It’s this really the side of the border to mind, same desert, and it grows wild, not Sinicia but Nevadensis.  It is no longer 1936, which brings us to what it is we want.  I know of secrecy, but, here I am not practicing it.  I guess I’m a Communist.  I am going to set this up in Fiji.  Oh, wait.  The whole idea is to drop completely off the radar and manage the crop instead of dealing with the hired guns on the field of play of chemicals.

WikiLeaks has a formula for representing honesty, but I elect to keep this one a secret.  Now what would I do?  I have to build infrastructure.  The locale for solar electricity production seems to be the Southwest, while the market is in the Northeast, and, what a big country we have!  It is high-temperature superconductors (HTS) which eliminate the 7-10% power loss with transport.  Electricity is so wicked luxurious!  We don’t have those yet, but, notice the initial paragraph in this old journal: You got the seeds.  From where?  That’s right, from China.

Keep in mind the scope of the drug war initiative as stated had all the ephedrine drying up in this country, so, not to piss them off, but, unfortunately we’re on the cusp of sustainability.  Notice as you go about your day how tall the ephedra grows.  You want a city in the blazing desert, well, that’s Sin City.  Ephedrine is a sin.  Pseudoephedrine is the sin, then, and ephedrine is cool.  Anything that gets me to 2100 I think I think I ought to do, so how’s about you solve your little problem and light this candle?


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