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Mexican Crystal Meth Americas Problem

Methamphetamine production has crossed over borders and become industrialized with the advent of Super-Labs. With so much heat on the production of Meth in America as well as the ability to acquire mass amounts of Pseudoephedrine (the main ingredient in the manufacturing of the drug) being lessened, it is no surprise that other countries like Mexico have taken upon themselves to pick up where the U.S. manufacturers left off. Mexican Crystal Meth is America’s problem considering U.S. citizens are Mexico’s number one customer. “Mexico now has some massive and very sophisticated operations. We call them super labs,” said the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Elizabeth Kempshall, special agent in charge of the Phoenix Division. Kempshall, whose jurisdiction is in Arizona, keeps a close watch on Meth production in Mexico due to her state being one of the major trafficking routes.

The Mexican Crystal Meth market has become a multi-billion dollar industry in what seems like over night. Drug production in Mexico looks a lot different from what we saw in America with trunk and trailer-park operations. Mexican cartels have honed their production skills and created labs that can produce unthinkable amounts of this ‘death dealer’. In June police and military discovered the biggest laboratory yet in the municipality of Badiraguato, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. According to the Global Post, “It is estimated to have produced 40 metric tons of Meth, worth some $1.4 billion on American streets, in just two months before it was shut down — making it the largest operation of its kind to be exposed in the continent.” Numbers like that can’t help but make you feel that an epidemic is taking place given the fact that the majority of those 40 tons without a doubt crossed our border.

The DEA states that Meth is now the most popular hard drug in America’s Midwest and West, ahead of cocaine and heroin. Consumption and addiction rates will undoubtedly continue to rise as long as factories like the ones above continue to thrive. The bust in Badiraguato had to have been a major blow for the cartels, but, when you take out one weed another will pop up somewhere else with the same devastating ability. How can we keep the onslaught of Methamphetamine away? If Americans keep buying the drug, someone will always be there to make a profit. Personally, America’s history of being able to curb the flow of traffic from other countries has been less than satisfactory; it seems unlikely that their tract record will change with regard to the most dangerous drug ever invented. If we can’t keep Meth out of America then the least we can do is better educate people on the matter. I, like so many others, am at a loss in terms of the best solution; please let me hear your thoughts on this subject.

[How can you go, “it seems unlikely that their tract record will change…”, when it’s “track”?] 

In order, I notice two examples of your syntax of note, “Super-Labs”, and “solution”.  I thought the US was the world’s last superpower (or, in the same style, “Super-Power”).  The rest of the world only has one colossus to fell, with 40 (or in 10 years, 400) tons contributing to the effort to topple it.  Except that drug cartels as a rule want the host to survive as long as it pays better than it does dissolved.  If you are paid, you could be involved in some fashion as the status quo, or in an upgrade to the staus quo, one with more of the “solution” phase, below.
Here in society, we think what we are told to think, and do not imagine that all that could be erroneous.  Of course, it is, because effort and expense go into getting the message out.  To the person committing suicide, he thinks of suicide as a solution.  We say that that’s not true.  It’s not a solution, it’s the complete lack of knowing, of intent.  We say instead that any suicide is done by the mental disease that has taken hold of the individual.  Well, of course, we also say “That’s the booze talking,” so, do we try to imagine the drunk without the alcohol?  You bet.  Yet, only one stance is real, the one with individual freedom to act no matter what.

We put soldiers in hot spots and the war and insurrection spontaneously breaks out.  However, that’s not cool for a democracy.  Why don’t we stew for awhile and not get into the affairs of the sovereign state of Mexico? The direction your question hews to is for solutions which skew alongside moving on Mexico.  That is how far the drug war has gotten us, to an unprecedented point, what we call the brink.  Some drug has to be the worst, if all drugs are to be legalized, so prepare for a shooting war over the worst reason then.  It’s nothing new, you did that over Iraq, claiming it had WMD.

You do have to be in the line of fire to be free, so, as was the motto for the hawks in the Vietnam War, “Love it or leave it.”  And, if you don’t like what the people here are doing, you best leave.  Nothing says you have to stay here (but don’t try going  south).  See, it’s your laws and repression that have radicalized the dope segment of the population, and down the length of South America, make that the whole population.

This government also does nuclear war, but the government can be stripped away and the mere trade, deployment and use of uranium and the weapons makes the interaction between this and drugs, also substances, a potent mix with only one conclusion in sight, utter destruction.  With the stroke of a pen, the drug war can be over, and the US will be brought to the table or the table will no longer exist, but some forces move us to that point the quickest, a series of lesser evils, subject to your pleasure as a concerned citizen over how you like being left alone versus how you may well enter the future blown to Kingdom Come.

Do you want the inevitable sooner or later in your solution? Because, nobody who tastes meth is likely to act as if it doesn’t exist.  It’s getting us all, if it hasn’t already.  So, I encourage you to support legalization of all drugs, and it won’t be like this.

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