ScienceMadness 3

Sep 8, 2010 … Other than its use as polyvinyl acetate glue, it is also used in paper … commonly known as Elmer’s glue, carpenter’s glue, or white glue. …

The above is like a Wikipedia entry on Google.

Order PVA. Don’t pay for Elmer’s glue.


me test you guys: what is Elmer’s Glue, and what is Armor-All? I was able to scrape up these two items in my whole working career. What is nickel brightener?

Vinyl acetate, 50% silicone emulsion, saccharine.

Here, go buy some poison to put in people’s food:

Cutesy it up:

Keep it sane, Steve. Okay, I will need a brush to do this. You already have a pesticide in your language against insanity, consisting of the proper use of time, in the interval. You are flattened in the direction of travel. Set your alarm for ten minutes, commence to think, and when it goes off, you write down your entire dialog, the critical thoughts being the last three words before the alarm went off.

I can’t do it. I don’t listen to you, I don’t even listen to myself.

Notice as you watch the television …

The above is an excerpt containing the prediction in a post I made here:

The prediction is not the standard ESP test, but a typical occurrence for me, in which it is as if someone finds out I said to poison people (Julian was in custody), and then proceeds to announce on the CBS Evening News that a new terrorist plot to poison Americans has been uncovered.  It’s pretty far-fetched for me to believe that, although they said the actual source for the information would not be disclosed.  The government said that.

Another piece of the story is the actual amount of cyanide  that would kill Armand Katayen, however you spell that.  The chemist said 250 mg, I say less.  I looked it up, and of course I was right, CBS News, they are wrong.  The stone recognized amount is 200.  It’s not a big lie, and it is better to err on the side of caution.  It is not really the heat that kills you, it is the humidity, and I say that to give all props to things that kill.  Here, it is the cyanide ions in solution, so, it is not the H of HCN, it is not the Na of NaCN, and it is not the K of KCN.  The same amount of poison weighs different amounts depending upon the counterion.  If she had said it was potassium cyanide, she’d have a better shot at supporting her claim of 250.  It is best expressed as 50-90 mg of HCN, a gas.  Then they make it 200mg of either KCN or NaCN, which contain the equivalent of 80 or 110 mg HCN, respectively.  We always just make the number 10mg for easy reference on an amount of curiosity you don’t want to have taking.  We work with it by the ton.  She wasn’t that bad wrong, she got on teevee.

I posted the ludicrous “threat” two times, and the story grew with each retelling.  They are documented in the area of time.  It is my neat trick to do, like a Radar O’Reilly.  I summarized it in a long e-mail today.  Perhaps you can follow the twists and turns.  Maybe it doesn’t mean anything.  Maybe it doesn’t mean anything who invented whatever first, either.  The plagiarist can sue the creative talent for copying just as well.  The e-mail follows.  I might have to redact the recipient. 
steve billinghurstSet status here
nikkola makiavelli  Invited

X  Invited

3109519902  Invited

Roy  Invited
 : XXXX Hey Steve. I have to say man, I pondered your encrypted message for nearly fi…
Dec 20 (1 day ago)

 Reply |steve billinghurst to XXXX
show details 11:15 AM (2 hours ago)

On Friday, 12/17/10 at 12:19 pm, Pops wrote [Zone 86 how to make a meth]
 I got a little loose, suggesting to any cooks in government service to poison Mrs. Clinton’s food, and providing the website to buy the poison.
On Monday, 12/20/10, at 6:00 pm,  the CBS Evening news reported
Dec 20, 2010 … CBS Evening News: Latest Terror Threat in US Aimed to Poison Food – Exclusive: The Dept. of Homeland Security Uncovered a Plot to Attack …
The link to the story is above, and, as is usual with the news, they did not put the story out before this (note the use of the word, “uncovered”.  That indicates that this communication is fresh news.  Whenever you uncover something, it was hidden prior to this).  When I got the news I remember thinking, “They just reported something I said before.”  That’s what I mean by ESP, since XXXX had said…
On Fri, Dec 17 at 10:33 pm, XXXX wrote
Tell me, what’s with the emphasis on E.S.P. and thought-reading? Are you “one of those people” that can’t do it, but wishes they could so much that the very notion of the possibility of being able to do it is life-consuming?
To prove that my statement of the 17th carried the gist of truth, here’s the website where the poison is to be found:
I googled ‘spy surveillance’ to just now go to the site, that wasn’t enough and I had to add ‘yellow teeth’.  I know one of the products turns the vic’s teeth yellow.  Here is their Google slot:
Spy Surveillance: Electromax International distributes high end technical surveillance, counter surveillance … SI-10 Nasty Yellow Teeth – Price: $7.50 …
The “Evacuator” is made from a unique natural bark which is ground into a fine powder. When mixed with food or liquid, it will cause total uncontrollable “evacuation.” Via the natural route. Stand CLEAR! Warning: not to be used on others without their consent.

