12-17-2010 France Dupin. Benoît Captain 34 Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire Kapisa Alhasay Valley

I wonder if the Julian can get me the internal doc for the clock time.

It doesn’t take half a day for Google to crawl the web, just instantly.  This post appeared immediately upon a (pasting) 2010FranceDupin. BenoîtCaptain34Hostile—space and search

Original French text:
Vendredi 17 décembre en fin de matinée, il faisait partie d’un détachement composé de soldats français, américains, roumains et afghans, qui était engagé dans une opération de reconnaissance à l’entrée de la vallée d’Alasay.
Friday, December 17 in late morning, he was part of a detachment of French soldiers, American, Romanian and Afghan, who was engaged in a reconnaissance operation at the entrance to the valley Alasay. C’est au cours d’un accrochage avec des combattants ennemis qu’il est décédé. It was during a clash with enemy fighters that died.
That he died.  Late morning.  I was not experimenting then.  I documented my experiments.  I don’t even know what I was doing.  The week before I was getting a parking ticket, not Friday.  Too smart.  Oh, yeah.  I parked next to the downtown library to return a book, even though my wife had called.  People take turns being in a hurry.  She was then.
All calls on my phone:
1 Liz New
Dec. 17, 1:38 pm

Time is fixed on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 11:00 AM Kabul time

Thursday, 10:30 pm, San Diego

Dec. 16, 3:15 pm.
There’s a gap.  I was asleep at 10:30 Thursday.  I had a few beers.


6/29/2010, 8:36 am.  Day before my

(how do you say son in French?)

English to French question: How do you say son in french? The French word for son is fils. The s is pronounced, but the l is silent.

his birthday, like the FBI does before they burn down the Branch Davidians in Waco, showing all their wallet photos as if they have kids, too.


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