Being Cursed

Hi, Blindman.  I notice something being dreamed up.  This criticism is impersonal, but threatens the notional advancement of one segment of the population over the minimally viable human race.  The whole population lives at the same time, at least.  IOW I may attack the United States verbally, but I do not play around bashing my homeland by letting poverty-stricken countries or any of their people talk about it.

However, in my life I am far more likely to fall among the disenfranchised class.  I want the frozen sperm idea, because collecting my sperm might give me a thrill, and collecting eggs does not.  I had to look up “gamete”, but certainly a zygote would work just as well.  However, should there be a slight difference in viability between the two, in order to press on past Alpha Centauri, we may need that edge.

I had to click on women separate from men in two searches, but frozen-egg science is newer.  Oh, and I got the word for you in this quote:

This stretches the reproductive field as far as you can envision.

(unquote).  Therefore, you no longer merely dream.  You are envisioning.  I need back the impersonality now.

Note that this is in metaphor.  Neither do you envision “far (it’s not a distance)”, nor does the field “stretch”.  Don’t try to go anywhere in space or risk collisions with speeding metaphors.

Stallion sperm is reputed to last thousands of years.  The record for frozen human sperm is 21 years (viable human resulted).

I do not wish to wake up on this trip with teenagers of the generation hazing other crew members by thawing frozen sperm and making them drink it.  The taste is nacky, let alone in liter quantities.

The thought of women in possession of frozen sperm makes my flesh crawl.  There must be one old custodian man on board.

Oh, I see what went wrong.  You said the question was how long we could freeze human gametes, when the two kinds of gamete differ in size more than any other two cells in the human body, size being how ice crystals get their chance. The question was poorly phrased.

Knowing the nucleation process for ice in vitro might help, but we will need to take off from orbit in order not to nucleate anything due to the vibration from liftoff.  Also IOW, at fifty years hence unforseen changes will occur, although I would plant my feet firmly and say that clues between the sexes will not be the controlling factor, being so culturally concrete as they are bound to remain.


The post above is a reply.  It’s 9:11 a.m., you know, the time it is when you panic from writing (it was 9:14, but it was 9:11 when I opted out of panic mode), and I do not have to join websites, I have this one to hold all my writing.

The post I replied to (sci forums) is this one:

For a generation ship we would need about 10-20 women and a few liters of frozen sperm from 100thousand plus men. Men are not required so only females would need to be born. When you get to the destination you could then go back to having males. Also as a back up several 1000 female gametes could also be on hand in case of any genetic problems.

Why bring men to use up resources when all they are needed for are sperm donors.

Thus we can carry all races to a new world without the need for a large population on the ship.

The only problem is how long can we freeze human gametes.

I see now.  The last poster in a thread cannot be blamed for more preposterous fatuous fatuism than the grain he has added.  Ah, that’s what happens to me a lot.
“Being cursed” is one alternate way to say “Billinghurst”.  It’s a mantra, now slogan (and), motto.
[Before posting, this thing is going to be jayed.  It is already off exactly one hour.  I do not care what “time” it posts, this is 9:23.]
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  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Propaganda of the deed (or propaganda by the deed, from the French propagande par le fait) is specific political action meant to be exemplary to others

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