XXXX, do you get the connection so far?  How would you feel if all your life you knew what other people were going to say before they said it?
It is 7:51 am and the rain suddenly increased, with a rising sound of a roar that faded as fast as it grew. 
We are not going to argue over what constitutes ESP.  We are going to discuss what constitutes insanity.
In 1970 I had what is described as an acute paranoid schizophrenic episode, with elements of the ideas of reference (thinking everything pertains to oneself), schizophrenic insight (I forget what that means), delusions of grandeur (now we are getting going), and this did not turn out to be the case of my word against theirs.  We did not agree to disagree.  I was involuntarily removed from society and all my hopes and dreams were dashed for life, by the treatment they gave me.  I have amnesia.
On May 4, 1970, four students were shot to death by the Ohio National Guard at Kent State University.
Oct 12, 2010 … On May 4th, 1970 Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on students, … We offer original source material for scholars, students, news reporters, and the … The following stories are part of WKSU’s series on the 40th …
It was during the fallout from this event that all this happened to me.  Four students is not the complete death toll.  I mean, it is, but killing four had the immediate outcome of maybe trying to kill 400 or 4,000.  Tensions had been rising for years in a “generation gap”, and some really cool heads had to prevail.  They wanted to shoot us so bad they could taste it.  Once you shoot a few, the tendency is for the situation to deteriorate into a full-scale bloodbath.  I was 18.  My parents knew about my drug use.  My mother in particular came at me.  Do you know that a woman can stab eight sharp fingernails into your face and rip down, disfiguring you?  Yeah, they have to be given the same respect as a rogue chimpanzee.  To date, I say what I want, and I do not notice people getting ready to go into full-fledged combat, so, as far as you being a novice, naw.  I’m a novice.  I ought to be able to set people off in seconds. I am a real life troll.
As a citizen, you have been programmed to believe that mental illness exists, that it would be terrible if you got it, but thankfully, you see it in others, never yourself.
So, we are not talking about little neuroses or obsessions or being impelled by a force, or compelled to do some act.  We are talking about the full scale grand mal psychotic killer that Sam I am, and so forth.  Delusions.
“Steve, what’s with the emphasis on ESP?  Check out the big brain on Brett.  You are either a genius or crazy”.  Right.  You don’t want to make this any easier, do you?
This is 2010.  I’ve had this “disease” forty years.  I am free at this point, at large, got loose if you will.  I have three books in my possession from the library proving mental illness does not exist.  That is DNE.  The one author is professor of psychiatry at SUNY, Thomas Stephen Szasz.  I can’t copypasta 1,000 pages to support that assertion.  But, the fight is on.  I have lost all the battles.  There is a touch of gray.  Payback is a bitch.  Bad behavior is real enough, but the mind is a metaphor.  Metaphors are fictional.  Psychiatrists and their ilk have been trying to put the genie back in the bottle, or whatever the metaphor is.  They have not rested, they are attempting to tie the mind to the brain. The soul is the method for denominating human beings.  We are both a spiritual entity and a real one.  We were ruled by priests before, a theocracy, so they used the “soul”.  By now, all that has been changed (clue: it has not), we are ruled by a medico-legal complex, and the soul is renamed as the “mind”.  In this way, anyone found around any place can be involuntarily whisked away and held indefinitely without a trial, and that ain’t too cool.  Why isn’t Ozzy Osbourne locked up, then?  Well, that is because the victims of psychiatric abuse are not suffering from a disease.  They suffer from contingencies.  There is consistently a third party to the doctor-patient relationship called the “complainant (my Dad)”.  No pathologist can find a lesion, a focus in the brain of this disease, but scientific evidence is not how these swingers roll.  They go by being  Physicians.  They treat the living.  Pathologists are only the most scientific doctors.  The shrinks say, “You are not even a physician.  Let us do our work.”  Nobody dies from it, so the pathology is a touch sketchy.  What is it with all that lesion stuff?  Well, quite simply, all of medicine is based on the idea that if you suffer, there is some abnormal, actual “thing” in  there you can locate causing it.  It’s just the support that fifty trillion dollars worth of tax dollars is earmarked to provide, the stupid organic cause of disease.
