The Fifth Drug

I am very determined to write this post; I have to be.  This is post # 666.  That particular number makes it a crossroads.  Actually, I would say something else, a milestone or a watershed perhaps, but I would not formulate such a hackneyed phrase.  Just as a chess game starts very simply, some sentences start simply.  I am in the habit of starting them as if to write the stream of my conciousness when some a noise I might make provides a sound I can turn into the end.  Sounds sound like words to me, check the title if you doubt it.  I’m on drugs.  Oh well, the blog is on drugs.

What drugs am I’m on?  It’s, jeez, embarrassing to admit it, but, there are two beers right in front of me.  That is not bad, eh?  And, hey, the first paragraph had no badness either, because, the post number this is, is hidden from the reader.  I never had to state it.  Plus, the extra added benefit exists that the total existential superstition is highly suspect and amounts to a target for skepticism, and I am skeptical.  I believe the title is, The Skeptical Chymist, and I am skeptical of religion.  At this late date I am skeptical of chemistry.  It is only chemistry because of local gauge symmetries and the local reality is under attack.  This may be a determinist universe.  Or, whatever the reason is.

I remain.  Jeece, I went to church today.  You can see it is post 666; I knew that.  Then I go to church after that, and feel it will not wait a moment longer.  It was a moment of truth not unlike the other hack phrases and words, making in all:

moment of truth

watershed moment



The reason this post is important to me is that I am getting down on myself for using, but, I am as good a writer as the rest of them.  I have to stay on the razor’s edge of not getting too intoxicated to write well.  Only, getting down on myself is but a single emotion in a  rather frothy sea of them.  It is in mere context of performing and nothing out of the ordinary.  This blog is about a seething, dangerous drug with a wicked reputation for wholesale destruction of lives.  Some part of my consciouness (Brian), wanted me to whoa and back up before I was done with that sentence, but the Rubik’s Cube doesn’t work like that.  This is a puzzle palace.  It isn’t going to fit.

Your first five drugs are coke, meth, heroin, and I am going to follow Shulgin and say acid.  That is, the fifth is your choice.  I am on four of these easy, but I do not subscribe to martyrdom and my four are the equally disgusting but unquestionably legal caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana.  That fifth one’s a doozy, know what I mean?  I’m an amateur and have worshipped basically nonstop, to the point that I worry about you when it comes to your ability to distinguish the small particle of grace or salvation or whatever it is which is involved in the modus de operandi, or, the choice of delivery method.  I take no smoke in my lungs.  Oh.  Tobacco smoke—that’s … not going down my throat.  It is going out my nose when I want it.

I have a damn subtext operating between people I wish to reunite, namely Julian and John Winston Lennon, Julian Assange …and John Winston Lennon.  Why’d I do that?  What a putrid sentence!  Well, I am mentally fiddling below the desk here.  That’s called padding.  You know you don’t have to get mad at me for ripping you off.  This site is obviously free and uncopyrighted.  I need to fix that.

Didn’t I mention my mind?  Yeah, “mentally”.  So what?  The problem is too huge.  “A mind”, or “the mind”, anything like that, is allowed to have parts under review and out of the field of play, too.  Mine is really my memory.  It’s so terrible that in order not to come out with crutch after crutch for it, I shall encourage the reader to put the true resilience of the integrated soul far, far out of the reach of destruction within just sixty years, even with electroshock.  You’ll be a beauty queen.  It doesn’t actually fail.  Don’t get scared.

What about this memory or other light effects of drugs?  They cause a body to compensate.  I don’t know for how long I have been using the phrase, “Notice as you drift by how the other whale beaches itself.”  I mean here that you are to focus on the “notice as” part.  I need that.  I hate not noticing what I just did, where I put something, whether I locked up, that sort of thing.  I realize it is never given in advance.  It was a free part which turned expensive.  Used to be without effort I could play back the prior time in chilling detail.  It’s got to be the marijuana, and I can feel the memories disappear.  If I am driving, I often have to drop what I have in mind in order to pay attention to the road.  It must hinge on single digits of brain cells, I’m serious.  Well, I read a book, Crystal Meth, by a doctor and it said that, but, she said it was the meth and it wasn’t her meth usage under attack.

