License Plates Talking Back and Forth While You Drive

My image is one thing, but, my self-image is something different.  Computers have virtual copies of their hard drives, we have virtual images of people.  Anyhow, if we do then we may consult a person by thinking.  It is paradoxical. 

What Sharpless did was to clown me at this moment.  I can’t keep up with erudite nonsense, and this kludge of complex interactions I call a home has a new guest who may not blog like this.  He’s new to me.  Why nature chose this moment to bring him to my attention

92 Cocaine

isn’t some spasm of mine, I got a dark intent from the internet and I’m tracking it, you know, chemically.

I began with following the events in Libya, which led to a comment thread, one of whom was a spook.  He asked about the electrical surge knocking out stuff, and that was explained away as a mistaken early report from 7/7, which is a 9/11 style event, but still a fetish.  But, it’s a bombing.    It’s like the recent news girl whose name I can remember since it’s basically mine, “Serena Branson.”  They pointed a nonlethal weapon at her head and made disjointed speech come out of her and out over the airwaves.  It’s explained away and you needed to know, just like you need to die, so now:  A migraine is the cause.

The electrical surge is a weapon called EMP.  If you can do it with a nuke, and with explosives, then how do we go about doing that by bubble cavitation, hydraulic, pneumatic, or other instant explosive release of pressure?  I decided to look into sodium azide.  That  makes car air bags work.  It decomposes by heating, and quickly, huh?

Azide chemistry was granted recogntion as useful to “click chemistry”, so, I clicked on it.  The last whole chemistry I missed was combinatorics, and this works with that.  It is badass.  Now it turns out a man named Sharpless asks, “With so many olefins, we ought to make everything out of olefins.”  So, he must know which enantioselective meth synthesis will improve the art, in which small fragments are chemically joined to give the plant product analog, in this case dextro meth.  P2P gives racemic product, and meth made from the ephedrines is, already has, the right stereochemistry.

He maketh a styrene to open and further react with its amine attached in the favored spot.  It’s all good, but, it is not all good, because here we have the world’s best chemist (I mean they brought him here by social engineering), while the world’s most highly-paid chemists are the drug chemists.  I don’t need any new billionaires.  He’s not contained, he is unleashed.  Look at his amazing website:


History made by him:

I knew I’d seen that name.

There’s a Billinghurst gun, of course, and a Billinghurst the president of Peru during old cocaine times, but there’s no “Sharpless Rifle”.  The rifle’s a killer to track.  Magnum P.I. had a goldanged rifle in  Australia, in a flick.

Is what what I think?  I see thirty windows and ten tabs open on each.  Okay, final link: Hudlicky.  I got that book.  I might have said it before, but Hudlicky was Wenkert’s grad student, and I had Wenkert (and Bond), when he visited.  He still had time after that to advance and educate Hudlicky, but he was never to the potential of Sharpless, IMO.  There isn’t any chance to outdo a Kraut in chemistry.  I might be biased.  But, I won’t rue the day.   Nobody can touch me.  Better hope I don’t hook up with a Mexican cartel.  Hudlicky puts the name reaction “Sharpless epoxidation”, on page 54 of, The Way of Synthesis, and every other major milestone, eventually, in schematic form. 

Not eventually but right then I got a phone call.  My wife wasn’t in this.  Maybe some chemists are married to it.

Well, so you can Google yourself and I don’t need to contact you, it is Barry Sharpless.  To the


young Turks, yes, this post is worksafe for the prof.  Yeah, I got done with old Oliver Hemmers of the Harry Dean Stanton Environmental Lab at UNLV. I met him and hit him up on the anniversary twice.  Where is our alt.fuels infrastructure now that every electrical device in a line of sight can get fried?

The  most unbelievable guy is a dude from Michigan (Madison, WI is on the news), with a football jersey saying, MICHIGAN CHEMISTRY.  He snubs me in the street.  I tell him he is not a real chemist, but, he is Michigan chemistry, some prof name of Brian Coppola, five years my junior.  He isn’t real because chemists create things.  I tolerate tourists (students, too), but the obvious conclusion is pretty much always succinct, not right whatsoever.   One beautiful comment thread, leading much ways from WikiLeaks Twitter, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc. is where a guy asks why anyone would plant explosives in a cemetary since the people are already dead, I hope I am clear when I explain the need to hide that which you need to take to the center of town when its ready.  That’s what the cemetary is about.  I live amongst three.   I’m missing San Diego in terms of this sucks—not!

Think “pulse” when considering blast waves, and what one “globe” will do if it is really weaponized material.  Not in one gimmick, I might add.


6 Responses to “License Plates Talking Back and Forth While You Drive”

  1. 503Star Says:

    Hey Pops I appreciate you. I was reading your blog and noticed a comment that you would rather talk here so Ill come here to talk at you. Would you have any comments or links on electrolysis ? I hate always asking for things hopefully someday I can be of some help to you.