Look how far it has come, from the Aussie website of a place with all these delusions to explore:
evidence to suggest that these conditions are neuropsychological in origin: Signer’s review points out that in more than a third of the reported cases of Capgras delusion there was evidence of a brain lesion, typically of the right hemisphere.
That wasn’t schizophrenia, that was Capgras delusion, like, oh, repeated blows to the back of the head.  I fear for my son, I’m sure you do, too.
I could not find it right away.  The rain arose to a high pitch, falling straight down.  The river behind my house is running very full.  It was 8:53.
Oh, man.  I have never seen it this full.  A great blue heron, as big as a turkey, just landed on a raft of wood floating by below my window.  He flies kind of awkward, with his big stick legs, if you ask me, but he hit that driftwood without ruffling a feather.  It was 9:02.  I found the site, now I am looking for the rather imprecise but state-of-the-art language, so we can cornhole you if you will just give us a chance to prove it is all good.  This is Aus—an interruption at 9:08 (my wife is on Social Security.  She called.  The reason for the disability is schizophrenia.  You can edit that—the reason for the checks coming to her bank account is her eligibility—but the reason for the phone call is we live apart) causes me to have to wrap this up—which is a small country, with all the world’s drug laws and all the world’s mad-doctoring procedures essentially coming from the same source, the USA.
You are XX and it seems you are leering at the benzaldehyde with bad intent.  You are doing it wrong.  Do you really want to serve the next fifty years or do you want to be free to fuck people up so totally totalled that they won’t know whether to shit or go blind, because, come on!  Benzaldehyde?11
This what they do
The question of whether deluded individuals can make accurate use of contextual information from social situations to identify emotions and complex mental states is presently being addressed.
(The question of whether should be edited out of every sentence in which it appears. -Strunk, The Elements of Style)
There no—Steve, you were going to say—Steve, there’s no proper sentence which begins, “There no…”  I know that.  But there is one that goes, “Their no—zuh!’   Qua, “Their nose”.  If they had a big nose that would—wait a minute.  I can’t use that on XXXX.    Now I can.  I just like “there no”.  I guess cause it sounds one way, but twists and turns into legal or illegal speech as it comes out.  Anyhow, I got what they did, but I can’t get what they think.  Thinking is their problem, and beliefs is their project.  I like beliefs, too.  I want a meter to measure how close to reality a given belief of people might be.  These people are a thousand years behind that, and this planet doesn’t have another thousand years of succor it’s going to provide its most outlandish species.  You can take that to the bank.  Plain as the nose on your face.  Anyone’s face, dammit.  We don’t have to capture and torture an entire race (although we have done that in the past), to get at these beliefs.  They all think the same thing.  Turn one’s brain inside-out, and you have done them all.  The only way to legitimize the sentence is for two or more to have one nose.
God, you must think I am picking on you.    “Their no was just a reflex action so I fucked them.”
Anyways, the arc of the history of freedom doesn’t stop off for a few centuries of rank slavery in the Third Millenium.  It goes to 100% thermonuclear war and universal extinction, if it goes anywhere “away”.
Did I say I was sick?  I think it is a no.  Until I do, how about you keep your help to yourself, shrinks?  You brought this on yourselves.  I meant the “this” that comes about in the fullness of time.   Waitin’.  Sorry, I wasn’t talking to him whom I am writing.
Hiya, XXXX.  What was it, benzaldehyde?  And you can’t get that?  And almond oil contains it?  And you don’t know how to get the 5% impuities out?  Find a ‘laboratory identification of unknown organic compounds flow sheet’ online.  I detect a Leukart-Wallach reaction coming.  Where is your nitroethane?  You know you need to produce P2P from the benzaldehyde, not reduce to amphetamine, or that won’t ever be meth, and it will never be rectified meth anyway, right?
Piperonal is methylenedioxybenzaldehyde, precursor to MDMA, but of poor yields and, but, making the racemate is okay, since all X is that kind.