Anyhow, what?  Aren’t there Pittsburg Steelers or someone to malign?  No, there are myths and allusions supervened above lies and metaphors for when they really get going, and I scarcely have the wherewithal in time allotments to convert you voluntarily.  I’ll have to use shorthand.

My power in this one endeavor is to display my pix:

I have a lot of pictures of John Lennon, believe me, but, I had a block.  Blocking is the opposite of creating, where destruction is somewhat different.  However, the names of operators are creation and destruction, in quantum mechanics.  I am on “observables”, but, it is gelling and seems razor-thin in the amount I need before I can call a spade a spade.  My guy is Everett.  Well, my sister—that is, smooth as silk—after all, it is known as his interpretation.  It wouldn’t be complete without Bohm.  Using the mnemonic, “many-worlds”, gets us there in a wiki, and the universe is that of von Neumann.  I hesitate to open everything up in terms of psychic awareness, but I had not had a day free from influence for so many days that it would have exceeded my capacity to maintain concordance with life had they not ceased.  With this respite I may write something down.  It appears to be done with me.  I was driving on the same date as a license plate I saw.  It had the date it was, causing the world to go from under scrutiny to up above us into a scrutiny of higher abstraction, always the way when clowning around with symbols.  The next day I had been drawn to look up von Neumann, and it was the day he died, Feb. 8.  After that, I felt the enquiry was closed when they focused on lymph nodes on the news.  Brother, do I have a lymph node story.  Von Neumann lived to be 53, 54 years ago.  The math bugs me.

Fifth is an ordinal.  That’s so difficult, because it has rank in it.  The only linguistics I know has scope and something else.  I have some notes here, but give me a break.  These notes are who-knows-where.  In chemistry, we use the word, “microscopic”, like, if we said that then something best be small.  But, what magnification are we at, and by that I mean to get ready to change it, because I do not require questions to be phrased interrogative.  And, I don’t have notes any more than I can prevent reiterative stream-of-consciousness reporting.  All I do is to pay more attention to the floors, the ground, the earth, the soil and the like.  I am glad they come in space-filling patterns.

This one is related to paisley, and it crunches when you walk on it.  It is either clean and stiff or stiff because it’s dirty.  I cheated; I’m looking at it. 

I am rejecting the call to call stars by an expanded name, stay theres.  There was a coincidence bleeding between cars on the freeway.  I am rejecting a ocelot name of Diego, a small cat at the zoo.  He’s so perfect.  I reject it because of another name, Adam Ruble, a zookeeper (deceased).  As you can see, bookkeeper owns.  I am rejecto-accepting on bivalence, note, if you take the prime 1333331 and start adding threes, it gets a freaky dicey factorization.  Add ’em to the middle.  One thing is the picture it shows of Ruble with a cat, but, it is a tiger.  The car-incidence was a plate, STAZERS, whoever has that.  I worked once at the age of fifteen taking down license plates all day and got stuck on it.  My fifteen can falsely be 1967, but it can never be 1966, and that’s what I need.

I have no pride.  “Released December, 1965”, it says.  Here, I copied this first line: The photo of The Beatles on the Rubber Soul cover appears stretched.

So, in logo science, or, the control of opinion by the logo (or the slogan), we can call a photo “morphed”, if it’s between two objects.  In my opinion, WikiLeaks stretches the earth to look like Lennon, as a sort of reminder.  History is one thing, but the small events are the other, and these are what forces the world into its current shape.  If you don’t believe me, gee, I should say what to look for.  There’s a sea for the mouth, I guess, and an eyelid appears, and the hair.  I can’t imagine it’s not obvious to everyone.  That’s what we are talking about.



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