Ritual and Scientific


It’s going to be good.

Plank Constant WIKI

adiabatic – slowly, entropy constant, process at equilibrium at all stages

Bohr-Sommerfield quantization: a quantum number equals the area in phase space of a classic orbit.

I need something for the purpose.

This will do you.

No, I don’t want anything to do me, if that means fuck me.

Oak-kay.  The purpose of a blue ass on a baboon, which God put there for this purpose (to get the animal fucked), thit’s not—

The animal’s “purpose”?  What?

Andy CaKauffany


My “purpose” post on Zone 86* 1/30/11, 10:06 a.m.

Andy Kaufman, he’s….capable of changing the meaning of words, even now.  That’s why Stipe goes, “Andy did you hear about this one?”  Andy is so present that you can talk to him as a dead man.  He has put too many homilies and images of benign blandness into the culture, it’s like driving a stake through the nth impossible implication and ramification of an absurdity.  It is like shoehorning the word “hope” into every sentence.

It is this thing, doesn’t it?

This is strone.  strong.  thrown.

Well it is, then

thrown down

Golf? Monster trucks?  Football?  What’s a throwdown?  I thought it was they were “setting out”.


Replaced the word good with the meaning of the word, “familiar”.  That’s a dogma.  Now, the rituals in life are often time-consuming oar shit (Jewish b-crap of him “riffing”, but if it is ranting, why, then if it’s me it’s raving, too, next.)

Is it messed up, or is it messing things up?  Which one?  Now, take speed.  Don’t tell me I am fast just to slow me down.  Because of that I am slow.  Isn’t it appropriate to make a liar out of me?  So far I’m not, and if I say you can’t do something, go ahead and don’t do it.  You don’t need to be psychic to know my inappropriate thoughts, because, I will provide pictures.  In fact, many of my thoughts are images.

It’s Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat, amirite?  Well, it’s a piece of ship.  Now, can’t-you-see-what-that-is?


Anyhow, out of time, the space precept** of an object or two means this is how to tell if it is a thought, because it rarely matters if a particular thought is isolated by interrogation; it’ll be multiple.  One object out of more than one rarely verifies that there is one and only one.

Zone how to  make meth.  where there’s a couple of purposes, one: of a man to love a woman (The Game of Love), two: of an experimental design inquiring into the truth by way of facts.

**(psychology) A precept is a commandment, instruction, or order intended as an authoritative rule of action. Contents. 1 Religion. 1.1 Christianity; 1.2 Buddhism


If you are asked whether you remember something, it is only an interrogation if nobody else remembers it, and I am calling memories thoughts, of course, because human memories are never true or false, but of a differentory nature wherein the benefits accruing to the person define and denote the occurrence.   No one may be directed to remember unique events with good accuracy.

“Do you remember this?”


“Well, I do.”

“Yeah, I figured you did when you asked me if I did.”



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