She called again, 9:55.  I have scrimped and saved for eight years to keep this thing out of the mental institution.  It’s not easy every day.
I like the shock disk from the nuke as it moves in an ever-wider circle, eliminating incorrect belief systems as it does so, by the thousands.  Clock it.
Nice weather for ducks.
The Belief Formation Project
“We are the other people
We are the other people
We are the other people
You’re the other people, too.
Found a way to get to you.”—Zappa
Want to be well-versed in the art?  You will.  The internet can and will eliminate the need to go to college for this.
R2 is H in an aldehyde.  Stop at that #2 intermediate and reduce to the ketone.  Aw, that’s wrong.  R2 does not change to methyl in any part of this.  It’s good as a lead-in to the idea of a seven-carbon skeleton being extended to a nine-carbon.  Googling,
4 and 6, to get that synth, note: the MD is the 3,4; I can’t go around my ring unit linerarly, this bridge is fused on, so the power of this formula notation is limited.  “Methylenedioxy” is its name.
Googling nitrostyrene at 10:30 am,
You are looking at 4, scroll down to it, the iron hydrochloric. 
On your original question, should I use steam or regular, I don’t find a good distillation manual online pitched at the proper level on a real quick search.  This’d make anybody revolt that had to read.  VLE is vapor/liquid equilibrium, and it says the whole thing is simple, and there is a cute diagram of a still at the bottom, but essentially, I think it is the first one.  I think you need two phases to steam-distill.  Set up a small still, distillation is also called rectification
and the key to a good separation is the column packing.  A bunch of broken glass is thrown inside the long tube coming up from the pot, a lot of surfaces for the vapor to condense and re-vaporize, and the boiling point of benzaldehyde is checked, a thermometer gotten
10:56.  I’m going to quit smoking on Jan 1, you know.
Boiling Point : 87.00 to 89.00 °C. @ 18.00 mm Hg
Nov 2, 2010 … Boiling Point : 62.00 to 63.00 °C. @ 10.00 mm Hg
Melting point. −26 °C. Boiling point. 178.1 °C … On oxidation, benzaldehyde is converted into the odorless benzoic acid, which is a common impurity in …
perfume and flavoring chemicals. TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF BENZALDEHYDE: BOILING POINT. 179° C. @ 760 mm Hg. 112.5° C. @ 100 mm Hg. FREEZING POINT …
got some consistency.  It was quite a range there for a minute
God on a fuck!  I am nothing but a nigger!
DEA, you cocksucking motherfuckers, I am authorizing homeboy here to set up and run a small batch distill of benzaldehyde.  If you don’t like it, come and see me.
perfect shit, italics.
Ah, God.  Anyway, yes, the acetal reminds me. since bnzldhd is a carbonyl compound, you may observe it as a solid by forming the bisulfite addition product, but this is a stinking solid with plenty of liquid just waiting, trapped in interstices.  It won’t purify anything.  The bnzldhd will go from 95% to 99% if you distill it, that’s the theoretical limit, by boiling points.  Get a org lab course manual and do it.  Build your steam distillation gear and tell me of what pieces it consists.
Did I just volunteer to take the heat for you?  Nix.
You know what atmospheric pressure is, right?  760 mm.  You know what the boiling point is, 179 C.  What else do you need to know?  Move!
11:13, three hours i’ll never get back again.


There are 5280 feet in a mile.


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    excuse me sir. lol… I want to make sure it’s Crystal Clear for you as well and I’m sorry it took so long for me to get back to you I’m sure you understand… but yes only a true Nigger would have anything to do with making methamphetamines! White black or brown!!! I furthermore one on compliment you on driving that fact home for me and the last three or four things I got out of your Read. I had this f****** retard one time tell me I sure chose the wrong time to stop sniffing glue!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was for me not to just laugh in his face. Because that’s how stupid you all are!! I might be dead by the time this is over but I promise you your hell is coming buddy!

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      I want you to remember this conversation and look and see where you and all your little buddies are in the next 5 years then if you want to come back and have a friendly little chat about premonitions over some tea and strumpets by all means

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