.

—Loughner logic

4KEY005 (four key double oh five), rising, meant, Syzzigy (energy)”, a key from yesterday, the bike ride.


In mathematics, a syzygy is a relation between the generators of a module M. The set of all such relations is called the “first syzygy module of M”. A relation between generators of the first syzygy module is called a “second syzygy” of M, and the set of all such relations is called the “second syzygy module of M”. Continuing in this way, we get the n-th syzygy module of M by taking the set of all relations between generators of the (n-1)th syzygy module of M. If M is finitely generated over a polynomial ring over a field, this process terminates after a finite number of steps; i.e., eventually there will be no more syzygies (see Hilbert’s syzygy theorem). The syzygy modules of M are not unique, for they depend on the choice of generators at each step.

It’s unity, not energy.

The key to something has a moment before, with the key in hand; the magic happens.

Today’s bike ride had the kind of key to it where the relevance shifts to some healthy exertion.  In that condition, the context alters the animist cues to the challenge mode, not the attack mode.

There was a house at the top.  A house on top is elite.  Even the license plate said it was elite.  The five is, “if I’ve (if I have)”, which is

modified whenever seven says to save (THE DISCUSSION).  A discussion is not real.  To save it is to shitcan it.

Was it 7562 or 7652?  7652 (falling): saving this if I have to.

‘Saving if I’ve this too’ would imply a choice whether to save this or one of the others in the six-set (six radii in the circle of your mind, inscribed, forming a hexagon), not an elite go.  We call the center of a circle the radius point in survey work.  The arc of a curb is such that the radius is twenty-five feet.

What other key?  None other, second- two-none.  62, I am short 16 ( if I want to increase the number of possible characters a given place might contain.  If it’s a letter, it is one of 26).  That is, whatever the Venn diagram is for cardinals and ordinals, they end up meaning the same numbers.  I’ve shown how to use case-sensitivity to hide information.  Cards don’t–alphabet soup.

Yeah, one digit’s a cardinal.  That’s rank then.  where are these ranks?  Ranks up, down, the 4 pts …

Of course, I don’t—

I can’t—

I don’t have to…

I can’t be psychic.  You’d think I went back to recover proof.  And then, this wouldn’t be new.

This is pretty new.  “Post up”, in one spot, that rank.  Rank?

To post up is to see all ranks.  To move eliminates one.  To have nine ranks is what I did there:

| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ X |

| X _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |

| _ _ _ _ X _ _ _ _ |

There.  See them all?

| _ _ X _ _ X _ _ X |

How about now?

A post has a rank.  A rank has a cardinal.  A cardinal has a ‘th’, e.g. FOURTH.  A 4th as a good thorn.  A post  has a thorn.

A tree has roots.  A rose has throns.  Does a rose root have thorns?

—Malcolm X. Nigger

“ROADOGX” had a double-take.  In abbreviating, dubs are brittle.  It’s road, it’s dog, it must be the road-dog-ten.

But, that was seen before the key one.  It went, ROADOGX to 4KEY005, meaning that dubs or errors are key, and before, we didn’t know how to build a message out of errors.

Blooming out of that one is sense.  The sense of a message ——– if the sense of a message is allowed to vary within strict limits (cf ROAD DOG with ROAD HOG), it may be reused.

My ‘u’ looks like an ‘n’.  maybe it’s rinsed.  Oh, I forgot my laundry.  Calling the mother bird …

Since I’ve ben alive for extra events (BP spill, Michael Douglas, Cannel, Sendai), the things trail off, but, the event is bound to happen first, or not at all.  Since I’ve been alive this extra piece of time I know I would have gone out contemporaneous with these calamities.  I would not have gone out with the world itself.  Thus it is when you have nine.  Do you really net ten defined?

The dichotomy is set up on the other side of life for you to live, not die.  You don’t die, you lose your struggle.  You are supposed to see the irony.

I don’t see the sysigy.  I’m thinkin’ quiescent, then it’ll explode in frenetic activity.

QED Pavlov


I have had Sex Ten Times

Wed, 23 Mar 2011 11:08:35 +0000

In Near the Sci Mu (near the science museum (there’s a restaurant)), the first line was, “I must take the nuclear spent fuel issue to a new level.”  I publish this at 3-4 in the afternoon.  By 6:00 pm, the CBS Evening News says the same thing.  That was quick.

The day before, I crop out Liz Taylor in the Pigwickian, and she dies today.  That was soon, too.  So I’m psychic.  I also got a woman pregnant every time I fucked one.  I have two kids, one kidnapped, one who knows me.  The rest are murdered.

It isn’t nice here; it’s squalor.  It wasn’t me, oh no.  Sure it wasn’t.  My buddy Mike West died when Spring came.  That’s the other day, 20, 21, 22, so, you can know something happens every day.  Yeah, they do.  I’m over my limit; I’ll record the word count and start over.  The title is the first line.

