Simple Dope Cleaning

Now I am going to ruin my site by declaring a whole bunch of off-the-wall shit and then my reputation will be toast.

I want to call this, “Dope Cleaning for Simpletons”, but I held myself back.

The sum total is that you take whatever you have with dope in it, as a solid, let’s say, and dissolve it in water—not a giant bath of water, one fucking drop.  Didn’t it all dissolve?  Then put one more drop on it.  Don’t you dare say you put a gram in fifty mils of water and now you don’t know what to do.  After it is in water, it is no longer solid, am I correct?  It’s meth, so lye won’t hurt it.  Heat will hurt it.  Make up 50% lye, or NaOH, as a stock solution.  I mean to say this is just hopeless.  You can’t wave your hands over substances and have anything happen.  No matter how poor or clandestine you are, you have to have a lab, not build a lab to deal with a dose of meth and dismantle it again.  You add a couple of drops of lye solution and that will liberate the free methamphetamine base.  Where you perform this will determine if  all your dope proceeds to evaporate away.  Do it in a small separatory funnel.  Notice the layer on top.  That is meth oil.  Drain out the bottom layer, a rather translucent white.  It contains the chloride from the meth hydrochloride salt, and the sodium ions from the lye.  For the person who over-acidifies the dope, that is now fixed.  The pH of that top layer, a clear, lensing substance, mobile and acrid-smelling, burning taste, of a volume of 5-10% of the total, is ten.  Get some of that layer by itself, that’s what a sep funnel is used for, don’t get any of the other layer with it, you are not a sous chef who is going to mix-mix-mix until you can’t see the difference any more, and immediately neutralize it with HCl, conc. and this time do not add too much.  You do that by splitting a single drop.  Do you have an acid dropping bottle?  Do you have a capillary?  Do you have a spatula?  Do not bring me an ordinary person spatula, or you are going to be feeling it.  With just a squeak of dope, you need very expensive microscopic glassware all drilled and ground down, pear-shaped flasks, 5 mL, vacuum pump, …

This is amazing.  This stuff I am on is amazing.  I am getting purple trails.

You haven’t got enough dope to crystallize, but it is neutral so it won’t evaporate if you heat it GENTLY.  Do that on a clock glass and it may freeze up.  Reconstitute it and shoot it just before the phone rings.


Dammit!  I forgot to say to rinse the poison off the new dope.  If there’s still time, “acquire” or “procure (steal)”, just a small funnel with a fritted glass disk.  Pile up your dope on the frit and hit it with a drop of acetone.  I have seen some acetone here in the bathroom.  I borrowed it once but I think Ruth is marking the bottles.  Now it has disappeared.  This is nail polish remover, but it definitely says it is 100% acetone.  Did I say one drop?  Didn’t I tell you to go easy?  What does one drop mean to you?  You didn’t have anything to produce a drop.  Therefore you poured out a judicious quantity.  Did some demon talk to you while you were pouring and say something like, “A pint’s a pound the world around!”, and you pour a pint?  Your brother held up your elbow whilst you was pouring?

I don’t use.


4 Responses to “Simple Dope Cleaning”

  1. the Dray Says:

    Big smiles over here…big smiles. How u write…i dont have adequate words…im just in…happiness. Clapping!….clapping will suffice 🙂

  2. Cowgirl4life Says:

    C’mon man how does somebody who don’t use come up with some funny shit like that to say… No offense, I’m just being real here. Great article though, actually helped me learn something new today

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You are a stupied son of a bitch

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