Zone 86 How to Make a Meth

If we google, ‘zone 86 how to make a meth’ we can find the website also mentioned by Uncle Fester in the 7th edition of his book on the secrets of methamphetamine manufacture besides wetdreams reloaded.  He was saying there how he sometimes visited these sites.  So, the discussion moved from place to place in a wonderful way.  I only remembered one, wetdreams reloaded, so it took an act of  . . . .an act of God (suspect anthropomorphism), …not an act of God.  An act of a guy with the alias “503”.   It took his spirit of cooperation to lead me back there to the place I originally found the two names together and only memorized one, or else we wouldn’t be talking about this.  How many more things am I missing because nobody is telling me, how to make meth with gun bluing?

Ennnawey, I have this on my clipboard:

I got to the point in the entries where “Total Entries: 538”, appears now.  Once I push send, it will continue the serious further.  538 happens to be an alias I have already used on this site.  You’ll notice that “538” and “Pops” always appear together.  My name’s Stephen Eric Billinghurst”, or SEB. S looks like a 5, amirite?  I got the E from a girl, my Mom.  I go with a 3.  The B looks like an 8.  That’s it.  That’s the second coincidence.  The first coincidence is that when I posted the JWL (John Winston Lennon)quote, another post of the single word, John, appeared with it.  Since there is no other person in the world except the one who posted that who can verify that I did not post it myself, just to , …(what reason could I have), …I guess just to be a faggot, a remarkable law about the things which are constitutionally a challenge and are constructed in a way that gives their reason for coming into existence a new twist, as if to suppose other forces besides ones we can all agree that do operate, operate.  Never mind what these ppl who mised the 1960s want, what do these forces want?  See, just before I posted the song quote I thought about John; it’s John’s voice, he is the lyricist.  However, he is not the whole Beatles, nor am I about to argue who my favorite Beatle is and why, because songs they wrote while officially The Beatles are properly the Beatles songs. . . . .I don’t suppose “anyone on this site” (a misnomer.  Even people in their twenties are old fuddy-duddies, and they don’t see the internet as one thing, they have broken down things that have to remain together in order to have meaning.  To each his own), … no need. . . . . .

So, I wrote that five minutes ago.   I have confusion, yes, but I also have a prime directive, and that I won’t soon forget.  First, let me explain the confusion: I tried to use block quotes.  I could not do it.  But, I said, well, I had just written something with “no need” at the bottom and I kept on seeing that.  It’s quiet logic overwhelmed the need for a struggle with the computer.  I meant that there was no need to complete a sentence if the beginning of the sentence was already illogical, being that I couldn’t remember the rest of the  . . . this sentence looks strange, too.  It’s not my fault.  This computer, a laptop, doesn’t work as well with this blogging program as my PC did.  Some text was just eliminated.  I think I had a train of thought that is now impacted four or five times.  I just had an epiphany.  Coincidences don’t happen in your brain.  They only happen when, for instance, you and someone else say the same thing at the same time, and you are together, not on the internet.  A single person can’t say the same thing at the same time as himself.  This is the driving force for something such as noticing that ppl call you just when you are thinking about them.  The significance of it is that of the web, the mind, and the world, or, before the web, the mind and the world, like, where one leaves off and the other one begins.  They fight for dominance.  Except for chance, a plan would be followed.  Except for plans, it would be chaos.  When you are threatening to blow up a building, we now call it “chaos”.  Compare, “I am going to kill you all”, to “It’s going to be chaos.”

I know that this is just sitting here, with a prior word, “chaos”, but a lot has just happened.  My computer had an unexpected shutdown.  I’m going to go bet King that he can’t produce my Social Security number like he said he could.  First I am going to finish putting the halves of the coincidence here.