I don’t have my tags, they went away when I put the cursor over it.  This is going to shut off soon, as a computer.  I used categories instead, not wishing to take a chance on moving the post to the trash.  Notice what I do is legal.  Furthermore, I avoid even the appearance of illicit activity.  Now, who wants to attack me for being evil and legal?

Even and legal, I have had sex ten times.


I have had sex ten times.  I have fapped over one hundred times.

The range of a number over a hundred ends at a thousand. 

 The range of numbers over a thousand ends at a million.

One times a number is itself.  Zero times a number is zero.  We lose information about a number if we multiply it by zero.

A negative number may be added to in order to bring it up to zero, and this window will absolutely destroy our information.  We may preserve the information by making the zero a power, but we then face the hurdle that the information is unchanged.  So, the entropy increases as the case under study goes from changing to unchanging to vanishing.

In order to observe any value rising, we apply the concept of its square root (QRT, 2-7-10).  Any integer besides itself times itself is ‘falling division’ besides one and itself in a perfect (one-term) world.  In an imperfect world it is ‘falling indivision’.  That’s because absolute value can only be applied once, and there is a meme for that.

Therefore, be motivated to go to your meme book and pull the reason why out of your Richter scale.

Let’s see if 4chan /sci/ has any other thread intelligence.

The image board won’t load at 9:59.  Go to the text board.

They say the zeroth law “allows” assignment of a unique temperature to systems which are in thermal equilibrium.

I go, “Can’t two systems in thermal equilibrium be assigned the same red shift?  Or, are light-emitting systems equivocal?”


I didn’t know the Doppler shift was mathematical.

They also ask how unknowns are identified in a crime lab.  They drive by a line of cars or a row of houses in a z-backscatter van and identify the contraband as that which is hidden.  They file a hundred cases.


535, neutral.  All correct except I added five words, also, I, go, one, and term.  I can see the notes right here to compare.  The word count will fall on offset.  Don’t get in the habit of using the text as the title, slackers.

578 picks

Near the Sci Mu

Mon, 21 Mar 2011 15:04:49 +0000

I need to take the nuclear spent fuel issue to a new level.  The apathy of a group like Anonymous perhaps results from its inability to support a whole slate of demands.  The issue is how to argue the case for a central repository now.

A country is like a man.  Japan is the sick man of the world at this moment.  I am sure that in an alternative universe, there is a United States in that crux instead.  There are none in which one country or another is not the one to first galvanize the people, even in Europe.  At this point, are we going to consign ourselves to a revisitation of this dismal occurrence, or get this done and not return?

The opposite theoretical opinion is a strategy akin to elimination rounds leading to a victory of sorts.  At the end of the season, you must win all of the games.  My season is now.  Next month I’ll be 59.  I am fucking for guys who started fucking in 1962 and can’t fuck any more.


I saw my landlady’s car code there.  I saw an LTY before. ‘Tis is a form of the root, “light”, lighty.  That is strine for lady.  Any number pronouncing -ty is in the set starting with twenty and ending at ninety-nine.  Why you would owe 78 when there are 79 is probably due to having to witness one to start “there exists” in game theory.  Twinny-five has five below it, and, umm, wait.  Aren’t there eighty?  Well, why didn’t you tell me about it?  Yeah, of course.  Why owe 78 indeed, it’s nowhere close.  Or, it is Lefty.

I would rather not lose any to begin with, but here we are.  As a chemist, I recommend to chemists that they behave like construction workers.  We only “have” to work under blue skies.  Don’t get me started on how nice it is to be the last witness to pristine wildlife we proceed to brush.  Do not cause us to impose martial law and conscript sponges to run this repository.  You will be eating radioiodine on your cornflakes, I promise you.

There are a few ways to conduct a tournament with elimination rounds.  We won the bracket.  We are paired up with China now.  Or, I guess it’s already sedden death.  I do not wish to commit at this point.  When in doubt, pout.  But, I know Anon is supposed to blog to give themselves away.  Neither do I wish to blog in favor of the nuclear industry, but, what did I already say?  You would eat radiocesium in your breakfast food?  Naw, not from me.




Mr.  Hayley Mills


Church Key

Mon, 21 Mar 2011 11:58:59 +0000

I wrote bad checks.  One of them is up and it is #2039, so, the last few months I have been through all the current and near-future years with the imprint of check logic.  Check logic in general is a function nof gravity, and this determines your weight.  I have a new theory of zeroes in which—ah!  I just remembered.  This is one in which the zero counted, but I left it out.  I read, “Two eight twenty eleven” and interpreted it as, “twenty-eight”.  I even wrote it on my calendar.  I had thirty days.  I put it on March 28.  It was due March 8.  I don’t want to hoard your time.  It is my firm belief that if you want to take methamphetamine, the power of the drug is as a squeezing hand on your heart, fingers interlaced with the vena cava between the thumb and index finger, aorta held between the first two fingers.

