There’s Uplace

I have it upon good authority that George Gould, the pianist, would take amphetamines.  I YouTubed him and observed that he did in fact talk to himself while playing the piano.  Just to make sure, I looked him up in Wikipedia and found out he was dead.  “Oh, that kind of amphetamine”, I thought.  It also says he is autistic.  That’s what he really is.  I mean, my authority figure used the words, “I like (chicken gumbo)”;  he likes the guy for fitting a frame.  The normal use of the feelings is such that the feelings are mutual.  Nobody who is dead is commonly at reciprocity for our live cohort.  When we use legalized terminology in everyday writing, we may find the ambiguity stems from our practices involving trying facts of cases in which we seldom end run the dead.  What happened before is past tense on the strength of it not sounding the death knell here.  “Did he do that?”, I don’t know.  Why don’t you ask him.  “Did you do that?”  “No, I did not, ” forms a viable link.  From the penultimate step, with a dead person’s interrogaters withdrawing, we reveal the lucky triple-intrinsic concordance giving meaning to our legal system.  “He was good”, explicitly states that a male may be dead.  “Good”, and “like”, then, are already words we may ink up and publish.

I had to update my addiction and recovery news, but since I’m not recovering, it seems hardly to the point to report on it.  I changed to a lifestyle with some use of drugs.  This was my way of fighting cancer.  It apparently worked.  If you feel good, that gives you a reason to live, and such a reason is information the immune system can respond to.  Medical science does not agree, creating a discordant venue.  Back to that in a hot tick.

Just who is a liar?  The Bride of Frankenstein?  I want short lies.  I use ones, remember, “you can’t–“, and “there’s no–“, “I have–“, “I had–“…You can’t come “quat”, there’s no salad, I have macroeconomic skills, I had one.

This post must be heading for a conclusion.  What does it have to do before it can conclude?  Well, it has to arc in and of itself making steady progress like a U-Boat, and then torpedo something and the reader takes away something.  I have to write it and not bitch to the consumer, nor affect it by silently bitching and causing any observer to easily fill in the bitchy parts.

I don’t feel like anything.  I don’t feel anything, I mean.  My fingers felt like cotton swabs when I started typing.  I was noticing that and watching the pianist’s fingers move in the video, too.  He was supposed to be on something.   What else I noticed was the emphasis on 666.  Glenn Miller’s studio was at that street number.  I am changing a person’s name every time I retype it.  In the exception, I do not have two people, gainsaying the notion that I am mad.  With two, each  name must be changed, and the special case of seeing us start to discuss one, start to discuss the other, and have the identities switched by the time the essay ends, shows how to end one must be the driver for many writers, because they all write.  They aren’t writing now, and I want to be like them.


That’s what I thought.  This hundred words is brought to you by 12:06 p.m.  Hm, that piano player’s name, I try—

I tried something.  Trying again:

I see what it did.  The link’s so long it hides all the text.  I trust the musician’s name is orange juice.  You are this, aren’t you (orange juice)?

That’s it!  No, 41.   I am not messing around.  “Uplace”, in the title, is so many posts along (662), that I was out of new cliches (newspapers use puns).  Q, what can I write about?  A, there’s always lacing boots, not Beatle boots.

“There’s a Place”.



4 Responses to “There’s Uplace”

  1. 503Star Says:

    Pops you seem know your way around on computers. How do I leave links like you do? One more question how does one become HIDDEN when on sites? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks 503

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Hi 503. I don’t know my way around computers. I have to learn whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it, and the next time I want to do it, I have to learn it again. I do that by googling exactly what I want to do, or by using the help available on the blogging site WordPress. Links are very easy, just start a blog. It takes ten minutes. I highlight the text, and the chain lights up, then I click that, and a space for the URL appears, which I already have saved to my clipboard, which is where highlighted text goes when you push control and C, for copy. YouTube is special, and will put the vid in a block, not just a link, but I want just three seconds of a clip; you have to take the whole clip. I don’t know how to do sound files. That’s how WordPress gets ppl to ugrade to the one that costs money, so I can’t refer ppl to sounds I want them to hear. Right now I don’t know how, when I link, that I don’t just link to the top of the page, I link to the exact line on the page I want ppl to see. But, I don’t really care about nine things I am told are important or good, only telling folks how to make dope is good.

      I don’t know what hidden means. I am not a great believer in anonymity. Computers are not needed to make meth, so, it seems kind of silly to get busted due to using one. The ISP address and the unique MAC address is the point in that investigation that I am at.

  2. 503Star Says:

    Right on brother I just figured it couldnt hurt to ask if I can ever help you out let me know.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Thanks, man. You don’t have to do anything for me, but I appreciate the offer. That place you are going to sounds interesting for traffic, although it is way too hot, in fact it is tropical.

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