Why Don’t We Make it a Dowel?


Who is a bad guy and who is a good guy?  What are they?  Well, to answer that and not just to question the happenstance we exist, we have to define it.  The definitions in use are the ones enforced, but surely, there are definitions which do not depend on their enforcement, but they are only real or ideal, not actual and extant.

I find this video pretty good.  It shows me the great variety of over-the-counter products, household products, so I at least have some idea when someone uses one of these brand names what he means.  Sgt. Grellson also gives a good rundown of the point of fire ignition in a process which hasn’t got a  need for fires, and explains that the desire to cook as fast as possible, and so attempting to heat, rather than evaporate, is why some guys screw the pooch.  However, his scientific methodology used in his scenarios for how fires start has a lit cigarette.  So, for one thing, if the guys are good through-and-through, they may also hate cigarettes and artificially make them the cause of fires.  I think the opening of a door and stirring up vapors, not the lit cigarette in the mouth of the person who opened the door, would have done that.  I guess that kind of evidence, the cig in  the corpse’s mouth, has a name, like irrelevant, inconsequential, insignificant, not a direct cause, not an indirect cause, and similar (I will have to go see).

I want to read a book, and I believe Strike’s Total Synthesis is the one I haven’t seen.  Now I better gird my loins to break into a pirate download mode.  Color me bad.

If you walk in on me with a cigarette in your mouth unlit you’ll eat it.


One Response to “Why Don’t We Make it a Dowel?”

  1. 503Star Says:

    Nice one POPS

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