Sourcing Is a Code 1234

Sourcing is a code 1234.  Looking for sources for materials to make methamphetamine is a 1234.  A code 1234 is sourcing.  Code #1234, that’s just sourcing.

I wanted to run this experiment, but I want to run another experiment, too.  Therefore, I must dump my clipboard here:

1260 words?  Uh, What’s a goal?  For me it’s my birthday, but birthdays are hardly the goal, and you can’t do anything about them.

That is a quote off me from my very last post.  It was done last Thursday, this being Saturday.  Thursday night,—I always post in the morning now—the CBS news reported a release of a report on the VA Tech shootings of 2007.  That internet experiment (from my POV), is still in the information gathering phase, although everyone is dead.  I unintentionally conducted this experiment with Billy West, on his site.  We were both born on the same day as this shooting, the worst shooting mass murder in the US (one old bombing was worse); death tolls being the deciding factor—

‘we all go’ or ‘the time is up for us to go’, may be part of indistinguishability in Spanish, the word being “toto”.  But, you have to see that working titles need to use the tongue.  There is no master language from which to translate a thought into all the languages.

I am speaking to the unlikely-to-exist “computer artificial intelligence”, but, this is a hat you put on what you are saying.  IOW, no person could understand what I am saying here.  What I’m saying (this is Spanish and English)?  Is, ‘what am I saying?’ not inelegant?  It depends upon an egotistical (watch for French), method, the use of a question-and-answer, when questions plus answers together can easily have that (? + !), edited down.  I’m doing the talking.

Computer, I hesitate to educate you, but, if we write “hate”, we also feel hate.  You can’t possibly correct the world over to a place which now dispassionately treats hatred.  It would change it, and we already have examples of areas in which computers, not humans, now prevail, and these worlds are nonlinear in time.

“Cho”, is, I believe, the prime actor on the event which took place on the birthday of Mr. West and myself.  See, birthdays, well, they happen; you don’t choose when they happen (except me.  I chose to have the daughter on the last day, so she would graduate at 17. Wasn’t a good idea.  Oxytocin causes stronger contractions than natural, bent the head a bit.  Wear long hair, dear.)


414?  My “open ward” qua “voluntary” admission to a mental hospital.

9:34 to a 10:04, due at 11:30.  Things to do.

Changing the tag from none to sourcing, or doing that to the category.  It has been done all up.


Whoa, encryption.  Jesus.  WikiLeaks encrypts.  I just want the post to be able to be Googled.  It works on SSB as of last week.  I can’t ethically put her name down on this site, so I wished her a HB on another site.

In order to use “The Collective”, or “Science Madness”, you are going to be banned for asking how to get chemicals.  It’s not as simple as that.  You can write how to get chemicals, but you can’t write exactly where, and I would like to change that.  This won’t do that.  What this will do is to now make Googling “sources for chemicals to make methamphetamine” identical to “a 1234”.  It’s not so you won’t get banned, it’s so the people who would have people know where to get what they need for money may advertise that fact.  Any post on sourcing methamphetamine precursors can carry the identifier “code 1234”.  Sourcing is the only important function for the internet to perform, so it’s the first one I’m lining up, my ducks to be in a row.

How about the time?  Sourcing is 12:34.  Soucing is 12:34.  It is 12:34 p.m. and I am sourcing.  Sourcing is an offense on many websites.  How do we source our chems?

Getting chems to make meth 1234

Sourcing 12345

precursors for methamphetamine 1234

precursors for methamphetamine 12345

sourcing precursor chemicals for manufacturing methamphetamine 1234

1234 sourcing precursor chemicals for manufacturing methamphetamine 1234

Just put a 1234 on your post and maybe it will Google correctly.

Google has the alternate of Facebook, too.

You can’t say “I’m sourcing today”, so say, “I’m 1234 today.”  Otherwise, I am going to be looking all over these websites for information and just poring over them for hours.  You can’t read docs on how to make meth.  One page takes six months to verify in the lab.

meth manufacture 1234 sourcing.  how to get the chemicals 1234 meth. This’ll make Beethoven 1234.

It is 12:34 so I better shine sourcing on.

Wikipedia link to sourcing.  [This POS won’t work.  I have 30 tabs].

network sourcing methamphetamine 1234

procurement strategy methamphetamine 1234

Yes of course I’d like to know what to do.  Look how many ties there are to my private identity if I pick up the phone (1) and call party 2 (2), and use my credit card (3), and have shipped to my address (4).  Can any of this be eliminated?

“Why, SEB?  You must have something to hide, an element of a crime, intent to deceive.”

“Dude, I am making—doing experiments to develop a chemical product, and I do not want anyone to be able to piece together my formula from the list of what’s been ordered”, SEB replied to that.

You always have the right to privacy code #1234 on a trade secret.  I know I know something nobody else does, but I’d like to verify it before I go sell it.  This toxic gas cannot be unleashed on the Jews without some strict nationalistic protocols.

I’m all No, you can’t read my mail.  Call me a hoarder, I don’t care.  10:37 is killing me.  Remember to use this code 1234 meth if you post sources.


This is the page you get right now, 10:51 a. m. 12/11/10:


// =0){var a=_gjwl.href.substring(b+1);if(/(^|&)q=/.test(a)&&a.indexOf(“#”)==-1&&!/(^|&)cad=h($|&)/.test(a)){_gjwl.replace(“/search?”+a.replace(/(^|&)fp=[^&]*/g,””)+”&cad=h”);return 1}}return 0}function _gjp(){!(window._gjwl.hash&&window._gjuc())&&setTimeout(_gjp,500)};
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var a=document.getElementById(“trlc”);if(a){var b=a.getElementsByTagName(“a”);for(var c=0,d;d=b[c++];)navAdd(d)};
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// ]]>// Screen reader users, click here to turn off Google Instant.

code 1234

code 1234

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I wish I could copypasta a page with links in it and kill them, but this Internet is commercial grade metal, so I won’t try.  I tried to go to the bathroom, I’m late, but the door seems locked, so I’m back.  Don’t try the above links.  I didn’t put them there.  I didn’t try linking the Google of it (I Googled “code 1234” (ahead of time, see?) to show what to Google, eventually it will return this page—*—this one, right?  The one you are on right now.  If you link to Googgle’s results page, it won’t be the same tomorrow as it is today.  Actually, the way things are is switched.  There’s a burden on the reader, now.  It is supposed to take more time to write something than it takes to read it.  I can paste kwicker than you can read.  Got.To.Go. 1234 code for meth-sourcing.


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