    • 503Star Says:

      Pops this electrolysis is hard to understand how to put it to use with what swim can findElectrolysis: Divided standard beaker-type cell (150 ml), cathode =
      Hg pool (19.5 cm2) or graphite P 127 (9 cm2, Sigri), anode = Pt
      foil (2 cm2, ref. electrode = SCE, Luggin cappilary, diaphragm =
      glass frit (G4), current source = Wenking HP 88 (Bank Electronic).
      General procedure for the reduction of 1-nitroalkenes to oximes
      The cathodic compartement of the cell was charged with 30 ml of
      0.1M sulfuric acid in IPA/water (3:2, v/v), subsequently by 3 mmol
      of substrate. Then the anodic chamber was filled with 8 ml of
      supporting electrolyte and introduced into the catholyte properly in
      order to minimize the space between the electrodes. With stirring
      and cooling (10-15°C) controlled potential electrolysis was carried
      out at -0.25 to -0.55 V (SCE), depending on the substrate (for the
      graphite cathode the potentials were about 400 mA more cathodic).
      After 4.0-4.2 F*mol-1 had been consumed (i < 10 mA) the
      catholyte was treated with 10 mmol of hydroxylammonium chloride
      in 25 ml of water and with sat'd NaHCO3 until pH was approx. 5.
      After 1 h of stirring, 100 ml of water was added and the solution
      extracted with 3 portions of ether. The combined org. phases were
      washed with brine and water, dried (MgSO4) and concentrated to
      afford essentially pure oximes. Final chromatographic purification
      (petr.ether/ether 4:1 to 2:1) afforded the oximes in the following
      Help Hurricane Victims
      Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund Providing Shelter, Food & Support
      electrochem reduction of 1-nitroalkenes to amine Success!
      * Phenylacetaldehyde oxime, 85%
      * (4-chlorophenyl)acetaldehyde oxime, 85% (graphite cathode 76%)
      * Phenylacetone oxime, 91% (graphite cathode 85%)
      * 1-Phenyl-2-butanone oxime, 92%
      * 4-Methoxyphenylacetone oxime, 91%
      General procedure for the reduction of the 1-nitroalkenes to the
      The cathodic compartement was charged with 70 ml of 0.3M
      sulfuric acid in IPA/water (2:1, v/v), subsequently by 6 mmol of
      the 1-nitro olefin. After introducing the anodic chamber filled with
      20 ml of supporting electrolyte, controlled potential electrolysis
      (-1.1 to -1.3 V) was performed at 10-15°C with stirring. After 7 to
      8 F*mol-1 gas evolution increased, and the reduction was
      terminated. the acidic catholyte was partially evaporated at reduced
      pressure and the residue extracted twice with ether. To the remaining
      aqueous phase 2M NaOH was added (pH 13) and the resulting
      emulsion was extracted with five portions of ether; the combined
      extracts were dried (MgSO4) and concentrated to afford the amines:
      * 2-Phenethylamine, 66%
      * Amphetamine, 60%
      * 4-Chloro-β-phenethylamine, 60-69%
      * 1-Amino-2-(3-cyclohexen-1-yl)ethane, 60-69%
      Bumblebee nobody who has experience with it? is it worthwhile… is it not?
      what kind of power source?
      I thought it is a good way around Hg-Salts and the contamination Problem.
      I had one additional thought…
      when i´m distilling off the ethanol along with the ethylacetate, would it not be
      possible to distill off the remaining acid (H2SO4, Acetic) as well?? so a smaller
      amount of NaOH would be needed to basify reaction mix, and the whole thing would
      become more easy to handle…
      I am an absolute newbee with not to many options to express what i mean with my
      traces of english 😳
      nubee can you remeber or find out the name of the book ?? as i feel it maybe available for
      and yes, i too feel a certain "pull" towards the exploration of electrochemistry… 😆
      Bumblebee Sorry, i talked about Uncle Festers purple book… 😳
      i meant SOMM (Secrets of methamphetamine manufacture, sixth edition) by Uncle
      its available for download and to buy.

      • sbillinghurst Says:

        Look, I googled ‘luggin capillary’, …A *Luggin capillary* (also Luggin probe, Luggin tip, or Luggin-Haber capillary) is a small tube that is used in electrochemistry. The capillary defines a *…*

        Am I supposed to do this for you? I can’t. That’s the theme. It does us no good for me to learn this stuff.

  2. 503Star Says:

    Pops do you think swim should use as anode? Cathode? Swim has too much info to sort through any help if you have time would be appreciated.

    • 503Star Says:

      Oops miss type not do you think swim should use. It was supposed to say what kind but I think I found what and where to get last night. Give me a couple days and swim will post results here for you to check out. I imagine there will be a little trial and error but we will get there, failing is not an option….

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