So it’s like that?  Yeah, but it’s not barbed.  A doctor at UCSD is doing this this very minute.  My particular deal is one in which the breathing is labored.  Anyhow, understanding zero takes a couple of cases to become exhaustive.  There’s the first one, e.g. 02/08/2011, don’t forget the zero in front of the 8 is not the two, and second, the check # 2039 can only be 239, a canonical form taking the atomic weight back.  There are no weights one and two, let alone ten.  All weights are under 500, no 1,000, 1,500, or 2,000 needed.  No 10,000.  No 100 will do.  That’s technicium (DNE).  The zeroes fly by in any magic sequence.   When the 9 is dumped for zero in this place the error will be over 100%.  Don’t add ten or divide by ten if you have zetabytes or attomoles at 991 or 009, respectively, and  respectively.  We don’t have names.

To the bat notes!

I have some empirical evidence that a smaller object behind a larger object is invisible, while a larger object behind a smaller object left no further reason to watch.  That impressed me, and I reached back in my mind to what else I’d said: People would exercise the freedom to kill themselves more often were they not brainwashed about civil rights.  That was it, but there’s more.

If I tell my son that his mother and I do not get along, I will have a stroke.  Nicholas, I have always hated her.  She’s a whore.  There is nothing I despise more, perhaps due to that uptake phase during which the lies run you downstream.  It is like when you get cotton candy, maybe.

Someone can lie for you, and include you behind the scenes, like a participant.  A human being in its corporeal form must be bargained for, and made out of the background dust by a man.  Whores are the answer to this.  Nobody has a fifty-two year old father first-born.  It’s an engineering miracle.  Noone has a forty-year old mother unless she is a professional engaged for the purpose.  I’m not rich; I have never grossed a hundred grand.

How funny is it with everyone wanting a nuclear war not to hit the full cross-section of ages?  How funny is it that radioactive environments are essentially sterilized with respect to human contamination?  That’s because we think ahead, and, as we seem to manipulate, we must offer the vic a continued story:

PRIMA Where is my two hundred and forty bucks?!!

SECUNDA (coming off a mad rush on heroin and recovering from having her head lashed off of a metal guard rail.  She raises a hand in protest, warding off another blow) I’ll have it for you next week.

PRIMA You took it out of my wallet an hour ago!  All my money.

SECUNDA Now wait a minute.

PRIMA (dancing from foot to foot )  Let me go through your pockets (does so, roughly.  SECUNDA is almost stripped bare.)  This concrete is hot.  Kick off your shoes.

SECUNDA I’ll kick your bare legs with my leather shoes!  Right in the shin (does so).

Estimate the fate of the hunda fawty bock in the shoe .  I bet the hundred goes for more heroin, PRIMA goes to jail, and those forty are put with forty “for bail money”, gathered from friends of PRIMA.  A piece of heroin is eighty.

We wrote sterilization from the second-to-top down.  I doubt there is a word for it.  Sure, penultimate is next-to-last, but ad hoc bias may not be fallacious.  As we are atop the food chain, we cannot skip steps going up.  Hey God!  Resurrect yourself and pioneer this slope.

We adults considered you, Nicholas, and others to be hazards we could tolerate as a tax on our own survival.  We are now to be considered as dangerous from an argument as to propagation or reproduction.

Today Just Today

66.70 UCSD

95 City of San Diego

200 Storage

3.50 JIB (about to break fast)

“Steve did not mean it”.  This proves my point: people generally lie about the intent of others.  The key to life and death is not like something in front of us which is tangible as a step forward with two steps behind.  We can use one step behind us iff turnabout is fair play.  Therefore, we can assume that the next step forward will place us two steps forward.  At death, we straddle a realm of one and one.  It is said that freeom is not free.  That is a lie.  Freedom is not real unless it is exercised.  All the people “dying to give us freedom”, will not shorten our own trek by that last singular step.

I have intent behind every word.  I better, I’m lethal and fatally stricken.

I wrote off Japan twenty years ago when a Jap took my eleven-month old daughter.  Now Dina Titus*needs to take Harry Reid and both of them may commence to shut the fuck up.  I solved your little problem with my witch’s spells and lunar pull.  Light this candle naow.  Any state in denial mode must not make failure popular.

Three hundred seventy-five dollars, but I just woke up, is what I spent.  I just woke up.  The canonical form of that is that I did not know what I was doing.  You can’t read, correct?  The name, “Shirley” is unlike, “Sherry”.  One of them is the one you use because you can’t remember that L.

* authoress, one about my age.  The local newscaster of our age is named Paula.  She was in the remake of Godzilla.