  Pops Thursday, 11/11/10, 6:25 AM
  “Nothing you can do that can’t be done.” . . . .— The Beatles, “All You Need Is Love.”
  John Thursday, 11/11/10, 6:23 AM
  503 Wednesday, 11/10/10, 10:07 PM
  Pops, Sorry to bring you to this site. I wasnt trying to give you a headache. Ill just talk to you on the other side… King Pops is cool I brought him here to help swim not to help people that might get hurt. I guess your right about doing own homework, swim finds lots of stuff like prozac and hydrolic oils which swim has never seen on websites like this.
  cosmictraveller Wednesday, 11/10/10, 9:05 PM
  Well everyones addicted to something in life, even if its you giving someone a hard time calling them a junkie and you wouldnt be in here if you wernt into drugs so why dont you look at yourself a bit closer maybe youll see the truth behind the lies

17 Responses to “Zone 86 How to Make a Meth”

  1. jboogie Says:

    hiya… you can call me jboogie. i stumbled across your blog and felt the need to comment on a couple things. first and foremost, UF is a hack and a safety risk. he has done nothing to further the collective efforts of clandestine chemists and has more than likely done more harm than good for the scene. by publishing the recipes he stole from real chemists, he effectively gave LEAs a list of what chemicals to outlaw. so future bees are fucked just so festers punk ass could make a dollar. and furthermore, half the bullshit in his books are not correct and will yield nothing more than a headache.
    ive been a key member at wetdreams for 10 years and a member of the-hive prior to that, and at no point in time has fester made a contribution worthy of respect via his peers.
    if you wanna know the real deal, hit us up at and leave the gun blueing in the garage 😉

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Hello, jboogie. I am going to do that, looking up y’all. It’s all peaceful, but violence seems to break out, and then the torture, with the possibility of being kidnapped and forced to cook for the Syndicate. This was the climate of fear that prevailed in the early days, so, when Fester got started he had to stick his neck out. This is what we forget in looking back on it, that he beat everybody else into publication. And it isn’t Fester, it’s the whole thing of the United States and the mind set you have to defeat to go against the grain, the possibility we may not be in the world’s best, ethically and morally, country. Maybe the Statue of Liberty is more a statue, and that liberty is an ideal. We don’t know what the CIA is capable of, but they might be bunglers, when we thought spies were romantic. Where is the talent? Can it exist in spite of a climate of fear? I thought I might just keep buying lab equipment, that I could make discoveries, but having a lab I just treated it as prized possession. I turned jaded. I was always lying about doing good. I’m self-centered, and that’s not how to be. Just being anti to a bad government doesn’t mean what you do is good. It could be an exercise in futility. But, you are very concise in what you intend to get across. I appreciate that. I’ve had a couple of drinks. I was just going to read. I hated the secrets, and when Fester’s book entitled “secrets of” came out, that idea spoke to me. I could tell right away that this book would not help me, because I already knew the formula. But, I bought it. It was on me what to do with it, but your government is striving to portray a “sophisticated” operation. They take it outside and gussy it up, the stuff is more orderly than you generally keep it. Then they photograph it. Poor you if they toss that book to the jury and say they found you with it. But, Fester is pretty much removed from responsibility if you decide to keep the book with all your chemistry equipment. You wouldn’t believe it, just mentioning a word makes you dangerous, because juries are Americans, and the American people have swallowed the biggest whoppers they were handed, consistently. You can’t underestimate their intelligence, can’t be done. They’re stupider yet than stupid ever was, that they can find sustanance and survive is nothing short of miraculous. Did I get caught with Fester’s book? Well, I think what happened was that I had just gotten busted the year before, I took my own product for a few months and was hospitalized for the mental thing, you know, when you are really high but they decide to count you as crazy. And, there is pussy in a nuthouse, and that pussy is wild and crazy. So, the pity that the people around me had for me dictated that the evidence in my apartment simply disappeared, including very incriminating contents of a briefcase thought, whatever you do, don’t let them find this, and it had that blue book, and it had a gun. Yeah, it only seems like a set up. People cannot be so determined to bust you they are going to put three more detectives on the case, but you try that paranoia from good speed and you will need video to know how you were, your memory will in no way reflect that reality. A man can be so stoned that he thinks his heart is going to explode. He can be so far gone he can’t walk. He can look at a doorknob for four hours and not be able to turn it to walk outside in the free air……dead of old age at thirty. Was there ever an overriding, main purpose for all of that, or was it just recreation? Could you take speed and still function? Could you get into medical school by taking speed? I am never happy to know someone I counted on was tweaking. I let myself do it, though. What a double standard, and who did I let down by chasing after drugs?

  2. jboogie Says:

    this much is true… americans are sheep corralled by propagandized fears pumped out by right-wing controlled media outlets hellbent on total control of the masses by a blanket of disinformation.

    as a member of ‘the collective’ my opinion of UF is biased, but from a purely capitalist viewpoint i would have done the same thing to make a buck. the only thing is i didnt and from my viewpoint he has caused more problems than he has fixed. the fact that you knew the LEOs would have loved to see that book with your shit further justifies my assessment of the situation… but i could go on all day about that.

    but still, hit us up for the latest and greatest on the art and science of psychoactive phenylethylamine production.

  3. 503Star Says:

    Pops, Jboogie is a hater he kicks me off wetdreams all the time but obviously doesnt know how easy it is to get back on. I have all of there files anyways… I just came by to say hello and happy turkey day.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Okay, I trust you. Oh. And you, too, hermano. HT, SEB. I’m on auto. “Let me slow you down, ’cause I’m going to, Strawberry Fields. Nothing Isreal.”

      I got some acid. What does this acid do to you? Tiny 3mm paper w/ brown tree, green bush. Or could it be different strengths from degradation? What if I estimate 60-80 mu-grams, when they shot for 100 and the rest is garbage? I know don’t drive, but can I function, or will my brains leak all out of my ears?

  4. chevy Says:

    Jboogie was hated at one time over at wedreams , to the point once was on the road to being banned ,if not for one administrator with a few mod he would have been

    yet here he write in promotion of those whom was the front runner of his demise there that wanted to ban him . some times we for get who stood for us in time of need , i can tell him this those that run “The Collective”
    are the very ones that wanted him banned , yea , key player , key administrator more the correct word

    he hold the record for the most visits to the dawhouse than any member standing for site violations..KEY MEMBER .

  5. jose Says:

    looking to hook up with anyone that can advise me on how to make my own tina

  6. 503 Says:

    Hey Pops its 503 would you have any idea how to pass a drug test for thc??? 503 has been sober for 12 days and taken some herbal x-pulsion that is supposed to help but any info would help. Thanks in advance.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      If your OPSEC is weak, do not attempt the mission. Ever the Godfather, I love spook talk. You got a wide detection window with THC. Couldn’t you have dropped the herb in favor of some jib a few months out? Kee-rist! I got a new fool. I like it like that. Another my buddy come to find out even I can’t mail shit cavalierly I don’t want opened. There’s OPSEC at both ends. Plus, there is no more need to use the Post Office. How you gonna bury that package among all the nonexistent legitimate mail. Coulnd we aLL GO IN ON ONE BIG HEIST !!!111. Aww, shh!—it. I know where there’s a cash vault in ZMonterey Park. Why don’t we trade that information up the ladder and reap real gold, home skillet? Plus, there is no more speed to use. There is more speed to use? Product…pradick, pradick… Yeah, till it comes right down to it, be prepared like the Boy Scouts’ motto. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the form of gold label piss clear solution. Hey, you know, the Lulzsec crew turned out to be chemistry majors. Thas’ wild. One of ’em liked explosives and posted on Scimad. Your question, 503, is the kind for Bluelight Forums, shootin’ ya straight. Charm.

  7. 503 Says:

    Thanks pops I looked in bluelight but found little info on that topic but I appreciate the help… 503 would use synthetic urine but its a court ordered thing so its kind of hard with johnny law right beside him…

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Iow you are pee shy. You amateurs, I swear to fuckin’ God. I got a couple dweebs here. Jesus, please tell me what is to do. I await your light, Lord. Pfft! Up in smoke, soda can. Okay, I’ll tell ’em that. There is a big difference between me and getting caught, and, that difference is that I am getting used to it. Used to not get caught using, then risk it again. Persons running high-risk ops high around the elderly and the parents of children are going to jail, in my personal belief system. Seen the movie, tired of the reruns. Now, with my name out there, “@SBILLINGHURST”, who wasnts to snuggle?

      Gambling (hurst) is the bane of my existence; my addictions, once again, the b-bane of. Does it take a day off? lol Henbane, a bane of central Harlem, sold in Salem Village. Pretty much a deadly poison. Moreover, it means our deadly poison. Now, if we were sunning our toes in Waikiki…

      Nobody’s a-holdin’ a gun to my head, sayin “lemme see yer licenses”, I mean, I count. I smock. I’m in control of my destiny. I got a little flag. Notice as those haxxor “successes” added up in the millions, they dind no any deniability; once their anonymity was broken, finito. You never knew how when your anonymous friends was turned. Now we do. Thy Feds are the lusers asking for statements and using fed words like “jurisdiction”. I got jurisdiction over a monolith of accepted truth. Keep me sane, keep me in your prayers, keep it in your pants, Lance. Lead me not into temptation…[Okay, turn it off, that oughta satisfy the little bastards].

      Lerp is lope lie what launder flipper sitz? Fit its Julie, our automated agent, hands free, her temper overboard, she’s crossed apps with her bf a Johnny Cab from an arcing short in the dashboard light, her wheel-wells sluggish, snugly every closer over the bumps in the desert road as the gasoline pours through the broken welds, dowrning the fugitives in gas.

      You got no heartache comin’ from me; the way some tweaks treat me they really got nothin’ comin’. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop ’em in their tracks, but, I have a child; doesn’t mean I won’t. It’s like when a guy’s watching me piss, and, I become acutely aware of my dick. I don’t want anybody acutely aware they are bringing something around I can’t see. Give me a visual on a vodka bottle. I don’t want the first time I see it driving is when she pulls it up for a snort. Nyet.

  8. god Says:

    I may have been a good help to a lot of people but I’m going to tell you that fester never done anyone wrong iether

  9. ricky Says:

    How do I join the collective?

  10. jboogie Says:

    haha, i came across this looking for something random and remember making this post.. was a long time ago.
    i thought about replying to the comments about me getting banned.. haha, yeah, i started lots of shit and didnt play as an admin at WD or T-C or Zonez or WDrevolutions.. but look who is still around?
    jboogie… hahah.
    while everyone else has died (literally, i say that with a pain in my heart, android and wareami were personal irl friends and they will be missed greatly) im still here in perfect health and still having my fun with chiral molecules. not many can say they have been at this since 95-96 and are still here and arrest free with all their teeth..
    so what ever happened with your adventure? do you still desire to make the needful arrangements of amines and benzene or have you resorted to the DNM or just given up? just curious..
    idk what address i used to post the last comments, i just typed a BS address i used to use, so no way to comment directly to me.. just wanted to make that clear…

    and for the record, i might have spent a lot of time in the dawghouse, but its because i was involved and didnt play games. still dont play games, i do work..

    hope all is well, this gave me a good laugh and reminded me of the good ole days. strike is out now, ware and droid are dead, the-collective is offline and i have all but lost touch with everyone, including Tina_Craig (that was an awesome cook in the auggie dog motel8, miss you buddy!) so i shout out here in the hopes that they might see this. miss you too geezer, still have J address in the event you want something better than what i mailed last time, hahah!

    such good memories. still no kids, still pimpin, just got the biggest feeling of nostalgia from seeing this oldie but goodie.

    and fester is still just that, a fester. HA!

    i know you had to at the very least, learn how to run a shake and bake, right? holy shit we had fun back then.

    much love, yours truly, jboogie

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